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I’ve been feeling the need to document more.

I’m quite certain it’s stemming from the mortality that hits you in the gut when you are nearing the day when your first-born child is preparing to leave.

It’s not about scrap guilt, I assure you.

Aidan has a very manageable number of layouts that have been created about her since the day she arrived. I do not have endless volumes. I have three albums that contain pages specifically about her life.

I do not wish I had more. I do not wish I had less.

She seems to be cool with it as well.

Still, I have this need to tell more everyday stories right now. More events. More things.

I really believe it’s just one of the ways I’m working through the pain—yes, it’s painful to me on a number of levels—of having one less body dwelling under this roof.

Especially a body that I adore with the very cells of my being.

But enough with the melodrama and onto a very simple page detailing one cool event from the life of said child.

It’s a very simple hyrid project. Here it is pre-assembly:


I used my PictureMate Charm to print out images from a digital template. I used the “Borders” setting and it printed the images the exact size from the template. (Whenever you choose “Borderless” your image will be enlarged slightly to accommodate for that edge-to-edge printing.)

I also added a 3px stroke to the photo layer masks which gave me an easy-to-see trim line. I simply placed my metal ruler just inside the black line and cut with an X-acto knife.

Here is the finished page:


Notice there is a big chunk of light text on the left? That is the text from one of the poems she read, The Universe as Primal Scream by Tracy K. Smith. I created a large text box and changed the color to a brown then changed the Opacity to about 20 percent.

I rounded the corners on the page because sometimes I’m just in that kind of a mood.

And into her album it goes.

A simple story saved.


Want to learn how to use digital templates to make more traditional layouts? I have a video for that. Click here to watch.



Cathy ZielskeLayout Share: Poetry Out Loud

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    I noticed the lightened text even before you discussed it in your post and thought, “How cool is that!” I’m not sure I’ve seen that idea before. Will definitely want to replicate it, scraplift it soon! And there is definitely a feeling of loss and pain when our kids leave home – I have two out of the home with kids of their own and two finishing up 10th grade, so not long before we are an empty nest – and it is hard imagining them living away.

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    mmmmm. That poem has one of my favorite lines: “Let the heaven we inherit approach.” Swoon.

    I’m envious that you have a school system that would involve such a thing. That is awesome!!!

    And as for them flying the nest…oh my. My daughter is out, flying. It is hard to stay on the ground but good to see them soar.

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    Esther A

    I certainly hear what you’re saying! I cried a little every day for a week! What a sook!! Now I’m focussing on getting the stories down. It is as though there is a rush capture what little there is left of them. Luckily they are all sending me photos of their new lives 🙂

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    I see you use the photomate charm. Have you done a post about this already? I’ve been thinking about a small portable photo printer but I’d like to hear more about it from someone that uses it rather than reading reviews about it on Amazon!

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    Another fabulous layout!!! LOVE it!

    I am already have a hard time breathing when I think of our oldest leaving. She is in Grade 10 so we have a couple of years left with her at home.

    We are hopeful she will stay in our current city but who knows!

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