Project Life, Week Seven + a free privacy label for kid, teens & families

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Last week was the most amazing week in the life.

Some really great things happened. Some really awful things happened.

As I was sitting down on Sunday night to make my Project Life pages, I was struck by this thought: I have no idea how I even deserve to be a part of this family experience. Truly.

My family is just so incredibly cool. That ain’t no hype, people.

However, some of these really cool things included photos that my kids said, “No, I’d rather you not share that in public, Mom.”

Of course this reply came because I’m working to be less self-absorbed in my life and remembered to actually ask them what I could share and what I needed to keep within the family.

This is something I’m doing more of lately. True, they are very generous in what they let me share. I do remind them that part of how I make a living is sharing my life online. While that may seem a bit manipulative, it’s also partially true.

Still, I want to honor their need to keep some things private and sacred and because of that, I have a really cute little digital set to let you honor the same for your kids and any online sharing of Project Life pages or other memory projects that you might do that require a little discretion.


Say hello to my Privacy Circles.

Download CZ_PrivacyCircles

Based off my Minimal Circles Sentiments No. 01, these little PNG files can be plopped down anywhere you need to preserve a little privacy. I created three styles for teens, kids and families, one that has the word “requested” on it, if you prefer that look. For me, it’s all about honor the requests right now.

Let’s look at how they worked in Week Seven’s pages.


Okay, nothing on this page, but I am in love with my new High/Low Card set. That might seem a little arrogant or self-promoting (well, duh!) but sometimes I make stuff and I like it just fine. Then I make a set and I’m all, “YES! FUN! THIS!” Such is the case with the high/low card set. Note: this card set includes printable PDFs in the colors show on the package for traditional Project Life pocket pages.

In terms of the highs and lows, the lowest of last week was a fire at Dan’s parents’ farm house in Southern Minnesota. Luckily, no one was injured and it happened during the day while they were there and were able to get the fire department out in time, but the loss to part of the house was pretty devastating.


(Note: I appreciate many of your comments left on Facebook last week. Thank you for your positive thoughts.)

Here is page two.


Ahhh. Isn’t that nice? I blurred out the images using a Gaussian Blur and placed the privacy labels over the top, changed their color to white, and voila: privacy preserved!

And if you’ve always wanted to know how to do this process, well I have just the video tutorial for you!

CZ Design Privacy Label Tutorial from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

I hope some of you will enjoy and use the privacy labels, because even if your kids aren’t quite to that stage yet, believe me, sisters, it’s coming.



Project Life™ is a system created by Becky Higgins. To learn more about her core approach to saving your memories, click here.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Seven + a free privacy label for kid, teens & families

33 Comments on “Project Life, Week Seven + a free privacy label for kid, teens & families”

  1. #1

    Thanks for the blurring tutorial! I’ve been scrapbooking for years, but I’ve never used that particular tool! I usually just use the blur brush for privacy. Your way of blurring the whole layer looks so much cleaner. Will definitely use that from now on.

  2. #2
    Kelley Sweitzer

    Thanks for all of that. I know that in the past you have mentioned that Cole was not wanting to be featured on the blog and you have honored that request beautifully. I have a 12 year old daughter and she is wanting more and more that I not share every detail about her life on the internet. I’m trying very hard to remember to ask her before I share things. This set will be perfect for my Project Life album. Thanks again for your awesome freebies and tutorials and inspiration!!

  3. #3

    I don’t have kids so I can’t use those circles but I watched the video and learned something else (how to put the circle in the middle of the photo) Thanks for your great tutorial and also for your freebie (I can’t use is, but I’m sure there are a lot out there who can)

  4. #4
    Lori P.

    I sure wish we lived closer, cuz if we did I would come work/barter with you. You make way too many awesome products and I do not have that much $$ to buy them all. So… I have to prioritize and make a list. You did it again Cathy! I love this card set and it is going to the TOP of the said list. Thank you!

  5. #6

    I think you just made it possible for me to share my PL pages. We have deal, spouse and I, that is not share photos of the kids where you can see their faces. A kid privacy circle where there face is and problem solved. YAY!!!!!

  6. #9

    Thank you for the labels & the tutorial … sometimes, it is best not to bare everything on the web! & it’s good that you respect the wishes of your kids.

  7. #10

    Signs that I am headed to my 20 year reunion and am not a hip, young, teenager: I had to look up the word “promposal.”

  8. #11

    Good to know the blur technique. Thanks! How do I blur just one face in a group of people? I have PSE, versions 8 and 12.

