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Happy New Year 2014


Minimal Calendar Cards


Monthly Best Cards—These include printable PDFs in both black and the colors shown. I have this idea to do a monthly layout with a card and handful of smaller photos each month in a hybrid style.




Speaking of brushes… all Brush sets are on sale for 30% off now through January 10. You can browse all of my brushes and digital stamp files here.

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Cathy ZielskeNew product releases

17 Comments on “New product releases”

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    Jenny B.

    Fun stuff! So… if you’re planning to do a monthy hybrid layout, does that mean that you’re not going the photo book route for your digital Project Life pages? 😉 I am still debating what I’m going to do this year. I’ve done photo books the past two years, and I love them, but I’m not finished with either year, so I only have one book for each (the first quarter of 2012 and the first half of 2013). I’m really considering switching to a 6×8 album (either Snap or Studio Calico) so that I can have something to look at throughout the year. I know I don’t want the full-size PL albums. Too big. Sigh… decisions, decisions. 🙂

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    Those Best cards will be in my cart. Can I make a product suggestion? Would love to see a Currents/Currently i.e listening, watching, eating, etc. card in your style.

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    Kimberly Loxtercamp

    Yes, please on the Monday to Sunday format! Also, are the calendar cards customizable in terms of color?

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    Kimberley, yes they are. You can open them in Photoshop, and change colors. You can create new layers by selecting what you want to change, and going to Layer New Layer Via Cut.

    Will work on the Monday to Sunday format this week!

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    Cathy- Happy New Year! I’m loving the best cards and plan on using them in my PL! Thanks for the great design!

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    LOVE those monthly best cards, Cathy! I just set up a Top 10 (running) list for the month in Day One on the first of each month, and will do my best to keep jotting notes down there when good things happen. My memory is shot these days.

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    Yes, you can but… when you put an overlay down, you need to size in IN more than you would think you would want to. Why? Because when photos are printed, they are enlarged slightly to accommodate the edge to edge printing of the image. What happens is, if you have your overlay right where you want it, it tends to be too close to the edges on the final print. : ) If Im sending something to my little photo printer from Epson, and it has any type of image border or anything, I move it in from the sides. Hope that helps!

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