Will it blow?

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About a week ago, I came across this video. It showed how to peel an egg by simply blowing it out of its shell.

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Now I’m a fan of the hard boiled egg. Eggs are a great source of real food protein. It generated some discussion on Facebook, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Someone said, “You should film it and share the results.”

You’re welcome.

Will It Blow? from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

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But remember: don’t believe everything you see on the internet.


Cathy ZielskeWill it blow?

118 Comments on “Will it blow?”

  1. #5

    Your videos “crack me up” – true story! At first I was like that shell is going to give birth to that egg, so glad it didn’t.
    I second the kickass Minnesota cutting board!

  2. #9
    Heather B.

    You call it an “internet fail” – I call it a WIN for all the interwebz – CZ trying to *blow* an egg out of it’s shell will be the gift that keeps on giving!!!

  3. #17

    Not suggesting that it will actually work. Since I have no difficulty peeling boiled eggs I have no incentive to give it a try personally — the following are just my “scientific” observations — but you are precisely correct about eggs being a good snack.

    Chilling the egg might be the variable that created this failure. The egg needs to be “slippery” for it to slide.
    Also — that other guy didn’t appear to let any air leak around the egg — all the “blow” went into the process of removal — not funny internet noises.

  4. #19
    Jacquie Desilets

    As talented and awesome you are as a designer, I think you may have missed your comedic calling. No better medicine than laughing at 7 a.m.!

  5. #22
    Holly S

    Ms. Z…you are adorable! This video is a great start to my Thursday…I too laughed and got my husband because we watched the video link you posted about this last week and then had a slight argument about it…let’s just say I won:) Thanks for helping me prove my point! You rock, seriously!!

  6. #23

    OMG!!! This is beyond funny! Laughing out loud at my desk looking half crazy. Great way to start the day!! LOVE IT

    You are AWESOME!

    I wanted to thank you for the Move More Eat Well class last year! No, I didn’t lose all my weight. Yes, I was even heavier at the end of the year! LOL BUT, I had a foot injury and as of July 1 2013 I was unable to workout. The whole feeling sorry for myself is a very slippery slope. One I ALMOST gave into! (This is where you come in!)

    Getting your reminder every month to log in and see your video the mid month boost…it all helped me see the bigger picture! I knew I would get better. I knew I could make better choices when it came to food. So little by little I started to feel more hopeful. I hit my treatments HARD. (I pretty much had an appointments every day. Either with the Chiropractor, in Physiotherapy, or had acupuncture.)

    In December I also decided to go Wheat Free. I knew I should be avoiding Gluten for a long time….so I finally did it. (Feeling GREAT!!!)

    I went back to my Move More Eat Well album and did a summary page for the months of July to December and am starting fresh again with January!!

    As of the beginning of this week I am done with all my treatments! I was given the go ahead to start training again. (I am a runner and was training for my fourth 1/2 marathoner before I got injured.) I will be running with a Learn to Run group….starting from the beginning again. I don’t even care. So excited to get my monthly pages done. So excited to get moving again!!

    Thank you for reminding me to Move More and Eat Well!!!

  7. #24
    Nicky H

    Ha ha ha you are SO funny! I love your videos. Two things- after all that did you try sticking your finger in the whole and pushing it through? Because the whole looks big enough. Just wondering. Also, did you ever see Bridget Jones’ Diary? There is a scene where her mother works at a department store demonstrating stuff and she sells a gadget that does exactly that. “Mind the overspray, dear.” Lol I laughed when I thought of that. πŸ™‚

  8. #26
    Stacy S.

    Cathy you are too fun. I want to be your neighbor and hang out! Want to move to MO? MN is too cold for me. Hehe.

    -creativebutterfly from BPC

  9. #27

    Tip: We go through many hardboiled eggs each week. The Egg Genie (as seen on tv) is a genius little machine that works perfectly every time…and when you peel them…perfect every time. I have always been skeptical of the “seen on tv” items…usually junk….but the Egg Genie is a gem. It has never failed me…we go through at least 8-10 hard boiled eggs every week and I have never had it fail…to cook perfectly and peel perfectly.
    And…had to say….Laughed and laughed about you “blowing” the egg.

    Another healthy tip…if you love pomegranates , you can “beat” them right out of their shell with a wooden spoon….I did get this on the internet and it WORKS. Here’s the vid.

    Good luck!

  10. #28

    This made my morning! Taking things a little too serious today and this sure helped me to lighten up! Thanks for the smile!

