Project Life, Week Five

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This week’s page production clocked in at around 45 minutes. I took a little more time. Added a few more little digital stamps. A bit more journaling.

And I love it.

Seriously. I feel like I’ve figured out my Project Life jam, if that’s even a thing. Can that be a thing for a middle aged woman? Yes? Okay? Good!

Let’s take a look, shall we?


This week, I swapped out the blue I’ve been using for orange. My reason? I felt like it.

You’ll notice I’ve been keeping the same journaling card in the same slot for the past three weeks. I’m pretty sure I could come up with an image and journaling to fill it in every week. So far it’s been used to describe screen shots from my iPhone. (Remember how to do those? Hold down your Home Button and the top button at the same time to take a photo of your screen.) Again, this is a Crap Free Mandate: thou shalt not reinvent scrap wheel.




I love how there’s a lot of pink and orange on the right hand page. I had to balance out all that color with black and whites on the right hand size.

As January has officially ended, I decided to make my Best of January card. I really didn’t overthink it. I opened my Day One calendar and just took a quick glance, and made the list.


Here’s a tip: Whenever you’re dropping journaling cards into any layer mask, zoom in close and really pay attention to the spacing. These smaller slots on my Life Basics Minimals take a 3 x 4 just about perfectly, proportionately speaking (when you size them down, of course), but it never hurts to really zoom in and make sure the spaces are all nice and even.

Here’s another tip: On the Love This Story card, I changed to opacity of the underlying layer mask to create a slightly softer look to the card. Playing with those Opacity Sliders can really give you some control over changing the look of your digital elements.

And here’s one more tip for good measure: Have fun with this project and don’t overthink it. Photos + stories = happy place.

Hey! That could be your jam, too! I don’t own the market on Project Life Jams.


If you want a closer look at my process, I recorded a video showing you how I put my Project Life pages together every week. Find that video here.




Project Life™ is a system created by Becky Higgins. To learn more about her core approach to saving your memories, click here.



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Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Five

9 Comments on “Project Life, Week Five”

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    Sherry Eckblad

    Oh Cathy, you make me laugh!
    I have a Love/Hate relationship with Siri! I was happy that you could pick if it was a she or a he. I made Siri a guy just to add a little more interest to him.

  2. #3

    Have you tried teaching Siri to say your name? If you ask her your name and then tell her “that’s not how you say it” she will learn. Might help her understand the others. Or I think there is a way to teach her dan is your husband? Then you could tell her to call husband. I can’t remember that one but I’m sure google will help.

    Awesome pages, as usual.

  3. #5

    I totally feel you on the project life jam. I skipped the journalling this week, though, so now I have to go back and do it. But all the rest took like 20-30 minutes! Makes me feel like a Rock Star!

  4. #6
    Abby P.

    Niiiiiiiiiice! Using and loving your Life Basics Minimals templates! Just bought your Valentine’s lines 2013 portrait (had landscape), and 2014 — LOVE all of these!

  5. #7

    I am wondering what to do with those pictures i especially love and like them to stand out a bit or have them in a bigger size!
    Would you just add another page to your weakly Layout? Or include them in the Layout in a normal PL-size and have another book for those pretty pictures in another book? Like project life as “journaling” and another book as kind of a photo album?
    I have those adorable baby shots of my baby boy and i dont want them to be stuck between my gymshoe-picture and my husband making ugly faces – but theyre also part of our week, so i want them to be included!

  6. #8

    One thing you can do thats actually pretty easy is join a few layer masks together. In fact, you just inspired me to make a how to video. Its really easy to do. Simply enlarge the size of the masks so they overlap, make sure they all follow each other in the layers palette (some may have to be moved) and merge them to make a larger photo area. : )

  7. #9

    Thanks for the video! Now I got what you meant, it´s super easy…
    I just love your videos – working in Photoshop, i feel like hearing your voice from one of your videos “cmd A – cmd C – cmd W”… 🙂 Now I can add another shortcut to my “knowledge” – thanks!

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