Daylight saving is coming. (Hey, I have a free card for that!)

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Someone posted a question on my Facebook page last week (Hey Gail!) asking: do you have a card for Daylight Saving?

The answer? Now I do, thanks to you, Gail!

Note: Did you know it’s actually Daylight Savingβ€”as in singular? I did not. Now I do. I will never look back. Ever. See that photo above? YOUR cards will print without the “s”.


Download CZDaylightSaving

You can print them or add them to your digital Project Life files. No Photoshop is needed! However, I included a layered PSD files for those of you who like to pick your own colors.

In unrelated news, I’d like to wish a happy 49th birthday to my partner in crime, Daniel Ezekiel Zielske, who tried to crack his head open playing soccer last Sunday.

Baby, I’m so glad it wasn’t worse. You wore the bandage well.


Cathy ZielskeDaylight saving is coming. (Hey, I have a free card for that!)

43 Comments on “Daylight saving is coming. (Hey, I have a free card for that!)”

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    Jill B

    Thank you. What fun to add to my PL. Just another reminder of how fun and awesome you are to us.

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    I didn’t realize it was this weekend and now all I can think of is GREAT, it will feel like 4:50 am when I have to get up on Monday. Boo!

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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Z!

    Cathy – may I be the first to wish you a happy between day tomorrow? And I’m looking forward to wishing YOU a Happy Birthday the day after that. πŸ™‚

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    ‘Daylight Saving’ maybe be correct, but it’s always been and always will be ‘Daylight SavingS’ to me, lol!!!

    Thanks for the card/s!

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    Thanks for the cards, Cathy. And Happy Birthday, Dan. Hope he is recovering well from his injury! Man that looks like it hurts!

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    You are super sweet — thank you! πŸ™‚ Hopefully “actual” spring will soon follow — can I hear an Amen????? πŸ™‚

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    Nancy Sell

    Hi Cathy! I have to ask, and hope you will share, what desktop printer do you use? It prints almost as great as you are a designer (just a little shout out to your talent, from one designer to another… thanks!

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    Gosh, that time of year already? Thanks for the reminder and the cute cards. So glad another Gail thought to ask.

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    Thanks so much. I will pass on the information about Daylight Saving, no s, to the grammar police in my home ( :

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    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the grammar lesson – I never knew that! I’m in Australia, so we are ‘falling back’ in about 4 weeks time but I will still print these out for later in the year when Daylight Saving kicks back in!

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    Thank you Cathy for also making your D.L.S. Time card as a jpg. Hoping that Dan is a fast healer.

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    Nancy Sell

    I’m not the first one to ask the questions, I see. You rock.
    Thanks for the resources! G’day.

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    Liz Toms

    Thanks for the card Cathy! I’m looking forward to our clocks going forward so I’ll use this in my Project Life for that week!

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    Awesome. That ORANGE version will look FANTASTIC on my PL week (for MS Awareness Week, which has plenty of orange – being that I vowed to WEAR ORANGE every. single. day. this week!) Glad to hear that Dan is doing OK from his injury. He wore that blood on his face proudly, I see. P.S. I’ve always said SAVINGS, too. WHO KNEW?!?!? (Wonder if THAT was on the SAT test?) πŸ˜‰

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    nancy p

    My hubby did the same thing playing soccer only on my bday 2/17!! We did not go out to eat as planned but to the ER. I did not think to take his pic, darn it!! Love all your PL & your blog! (O:

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    Jenny B.

    Thanks for the cards! Happy belated birthday to Dan, and happy prelated birthday to you (prelated? sure. yeah. That can be a word). πŸ™‚

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    This used to be my least favorite day of the year because I’d “lose” an hour of sleep but I’m so looking forward to this Spring that I’m going to just be happy to lose that hour:) Thanks for the freebie!

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    Gail Peters

    Hi Cathy. . . thanks so much for the DST cards. I absolutely love ’em and am just tickled pink. Thanks again for your generous heart. . . looking forward to many more of your creations.

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    Jessica G.

    Thanks so much for the awesome cards! I didn’t realize soccer was such a dangerous sport — yikes. Wishing him a very speedy recovery!

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    Mary Kay

    Those cards are cute, I stand corrected on the extraneous S, but… am I the only one who’s surprised that Dan’s parents gave him a name with TWO Zs in it??

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    Debra T

    Thank you for the beautiful cards! They’ll be making an appearance in my PL pages πŸ™‚

    Happy belated to your hubby!! And hope he has healed nicely!

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