Layout Share: What’s On Your Nightstand?

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It started innocently enough.

I was dropping some laundry off in Aidan’s room and noticed that her nightstand looked, well, artistically arranged.

I thought: I should take a photo.

Then I thought: I should take photos of ALL of our nightstands right now, as they are.

Then I thought: Get a life.

Then I went ahead and took the photos.

Then I went ahead and made this page:

Finalpage copy

Then I thought to myself: Man, you’re good.

Other than the obvious ego bump, I really do love this little slice of life. I mean, its cell phone photos of nightstands plus a list of the found contents.

A super simple hybrid page using a digital template, a few images, some cardstock and adhesive.



Whenever I focus on making the kinds of pages that I really want to make it feels like my creativity is actually working again.

Or maybe it’s less about creativity and more about inspiration.

In fact, it’s totally more about inspiration.

And it’s definitely not about obligation.

Find a simple story that you want to tell today and tell it in a way that makes you say, “Man, you’re good.”

It’s good for your soul.

Note to self: Ask Dan how he’s enjoying Lolita


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Cathy ZielskeLayout Share: What’s On Your Nightstand?

23 Comments on “Layout Share: What’s On Your Nightstand?”

  1. #2
    Theresa G.

    I like this! I think it’s very interesting……just a blip of your lives right now. Love it!!

  2. #4

    Super fun idea! There are few things more fun in scrapbooking than having an idea and having the time to immediately bring it to fruition.

  3. #6

    Love this idea. Although I do not thank you for the ear worm…
    “We love you Connnraad, oh yes we dooo;
    we love you Connraad, and we’ll be true.
    When you’re not neear us, we’re bluuuue.
    Oh, Connnraad, we love you!”
    (For the record: I was a cast member in that show over 20 years ago. Eeep! I still remember most of the words to that song.)

  4. #7

    Great idea! I have done PL cards with book pile photos, and with photos of the stuff that gathers in that spot where I put stuff down when I come in the house (which gets rapidly out of control depending on what’s going on in my life). I just got a nightstand (for free!), so I’m extra excited about this idea. “What’s on your bedside floor in the dust” isn’t quite so appealing as a scrapbook topic…

  5. #10

    Loved this idea…we are obviously too messy on our nightstands to try to capture it. I’ll do it and that will prompt a clean-up.

  6. #11

    Mine nightstand is a mess. I’d hate to take a picture! LOL BTW, it’s Pittsburgh, with an H on the end… (coming from the land of Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers!)


  7. #13
    Leslie B

    Your table seems to be very balm-centric 🙂

    I love the idea of doing this for our family and know ours would be very different. My daughter (junior in high school) doesn’t have a nightstand. Everything is on the floor, almost like a moat of ‘stuff’ around her bed. My son is a freshman in college and I think it would be cool to get a pic from this little slice of life from this new chapter. Thank you for this idea!

  8. #15
    Cara S

    Spooky – I read Lolita last week. My first thought was – wow, to be able to write prose like that in a language that’s not your mother tongue…..Good insight into the mind of the paedophile – how they can justify their position.

  9. #16

    Since I’m 48, I should probably be embarrassed to put this in writing but……..I too live with a moat of stuff… rid of the nightstand specifically for that reason.

  10. #18
    Cindy Gale

    My nightstand is a converted step-stool/ladder…hmmm…I think I need a ‘normal’ nightstand for books, etc.

    Cathy, what paper do you use for printing out your paper/hybrid layouts?

  11. #19
    Cindy Gale

    Please forgive my question – I see the supply list at the bottom of the post now. I swear this time change is affecting my sleep and comprehension! 🙂

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