The Present Participle List for February

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Longing for just a few more degrees every day.

Diffusing lavender oil in my office while I work.

Drinking tea exclusively since I gave up coffee back in November.

Loving this post about an amazing teacher at A must read.

Watching the first season of Sherlock.

Reading Michael Pollan’s latest book, Cooked.

Trying to find balance between work and house cleaning.

Listening to Beyoncé’s latest album at the urging of my daughter. It’s Beyoncé’s world, people. We are just lucky to live in it.

Planning meals every week so I don’t do the whole eat like crap thing.

Moving with more regularity thanks to my treadmill.

Working on new classes for later this year.

Sorting paper and digital files for taxes.

Trying to make myself leave my office once a week to get some writing done in a different location e.g. coffee shop, library, etc.

Having little success with the aforementioned.

Playing again with paper and making layouts.


What about you?


Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for February

28 Comments on “The Present Participle List for February”

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    While sipping my morning coffee after just sending off my older two to school and the sounds of Bob the Builder (kids tv) in the background I needed a tiny little escape with which to enjoy my coffee. So I crossed my fingers and opened your blog to find you had indeed a new post!! And the perfect one with a link to an inspiring read nonetheless. I love how you write. Thank you for sharing

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    Veronica Zwiers

    When you find that balance between work and house cleaning let me know. I haven’t found it yet. Work ALWAYS wins out.

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    Tina J.

    Why are you diffusing lavender oil? (you know, if you’d like to share…) I’m just trying to learn about essential oils and lavender is one I’m very interested in for my son’s seasonal allergies…

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    You love the Lav!! Do you have Orange oil?? That’s my fave to diffuse… Yum. And I know you’re currently hoarding them, but when you have plenty- the Lemon/Peppermint is an awesome diffusey combo… 🙂
    And FOR REAL on longing for a few more degrees… Dude.

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    How’s the no coffee thing going? I love, love, love my coffee but have often wondered if it is a problem. Have you noticed any improvements in your life since you quit?

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    I’m a bit curious on the diffusing of Lavender oil also…I have a few friends that are utilizing oils for different things-any big thoughts on why a diffuser? Reading blogs on how it helps with skin stuff, real? Thanks for sharing, love your blog!

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    Nicole, Im very new to the whole oil thing. I bought a diffuser that comes with a bunch of big sample sizes. I know Lavender has all kinds of uses, from general calming to topical application for soothing cuts, rashes, etc. It smells wonderful and Ive been diffusing it in my office which just kind of chills me out. The place where I take my daughter to get her eyebrows done also diffuses lavender and it always smells so good in there. In short, Im testing out this whole oil craze to see what shakes out. : )

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    Natalie, wasnt that article on Momastery great? I normally can only take her site in doses, but that one made me cry big tears. Teachers are amazing.

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    OMG – she should be teacher of the year – so wise – I hope many teachers read this and adopt this — LOVE LOVE IT

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    Tina, Ive just started playing with essential oils, so I bought a diffuser and an oil set. Mostly Im seeing what its all about. Lavender apparently has all kinds of great uses, and it is supposed to relax you etc, so I figure having some in my office (also doing in my bedroom at night to help me fall asleep.) Plus, it just smells pretty amazing. As I try to make more choices for better health, Im not ruling out some more holistic things I could be doing in my every day life!

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    Its weird but so far its going really really well. The main reason I stopped drinking it was that I got a really bad cold, and when I have a bad cold theres no way I can drink coffee. The cold lasted for two weeks so every day I was drinking hot tea instead. Then I never went back. I did not expect to stop drinking coffee.

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    Awesome! I’ve started using essential oils too, and I really love the lavender for falling asleep and sleeping more soundly. And I use a blend called Joy when I’m doing yoga. I also want to try cedar wood for concentration.

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    That teacher post warmed my heart. There are LOTS of us out there that care that deeply about students. I am glad it’s going viral.

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    shelley cga

    Love this layout – I’m going to do one for each month and I’m going to use a template I created and modified in Clean and Simple workshop I took. Cathy Z, you rock, as usual. I couldn’t live without coffee and I love going out to the gym , but when I grow up, I want to be YOU !!

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    shelley cga

    Season 3 is out now ( just finished )on PBS , which we share with Washington State. It was fabulous, but I won’t spoil anything for you !!

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    SHERLOCK! Oh, how I love Sherlock. I think I paid for Amazon Prime the first year just so I could watch a handful of (PHENOMENAL) episodes. I hope you enjoy it!

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    *Eating* oatmeal with Splenda Brown Sugar and chopped pecans for nearly every meal.

    *Moving* quite a bit through my system as a result.

    *Trying* desperately to fill four separate PL binders with the photos & journaling to finally finish them.

    *Waiting* for my kit of same oils to arrive in the mail.

    *Pondering* my possible participation in an ongoing fitness Boot Camp class.

    *Sleeping* at every possible opportunity because I’m so darned tired lately. (Perhaps I need more protein in my diet than what oatmeal affords?)

    *Reading* way too many Facebook links (although I’m loving the 10th birthday videos that everyone is posting)!

    *Drinking* only water or organic milk. So far, so good.

    *Hoping* to hear from my independent 23yo daughter one day soon. Everything must be going good; she only calls me when she needs something. 😉

    Thanks for asking!!

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    The perfect read to t start the day sending the kids off to school – I may print it out and put it in their homework folders. Genius idea. Loved it!

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    Melissa, protein is good. Protein is needed. Also, I just read somewhere that if youre a woman and youre tired all the time, it could be thyroid related. Just something to consider!

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    Susan C

    I’m not too keen on the idea of something burning when I am not awake enough to supervise it, so instead I use a lavender oil based hand cream before I go to sleep. Apart from the divine smell, it also helps heal my hands from the wear and tear of both work and housework.

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