  11. #32

    bahahahaha!!! Oh did I ever need a good laugh this morning! I especially love the cat hiss and the slow mo replay at the end. πŸ™‚

  12. #41
    Cindy deRosier

    Well… now we know! I’m glad it didn’t work. I’m not a hardcore germophobe, but if this were real I would probably never eat a hardboiled egg product prepared by someone else ever again.

  13. #42

    Oh goodness! You are pure gold. Thanks for testing out crazy intarweb theories for us, on camera, and sharing. This is exactly the kind of stupid stuff my girlfriends and I are always attempting. Internet fail indeed. πŸ™‚

    I’m afraid as much as I love a good hard boiled egg, my favorite mode of delivery is sunny side up. (Might be because I hate peeling the dang things so much.) Runny yolk, firm white. Even better if it’s served over corned beef hash…but we’re limiting the intake of that lovely dish right now, eh? Ah the incredible edible egg.

  14. #48
    Angie U

    You are a comedian in disguise! 2 observations…was that really a towel? It looked more like a white dress shirt. And you holding your hand under the egg like you were seriously going to catch it! Too funny!

  15. #50
    Paige S.

    I think you might have to be a member of the Power Team to blow that egg out its shell. LOL
    You have made me laugh this morning just when I needed it. Thank you! And I would eat your egg salad. πŸ˜‰

  16. #53

    Maybe it was ’cause you had a brown egg and his was a white egg. πŸ˜‰ Nah – not at all. An egg is an egg.

    Though doing some internet research, there are some step-by-steps out there with photos that look plausible – such as encircling the egg with your hands to make a tighter seal and rolling the egg a bit to create some cracks on the surface (wikiHow).

    Though since I don’t like hard-boiled eggs, this gives me another reason to not eat them. πŸ™‚

  17. #61
    debbie McIntyre

    That was priceless!! Still laughing. I posted that last week and was going to try it, but then realized blowing all over the eggs before making a salad was kind of gross. I never did try it, so thank you for answering the question lingering in my head whether that would work or not. I think I can tuck away that image of you trying to blow the shell off that egg and pull it out whenever I need a laugh.

  18. #62

    Hahaha! We saw that video too, and had to try it also, but sadly, weren’t savvy enough to film the process – I tried, and then my husband tried too – nope, no go, but made for a fun bonding moment together for sure!! If adding baking soda makes for an easier peel, it was worth the watch anyway (though I’m not sure that helped either… as we were peeling off the ends of our eggs, some of the egg stuck…!) Thanks for proving we’re not weak blowers (and neither of us are recovering smokers either, so that’s not it!!)

  19. #63

    That is awesome. I told my husband about the original, no one believed me but hadn’t tried it yet. Love it!! I hope yours gets as much attention as the original because it is so much more fun!

  20. #70
    Shari Rohde

    Man o man did I need that! Thanks for the laugh and for lifting my spirits. HILARIOUS! You crack me up.

  21. #71
    Beth M

    My husband saw the same video last week and got the same result when he tried it, but he wouldn’t let me film the first attempt, said I could do the second one if the first worked. Also, random note, we have the same crock pot and it’s been in heavy use this January.

  22. #73

    That was the funniest thing i’ve seen in a week.
    You should make silly 3 minutes videos weekly.
    Just saying’.

  23. #74

    Loved it! I think the baking soda does make it easier to peel. What did you think. This made my morning πŸ™‚

  24. #75

    Thank you for the laugh Cathy! I’ve seen this “tip” before so you’ve saved me some blowing of my own πŸ˜‰

  25. #77

    So. Funny. Laughing my head off while 2yo sits on my lap saying, “why she blowing eggy, mummy?”.

  26. #80

    WHY IS THIS NOT PAY-PER-VIEW??? You could be getting so rich right now! I was yelling at the screen: ‘air-lock! You need an air-lock’! ( in between gasping for breath while laughing!)

  27. #84

    Too funny!! I needed a good laugh – thank you for posting it even though it didn’t work. Not too many people have the guts to do that-now the rest of us do not have to try it. πŸ™‚

  28. #88
    Abby P.

    My husband saw this on the internet a couple months ago and wanted to try it too. Being the family photo-journalist, I had my big girl camera on burst mode and caught every step! The photos now reside in my Week in the Life album!

  29. #89

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your video was “refreshing” – my One Little Word this year! lol … literally! Have an awesome evening!

  30. #90
    Barb in AK

    Egg-cellent video!!! I was waiting for you to turn the egg on the other end and blow from there, too πŸ˜‰ ROFLOL!!
    Yeh, I’m a germaphobe…. the video was pretty hard to watch πŸ˜€ But I was just too darned curious.
    I’ve heard fresh eggs peel the easiest. How old were the eggs you boiled?

