Move More, Eat Well: February Wrap Up

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As of today, I have completed a full two months of taking really great care of myself.

I suppose I should add, “…and I’ve NEVER felt better!”

I feel good. Don’t get me wrong. But I’m actually the type of person who feels good whether I’m eating well and exercising all the time or if I’m eating Oreos and snagging copious amounts of couch time.

I know. It’s not supposed to work that way. I’m suppose to have crazy amounts of energy and clearer skin and  a smaller muffin top from all this self care.

I guess you could say I’m lucky that eating like shit doesn’t necessarily equate feeling as such.

The key difference, however, is in the level of chub that sets up on this 47-year-old body.

The biggest change is on the scale. 14 pounds since January 1. And that doesn’t suck.

In fact, it’s a bit faster than I’d like, if I’m being honest. My goal for 2014? Slow and steady.

I want to lose a little extra chub slowly and keep it off.

So what am I doing exactly?

I eat as many whole foods (read: no processed food of any kind, save for the occasional baguette or tortilla) as I can every day. Real food. Real fat. Real protein. Real carbohydrates.

And I’m avoiding as much sugar as humanly possible.

Yes, I’m keeping a tally.

I shoot for about 1,650 calories a day. I use the awesome Lose It app. It’s a quantity issue for me. Last year, I was eating too much food, not to mention too much processed food. This year I’m fixing that and keeping track.

For example, a bowl of fresh fruit is a great treat. Three of them in a row, not so much. (That’s too much natural sugar in one shot.) Part of my problem is taking a good thing a little too far. I’m working to give my body what it needs.

Harder than it sounds, believe me.

And I am moving more. Right now, I’m a walker. (Not like the kind from The Walking Dead, mind you.) I’m a treadmill walker. Until the mercury gets consistently above 40, I shall remain that way. I’ve been lacing up every day, loosening up that toe of mine and getting my heart rate up.

I know that I should lift weights or add this, or add that, but this is what I’m doing right now and it feels right for me.

It feels do-able.

Everything is about sustainability for me. I know how to be really black and white and hard core. I know how to burn out really well. Right now, I’m shooting for a sensible approach. Not for dramatic before and after photos.

And lo, I’m a little less puffy.

I’ll take it.

How’s your year going as far as your health and fitness? What is working? What’s not working?

By all means, do tell.



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Cathy ZielskeMove More, Eat Well: February Wrap Up

41 Comments on “Move More, Eat Well: February Wrap Up”

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    Well done you! What’s working for me right now is swimming ~ 330 lengths in total this month … not bad for someone who nearly drowned as a child and is actually still afraid of too much water!

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    Lydia S.

    I’ve been using the Loseit app for weight maintenance since October. It is so awesome, and it has forced me to really think about what I’m eating. I love earning the badges too-I need to find a way to incorporate them into my Project Life album. Well done lady-keep up the good work. By the way have you noticed how less dead-ish and fast the walkers are getting on the Walking Dead?

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    Kudos to you for being consistent for the past two months. I haven’t yet been able to get into the zone. When I’m eating right, it is strictly Paleo (no grains, no sugar) but my kids keep coming home from college and I get zero support from my family who still want pasta and bread with every meal. I’m still working to find my stride. I guess the important thing is that I haven’t given up yet.

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    Daniella Pascarelli

    I’m cycling every morning after leaving my daughter at school. 30 minutes.

    And I’m eating less. Everything, but less. I’ve only lost 7,5 lost in two months.

    My goal is to loose more 37 until December.

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    Cathy, you’re doing fab!

    I have to tell you that I attended MMEW jumpstart, and I’ve lost about 12 pounds since January 1st. I’m doing fasting, and I love that I can eat without thinking too much on calories for five days, then keep a strict focus on the other two days. I’m nearly at my goal of losing 15 pounds to reach 132 on my scale. This is without exercising, but as snow disappears, I’m going running again. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, sister!

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    Congrats on the 14 pounds, that is awesome! Love the Lose It App. What a great invention, it works with our scale, so it puts weight in automatically. Don’t you love that it can scan UPC codes too?

