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My favorite book making company Artifact Uprising has just released a new product: the Signature Print.

They asked me if I’d be interested in being one of the first people to test out the new product. Um, hello? Sign me up!

Of course, I knew what photos I wanted to use. I truly adore the shots from Aidan’s senior session (with the lovely and talented Margie Scherschligt) and chose two that I wanted to display.  (Side note: I’m working on a new display area in my  house, and by working on it, I mean that in my mind, I’ve got the best plans for an area that has been sorely overlooked for 15 years.)

These prints are on a totally lush, super heavy weight 68 point Mohawk Superfine Eggshell. You technically would not even have to frame them. You could be super creative and display them in inventive ways because the paper is like a heavy matte board.

Lush is the best word to describe these prints. The quality is stellar. Here’s what Artifact Uprising has to say:

Inspired by the lost art of signing our work, we set out to create a print that felt like a fine art matte and image all in one. The result: a frame-ready print that is boardlike and beautiful with a textured matte eggshell finish. A print of substance, worthy of your signature.


Image by Fawn DeViney.

One 11 x 14 print is $29.99 or you can choose to get four 5 x 7s for the same price.

To learn more about the new Signature Print, click here.


I’m proud to be an affiliate for Artifact Uprising and earn a small commission off purchases made from my links. 




Cathy ZielskeBeautiful additions to my wall

5 Comments on “Beautiful additions to my wall”

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    love the idea of using a tree branch…and you really don’t need a frame with these prints…thnks cathy

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    Thanks so much for sharing!!! I’ve been looking for a solution for a decorating idea I have. I too have a blank wall with potential. My plan is to do one print per letter in our last name (that’ll be 10!) and each letter will have a collage of black and white prints from a certain year. So, for example, the first letter is H, so I’ll put pics from 2004, then in the next letter will be 2005, etc., thru 2013. My grand plan is to replace one letter per year so I’ll always have the last 10 years of pics displayed. Now hopefully I’ll be motivated to actually do it!

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