  31. #91
    Pilbara Pink

    Dang stupid work computer won’t let me watch the video (what do you mean I should be working? I’m here and dressed for goodness sake!) for what it’s worth try adding a tablespoon of baking soda to the water when you boil the eggs. No, it doesn’t affect the taste but it really does make them easier to peel. Also as soon as they are done run cold water over them and smack the shells with a spoon (oddly satisfying!) to craze the shell. Can then store them in the fridge with the shell on or peel and stored naked!!!

  32. #93
    Pilbara Pink

    maybe naked would add to the pay per view revenue? ok, back to work … people are beginning to wonder what is so flippin’ funny and if I say boiled eggs no one is going to believe me. We have random drug and alcohol testing here and I can just see me wasting the rest of the afternoon at the gatehouse being tested ….

  33. #98
    Melanie A.

    This would not have been near as much fun if it was anyone but you πŸ™‚ okay so did Kerri tell you it worked for Zach just to get you to try it!? not fair! LOL

  34. #99
    Kate Ware

    I have to say thank you, Cathy, for making my day yesterday!! This totally cracked me up! πŸ˜‰ You are such an inspiration, and so dang funny – it’s a good combo.

  35. #100
    Lori Hudson

    OMG! Thank you for saving me the embarrassment of doing this at home! But I must say I was routing for the egg to projectile across the room. When it wasn’t working, you started blowing really hard. Oh wait, egg projectiles across the room and hits Dan in the eye. You could make a whole movie about that. I’d go see it.

  36. #101

    Sorry to hear that it didn’t work. It looked SO PROMISING when watching the man doing it so easily in his video. THE GOOD NEWS: At least you didn’t blow hard enough to wet your pants… or fart, while filming. πŸ™‚ Thank you SO MUCH for the laughs! You crack me up! ALSO, thinking through this… had you NOT laid the towel down, I wonder what would have happened IF it really had worked… And, WHAT IF it would have fallen onto the floor? Would you have picked it up, declaring “Five Second Rule. Still good.” (???)

  37. #102
    Carolyn Rowland

    That was seriously funny. You have a lot of talents and I admire you. Even if egg blowing isn’t one of them.

  38. #104

    So, so funny. I think I’d have been laughing so hard I wouldn’t have been able to keep trying. Thanks for the humor on a cold wintry day.

  39. #105

    ha ah, this cracks me up! As a grand-daughter of a poultry farmer I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to work. You only ‘blow’ uncooked eggs! Some people on the internet are so mischievious. thanks for not deleting the video when it didn’t work. Love your sense of humour!

  40. #106
    Barb in AK

    Oh yeh– you’re right, Cathy– older eggs are easier to peel. I always get that mixed up. No wonder when I peel hard-boiled eggs they look like they’ve been tortured!!

  41. #107

    You are such a hot ticket!!!
    Thanks for this!
    Is it wrong that when I heard you say your “egg experiment gone awry” I thought “mmm… egg salad on rye…”!
    – Lee

  42. #108

    OKay, I just watched the egg video and I am laughing so hard that I am drueling on my keyboard. You are the best!

  43. #109
    Dawn F.

    I loved your video and had to click on the original because I said no way would this work. I was amazed when his egg blew right out and was convinced it was some trick. So that morning after watching it, I’m boiling some eggs and say why not try it. So I cracked the ends and blew and blew. I did feel the egg give and so peeled alittle more and sure enough, that egg came out but I also ended up with a mouth full of little bits of shell. I used eggs I had bought at the store and so they were probably several weeks old. We raise chickens and I would never try it on fresh eggs as I can’t ever get them to peel normally. So there’s my little experiment tale. And no, I didn’t film it!

  44. #112

    OMG. Cathy, that is funny as hell. Have I ever told you I love your videos? No? Sorry, about that. I’ve laughed before (remember the Penzey’s “d*ckweed”? Not even a video, but frakkin’ hilarious), but this was definitely a good one. Thanks for the laugh! I would just like to invite you over for a coffee sometime. The next time you’re in Nashville, ya know… πŸ™‚

  45. #113

    After seeing the original clip on your website I tried it at home, however I did not have any baking soda nor did I call the eggs and it worked and I was amazed.

  46. #118

    I did this too. I try it every time we have boiled eggs. It worked once. It hadn’t ever worked before. I was so shocked when the egg went flying into the garbage disposal.

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