It’s my birthday

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I know it’s Saturday and all but it’s my birthday and it’s long been my blogging tradition to post it here in a cheap, shameless and easy effort to garner birthday wishes.

And why not? Seriously?


Life is freaking miraculous. Truly.

Plus, at what other time will I have the chance to share this image of me from 1992, taken to honor my second Employee of the Month win at the American Collectors Association?

Life was simpler then. I hadn’t yet heard of eyebrow care and I am fairly certain I was thinking: “Is it time for my smoke break?”

I’m off to enjoy the day. Here’s to middle aged, people.

Cathy ZielskeIt’s my birthday

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    Happy birthday Cathy.

    Wish you a wonderful day and many wonderful lovingful healthy sparkly and happy years πŸ˜€

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    Francisca, in the Netherlands

    Lang zal ze leven,
    lang zal ze leven,
    lang zal ze leven in de gloria!
    Hiep, hiep, hier…Hoera!

    Happy Birthday song in the Dutch language!(It goes something like this: Long shall she live, 3x. ). I found a youtube link with some of the other other Dutch birthday songs included too:

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    Lori P.

    Happy Happy Birthday Cathy and I will make you feel good stating that I am 2 1/2 years older than you. Enjoy being younger. πŸ™‚

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    OMG … that photo! So serious, so professional! No hint of bee-dancing in that face. πŸ™‚
    Just kidding! Have a most AWESOME birthday! Hope it includes some red beverage.

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    Happy Birthday, gawgus! Hope you have a wonderful day and that the temperature climbs above freezing.

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    Happy birthday, Cathy! hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones. Greetings from Germany!

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    Happy Birthday, CZ. Thanks for all the inspiration and joy your blog sends my way. Hope you have an amazing day.

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    theresa grdina

    LOL you crack me up!! Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the creativity and laughter you bring into my otherwise normal existence! Make your day special….after all, you deserve it!!!

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    Judy Webb

    So Happy to be here to wish you a Happy 48th Birthday. I will be 3/4s of century in Sept. Have a great day!!

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    Hope you have a most awesome Happy Birthday, Cathy. I turn 47 this month, so I totally get it. I also used to smoke, so I get that, too. πŸ˜‰ Looking at that picture I can’t help but notice that Aidan is a mini-you. Have a great one!

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    Jacquie Desilets

    Sending you birthday greetings from Canada. Happy Happy Day! You are one ‘rocking’ 47 year old!

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    Happy Birthday to ya! You’re still you inside and that’s all that counts. Inside me, I’m still 28, so all is well!

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    Leora henkin

    Happy Bithday to You! Enjoy your Day…your birthday season …and the year ahead! I will be sending vibes!


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    Happy Birthday! I just love your blog. It is the first one I read every day. Thanks for everything you do to inspire and teach. Have a great 48th year!

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    Annet M

    Aidan = you in this picture! I just realized yesterday that I turn 37 this year, which is INSANE, since I still feel so young. So I get that. Have a very happy birthday!

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    Happy birthday; where does the time go? Hope your day is filled with sunshine, family, and friends!

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    Birthday blessings! For someone like you, age doesn’t matter because you’ll always be young at heart. It’s also my granddaughter’s birthday today, 18th ahhhh! I also have a daughter your age, oh my, now I’m making myself feel old.

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    All the best, birthday girl, from Utah. 48? When you are my age, you’ll look back at 48 and think: Wow! I was so young!

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    Wow, that was a MAJOR scroll-down there, to get to the comments box! πŸ˜€ Enjoy all these wonderful wishes and even more so, another chance to celebrate your birthday. As you say, what’s not to love? Another year on this amazing planet doing fun and creative things (and hard and challenging things too). XXOO

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    Carla Crosby

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    Enjoy your youth:lol
    My Birthday was the 6th and I turned 63…
    now that my friend is well past the middle age:)
    and I also enjoy the blessedness of each and every year!

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    I’m so glad I decided to stop by at this late hour. (Later still with this damn time change…) Happiest of happy birthdays! May there be many many more to come.

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    Hoping it has been a wonderful day! Apart from the smoke break thought, perhaps she just didn’t know what fun life was going to turn out to be :).

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    Linda / Scrapper Q

    Birthday greetings from the Top of Virginia! Have a wonderful year. I’m so glad you are here to plunge me – kicking and screaming- into Photoshop; I’m getting better every time I use it thanks to you.

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    Jeanne Ann

    I hope your birthday was as wonderful as you are! I have enjoyed following your blog wit and scrapbooking style!

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    TracyR (Australia)

    Wishing you the most awesome of BIRFFDAYS Cathy!! Sending you a BIG hug from DownUnder πŸ™‚ (you have the best blog ever – I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading it every day)

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    Suzy Ordahl

    Happy Birthday Cathy, you are amazing. I love your honesty and ability to reach all of us. You are a gift to us! Enjoy the week, it belongs to you!

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    Elle A

    Happy Birthday (belated) Cathy! Thanks for sharing yourself with us! You’re a fabulous gal! You’re just a few months younger than me and I love that you embrace and enjoy the birthday thing. I hate it. I don’t enjoy people giving me birthday wishes. I try to let it pass by quietly. I wish I could be more like you. But then, I wish a lot of things about myself. ;D Hope you had a great day!

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    Paljon onnea vaan,
    paljon onnea vaan,
    paljon onnea, Cathy,
    paljon onnea vaan!

    That’s Happy Birthday in Finnish!

    And you are young – compared to me (I turn 60 this year, wow)!

    Thanks for your sincere and great texts that I love to read!

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    Happy Belated Birthday Cathy! Hope it was a great one! And I’m not sure I’m buyin the whole 48 thing…. 38 maybe… 48? no way! πŸ™‚

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