Project Life, Week Eight

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I truly feel like this project is the highlight of my crafty week.

I’ve gotten into a new routine. On Monday mornings, after exercise and email—okay and maybe a little Facebook—I start gathering my images and make my pages.

And I’m just going to say it: I love them. I do! It’s relaxing and it’s fun and it’s not overly complicated.

Those are key words I want associated with my memory keeping.

I’m not a brain surgeon, people. I make scrapbook pages.

Here’s a look at Week Eight.


Okay stop right there.

One of the photos I took last week was of Cole and his friend, Diego. I asked if I could take it and they agreed. What you don’t see are all the weird faces they pulled for most of them.

Then I had an idea to see how far back I could go and find a shot of the two of them. Lo and behold, 2006 served up a good one. Oh for cute!

Why not include a Then and Now pairing in your Project Life album? There’s no law that says every photo shalt come from the week wherein the memory keeping hath occurred, right?


I mean, get out, cuteness.


Such handsome young men.

Moving right along…


I didn’t mean to seem all focused on the negative this week, but I decided to just include a Low card. That snow is pretty, true, but by the end of February, Minnesotans grow weary. Very weary.


Here’s the journal card for the week. Again, you don’t have to write with wit and cleverness to document a week on one card. I just report the facts.


And can I just say again how glad I am that the Olympics are over?

I’m like that dog in Up. The Olympics are my squirrel.

Thank you, Team USA. You rocked my world and now I can move away from the TV set.



Project Life™ is a system created by Becky Higgins. To learn more about her core approach to saving your memories, click here.


If you missed this last week… I have a free privacy label set for online photo sharing. To see how I used them, watch this video clip.


Click on the link to download my Privacy Circles. ( Download CZ_PrivacyCircles )


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Eight

33 Comments on “Project Life, Week Eight”

  1. #1

    Your blog posts are so awesome. I just love reading what you write and HOW you write it. And I love when people call me people.

  2. #2
    Jacquie Desilets

    I love that there are no PL Police! If a photo isn’t from that week, I feel confident that I will not do any jail time for my brazenness. (Hmm, is that a word?) What a great idea including the then/now…and your blogging this week has been stellar. Thanks CZ!

  3. #3

    I did a “Then & Now” comparison this week, too! My husband has lost 100 lbs, and the difference is drastic! 🙂

  4. #4

    Seriously awesome stuff Cathy! Love the then & now. And adore your pages as always. If I ever go fully digital I’m using your templates. The snow photos are beautiful as well. Can’t believe they didn’t cancel school. We’d be out for a week here in Texas! Take care!

  5. #12
    Jenny B.

    Love it! It makes me smile to think of you happily making your pages every Monday morning. 🙂

    Question: Approximately how many photos do you take in a week? The biggest hurdle for me is deciding which photos to use each week. I always (usually) have a LOT more than I can fit on a spread, and it’s very hard to leave some out. I end up cramming my pages FULL of photos, and have no room left for any filler cards or graphic elements. Which is OK, but sometimes I just really want some “stuff” on my pages. Any advice on how to narrow down the photos?

  6. #13

    Lets see… heres a few numbers: Week 1—103; Week 2—62; Week 3—90; Week 4—70. In the first 8 weeks, Week 4 was the fewest number of photos I took. So clearly, you can see that I make some editing choices. Did you see my video, Jenny? Where I show my process? Here is the key: you cant cover it all. You have to just pick your photos and say, There, good, done! Honestly. Some stuff has to go. So, if you want to have filler cards, pick the ones you want to use and dont stress over photos you dont include. : )

  7. #14

    Absolutely loving those pics of Cole and his friend. They haven’t changed a bit! How gorgeous.

  8. #15

    We are the same way about the Olympics in our house. Its all Olympics, all the time for the duration. I was even more thankful for them this year, because I have my wisdom teeth cut out and was laid up for 5 days and had good tv to watch. Mouth survey at 38 sucks! But curling rocks!

    Awesome PL!

  9. #17
    Gina T.

    I agree about the Olympics! I’m exhausted from watching them until 11:30pm every night. I need some sleep!

  10. #18

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your PL posts. I have PL inspiration coming at me from all over the place but you are the one that I can thank for me actually producing some pages. I love that you drum into my head each week to simplify and not over think things. I need that and it’s working!

  11. #19

    Love it. My sister sent me a pic of her in her snow shoes and ski poles.(Shoreview) Here it was 70. (Savannah) I think I should use that comparison.

  12. #21

    LOVE THE THEN AND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the snow photo too! We finally got some snow in Georgia (not a lot) but enough to close school for 4 days.

  13. #23

    Rainbow Loom just crashed our house this weekend, after all this time (well, seems like it was a big thing about 6 months ago but hadn’t made it here yet!). My 9YO made 8 bracelets in two days (yes, I did get one :D). Too funny.

    I love the before and after too. Priceless to see these kids when they were little and still good friends years later!

  14. #25

    Those cute boys! Good idea to have those then and now photos side by side. There should totally BE a rule to have them sprinkled all over your PL albums. 🙂

  15. #26

    Love the THEN and NOW. Recently, I traveled to upstate Pennsylvania for a funeral. Revisited some of the spots where I spent my childhood summer vacations at my grandparents cabin. 41 years since I have been back there….amazing how some NOW and THEN pics are so different but more amazing on how some things have not changed at all.

    Great inspiration, THEN and NOW, for documenting LIFE.

  16. #29

    Hey Cathy, which resolution do your Project life templates have? 300 Px/inch? Or do you recommend a higher resolution?
    Working on the screen it´s a bit difficult to see if the picture quality is good enough to be printed in 12×12 (my screen isn´t even 12×12) – any ideas?

  17. #30

    300. That is the standard print resolution. You dont need higher because printers do not print higher than that. : ) Also, if you zoom in closer on images, you can see what the image looks like. If its jaggy, then your image probably started out too low. For example, when you place a photo into your template, you should never drag to size it up. It will come into your document and adjust to 300 resolution. Sometimes, cell phone photos will be small and they should not be increased in size because youll lose quality. : )

  18. #31

    Oh, thanks! Great tip, because my iphone pictures are tiny when i place them in my templates (to be precise YOUR templates 😉 ) – even smaller than the smallest photo-slots – and I tend to blow them up a lot as they´re often my favorite pictures, catching the moment, the atmosphere.

    By the way, another question: Do you randomly put some pictures into Black/white mode or do you have a system like “all pictures from my iphone go black/white” or something like that?

  19. #32

    I pick and choose which files I want to make black and white, and I always use RadLab, a plug in for PSE, from Totally Rad Actions. : )

  20. #33
    Jenny B.

    Thanks, Cathy! I have probably seen the process video as I love all your videos! 🙂 I think “don’t stress over ___” is good advice for all areas of my life. I know I just need to have fun with Project Life and be thankful for the memories I’m documenting, and not worry about the ones that will be lost because nearly ALL of them would be lost if I weren’t scrapbooking. 🙂

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