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    Cathy, I have been reading your blog on and off since our kids were wee.
    I gotta tell you, your honesty and transparency is completely perfect. You’re a straight shooter and I like that.
    last summer, our family moved from ontario to beautiful Canmore Alberta (just outside Banff) and I took part in a local Biggest Loser competition. I won, down 20lbs in 3 months doing basically the same thing you are doing now.
    all along your mantra stuck in my head. Eat less, Move More. Perfect. Simple.
    I have maintained, but am really ready for the next step which is more consistency in my life….regular walking, regular meal management. I suspect Your blog might be some great inspiration to me!
    I’m impressed that you are confident enough to bring us into your life, let us see your struggles and successes. I’m certain that sharing it all is quite daunting sometimes.
    keep on keeping on!

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    Sounds like an awesome plan! You are doing AMAZING!!!
    Did you see the real simple magazine article about the fitness benefits of walking, last month, or the one before. I’m a believer in just walking.

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    Barb in AK

    FOURTEEN pounds!! Way to go, Cathy. Congrats 🙂
    This winter has been so hard. I’m disgusted with my body, but my mind/emotional state works against me— I need the comfort of tasty food.
    I have many friends that claim exercise and good diet make them feeeeeel sooooo gooooood. And if they get off track, they know it! But I’m like you—makes no difference one way or the other. Perhaps that’s why I have trouble with wanting/needing to exercise and put nutritious foods into my bod. :-
    Keep up the good work. I do love reading about your successes– I will live vicariously through you 😉

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    Barb, I hear you. I do. Try not to be disgusted, though. I say that with love and compassion. I am trying really hard to view my body differently; to really recognize that hey, this is the vehicle that lets me experience life and no, I would not trade it for anyone elses. I just know Im trying to give it what it needs right now. Hang in there! : )

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    I switched to paleo (with the occasional glass of wine here an there) on January 1st and I’m down 27 lbs. Feeling great and full of energy. Not exercising as much as I would like to though because I’m having a problem with my right heel but seeing a podiatrist on Monday to check out what is going one. Hopefully I’ll be back at the gym shortly. For now I am also walking (as much as my heel lets me) and doing some circuit training. Feeling like this may be the year I can finally hit my goal:) Congrats on your weight loss!

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    I took your Jumpstart class this year, then broke my ankle 5 days in. I couldn’t exercise, or even be upright for long, but I watched what I ate. It worked for a few weeks before I gave in to stress and self-pity. I started eating emotionally, lots of sugar. Now, physical therapy has me almost back to normal. I want to dump the sugar habit and find what works for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Oh! Cathy Way to go and keep going!!!!! I just swung over today to check in and so excited about this post. I had signed up for your live class in jan, but unfortunately now am doing it self paced! Man I could kick myself, such awesome real life content. Wish I could participated in the chats and interactions with other participants! But, of all days I am sharing your class with my friends on my blog ( and via email with my own success journey!

    I so have a big!!! thank you that is long over due to you! When you began your health journey back in the day. I followed along, your honest approach really spoke to me. I integrated your journaling among other things. Now in 2014 I am down 112 pounds!!! Slow and healthy! The way to go. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a inspiration past and present.

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    Hey Cathy! Thanks for the update, and good for you! I’m feeling awesome and staying determined. My workouts are Walk st Home videos and I love them, they just fit into my schedule so easily. AND, I’ve lost 17 lbs so far. I’ll confess I was feeling shaky at the end of January about doing it alone, but I’m staying strong and keeping focused.

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    Barb in AK

    Thanks, Cathy. I liked your statement: this is the vehicle that lets me experience life.
    I’ll work on remembering it. Here’s to spring coming some day 🙂

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    Hi Cathy, so great to hear you are doing so well with MMEW. I also took part in Jumpstart and loved it. I have kept up the exercise and meal planning through February and feel so happy with myself. Thanks for everything and I hope you continue to share your progress and inspiration.