  9. #12

    THANK you so much! (Caps intended). While I don’t have children of my own, I am a teacher, and I do take pictures of my littles. When I share them, i always have to blur, and it’s such a pain! Thanks for solving a problem for me!

  10. #13

    Cathy, I’m a long time reader but I seldom comment (mostly because I read in a feed reader). I love your no-nonsense, no-crap approach to scrapbooking. I can’t even tell you how much I love this download. My daughter is getting to the age where she’s started asking what I’m going to do with all the photos I take of her (mainly if they will go on facebook or not). I purposely don’t share or post my PL layouts (I do digital PL too) anywhere for fear of violating her privacy. This is such an amazing download. Thank you for taking the time to make it and offer it for free, and for being an encourager of respecting boundaries and privacies of others. Much love from (way down) south!

  11. #15

    Maryiln, just take the Eliptical Marquee tool, drag a selection around the face, then go up to the Filter menu and choose the Gaussian Blur option again. : ) Thats one way!

  12. #16

    Hey Tara, I love it when long time readers who dont comment, comment. So YES! Thank you! And Im glad you will get some use out of it. As I said, Aidan and Cole have been MORE than generous by letting me share what I have been able to share, but there are new territories (boyfriends, girlfriends) that they would much rather keep to themselves!

  13. #18
    Trophy Wife

    Cathy, Thank you for the privacy labels! They are awesome! And thanks a ton for the tutorial on the blur…I’ve been doing it a much harder way! And, yep…I always ask if it’s ok to share our daughter’s photos on my blog or facebook or where ever…99% of the time, it’s no big deal but once in awhile, she wants a photo or story kept to the family and I’m totally cool with that!!!

  14. #19
    Jenny B.

    YAY! I love your videos. 🙂 I learned some new things… like how to zoom into a particular spot (did not know that trick!) and how to pronounce “gaussian.” I do have to say that there is an easier way to center objects (at least easier to me). Click on the layer that you want to center so that it’s highlighted in the layer palette. Then cmd (or ctrl) + click on the layer you want to center it to so that it gets the marching ants around it (make sure to click on the little tiny preview of the layer in the layer palette and not the name of the layer). Then, choose the move tool so you can see the alignment choices in the toolbar and click on the center ones, either vertical or horizontal, or both. I hope that made sense. Basically, you want to have the layer that needs to be repositioned selected with the move tool, and the layer that needs to stay put selected with the marching ants before you click the button to center them. 🙂

  15. #20

    Fabulous. No teens yet, but they’ll be in my life before I know it. I’m so glad you are making the effort to include them in the choice of what they share. As someone trying to raise kids in this “over-share” world with a sense of maintaining some semblance of privacy, I’m always a bit shocked by parents who share every little detail.

  16. #24

    Alright. Can I just say I absolutely adore your PL style? I was a CM scrapper until about 2009 and then I burnt out on everything and let it all sit on my computer, and did NOTHING. I have now discovered PL, organized my 2009 photos and forward and have been sending them to print. I went on a PL buying binge at a few stores with a major 50% off sale…got it all home and discovered absolute visual chaos. I am a photo lover first and foremost, and cannot stand the clashing colors and prints, the mixing of so many designs on a page….really in a funk on what I have gotten myself into.

    Then, I shuffle through some of your PL posts and realize your style is what I love! Your photos stand out and are not second fiddle to crazy prints and quotes, it’s so simple and clean. Does this mean I have to go digital after sinking $$ into all that paper and those pocket pages?!?! ai ai ai!

  17. #25

    Thanks, Tami. It doesnt mean you have to go digital, but you know, you can always simplify. Use more photos, less cards, you know? I think thats part of what I do. Focus on the photos, less on layering stuff into each template. I mean, I was doing more of that when I first started PL, in my traditional PL albums, and over time, i just started feeling like it was an obligation. : ) Some people love that crafty creative stuff. Me? Not as much.

  18. #29

    I can’t use the teen/kid privacy labels here but thanks for that tutorial on using the gausian blur, I know it will really come in useful when sharing on the internet. By the way, have you thought of a family privacy label?

  19. #31

    Hey Gail, I just updated that blog post with a new package that now includes Family Privacy labels! Enjoy! And thanks for the great idea!

  20. #32

    Hi Cathy!! I’m thinking of starting to post my own project life pages on my blog and would love to incorporate these labels. I have a small request: Could you make a label that says “Work Privacy”? Sometimes I scrapbook about stuff around my office, etc, that I want to blur out too.

  21. #33

    Thank you so much for these! I am at this place with my son now and these are perfect so I can still share our life and not overshare his 🙂

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