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    I have hit a plateau month. Still staying focused. Losing a pound here and there. Go for bloodwork Monday and hoping my A1C is down even more. Fingers crossed. I am over half way to my goal. Hope to be there by Christmas. Like you said slow and steady.

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    Way to GO! I am in the middle of a doctor prescribed 28 day cleanse. Day 11. I have two family birthdays and one trip to Vegas during this time. Lucky ME! Would it be too much to ask to have a short list of what you do eat during a meal? I get the no packaged foods/almost no sugar/whole grains etc. But what does that look like?

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    Sure, for breakfast, a protein smoothie, every morning. Frozen, no sugar added organic fruit with unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk and whey protein powder. Lunch lately has been a few eggs, some organic sausages, or veggies. Or homemade soups, like lentil soup. Dinner is whatever I make for the family. So, things like slow cooked beef for sandwiches, lasagna, slow cooked chicken for tacos, super simple. : ) Basically home made food from scratch, but nothing too complicated.

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    Yay for you, Cathy! I’m a big believer in finding what works for you so that you can sustain it. I reset some goals via MyFitnessPal back in early November – I just reached -10 lbs! (I’ve previously lost about 60 lbs). I’ve decided to go for another 10, but with no real timeframe in mind – when I get there, I get there.

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    Your so awesome and real I love it! I’m not self employed but have the privilege of working from home. But I found early on if I don’t shower before I start work then I’m picking the kids up in my pajamas, messed up hair and yesterdays make up far too often. Kids don’t think it is very cool and the car pool kids look at your funny 🙂 you got to watch this, is a silly comedy about taking her kids to school in her pajamas so she puts a fake suit on top of them to make her look better. I so need one of those 🙂

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    cindy b

    This is AWESOME to read Cathy. To be honest, I am sucking ass at the whole gonnagetbacktoexercisingandeatingwholefoods thing. When I say sucking ass, I am putting the emphasis on sucking.
    🙁 And you know what? It is really pissing me off. I could give you a million excuses and quite frankly they all are VALID. For starters, I am not a penquin. And by that I mean this has been the worst, sub below freezing Winter in history. SERIOUSLY! Who can go outdoors in this shit when I can barely walk to my mailbox without a chance of frostbite! Now, I know how important sleep is to not only losing weight, but to functioning as a human being on a normal daily basis. Well, sleep has not been my friend at all and if I can’t even function as a human being on a normal daily basis how is it remotely possible to exercise much less attempt throwing around dumbbells? Whole foods. Hmmm.. I do TRY this, I really really do but man oh man the cost to buy them? FREAKIN’ INSANE!! And sadly, my wallet hasn’t seen an increase in a coon’s age and with my propane bill, milk, on and on.. something’s gotta give. Well,I could bore you with the remaining excuses but what’s the point? I’ll close by saying KUDDOS to you Cathy and hopefully this spring I’ll be singing a different tune. 🙂 KEEP IT UP!!

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    You should also know that after I wrote this, I had a very untimely run in with some Nutella. And a spoon. And Sprite. Honestly. I have no idea what happened. But there it is. I can relate to bad sleep. Im trying everything under the sun to get better sleep.

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    Good for you Cathy! I did well in January but completely fell off the path in February. Too much stress and travel. Now it’s March and I’m determined to crawl my way back up on the wagon. Loving the tools the Jumpstart class has given me!

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    I re-started for Lent. Lose a stone (14lbs) for Lent. Week one, I’m 3lbs down and have done 3 ‘runs’ (i.e. 5k programme sessions combining run/walk). I’ve cut out sugar, which really is the source of all evil. But I totally hear you when you say that you don’t feel ‘Wow Amazing’ just because you are eating well. I haven’t been sleeping wonderfully and can’t just blame the 10month old beside me and my skin is ok, but not noticeably better. But our insides are surely looking better, right? And in summer when I have to go public in a swimsuit for a week at a family wedding in France, I’m sure I’ll be happy I tried harder to fight the chub than I have since the lead up to my own wedding 🙂

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