Project Life, Week Nine, One Page, All Good

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In Week 9 I took 53 combined photos (iPhone shots + DSLR shots).  Many of them were multiple shots of the same thing/scene. It took me about three minutes to say: one page for Project Life.

As soon as I release myself from the pressure to make a spread, I feel light and creative and happy. This, as you know, is a better alternative than feeling dark and blocked and stressed.

Granted, if I have a ton of shots to play with, it’s no problem to do a typical two-page spread, but the key is to make the decision and lose the stress.

This project doesn’t have to be stressful.

Let’s get to it:


No blurred out privacy images for this week. Sometimes, if there is an image in question, I’ll ask. Other times, I make assumptions. This week: assumptions. (Did you miss the free Privacy Label download? If so, click here.)


Again, my weekly recaps will never be mistaken for Pulitzer Prize-winning prose. It’s a very simple, journalistic recap. In fact, by recapping on one card each week, it does free me up to simply fill the rest of the slots with photos.

I know that it’s fun to collection cool Project Life cards and other journaling card files, but if you just feel like making one simple highlights card, you can fill in the rest with photos or filler cards that require no extra journaling.

And speaking of extra journaling… oh, honey.


Definitely a big low of the week. I’ve never experienced stitches with either of my children, knock on wood. But I can now say I have with my husband.

He was super brave.

And that is all for Week Nine.



Project Life™ is a system created by Becky Higgins. To learn more about her core approach to saving your memories, click here.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Nine, One Page, All Good

15 Comments on “Project Life, Week Nine, One Page, All Good”

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    Hope Dan is healing fast and feeling okay. Please tell Aidan that a woman she doesn’t know and who just so happens to live in London said that she looked amazing in the Oscars party photo.

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    Matt had that same soccer injury in college, and it bled like someone had shot him. I was in charge of getting him to the hospital for his stitches. The hospital in Oxford, OH (where we went to school) was officially called McCullough-Hyde, but it was nicknamed Kill ‘Em and Hide ‘Em. Ha ha. I haven’t thought about that injury for a long time.

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    The Aidens are adorable! I am now a mother to 2 teen boys, each with a girl friend. Oh for cute!

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    Poor Dan! My mom fell a few years ago and cut her head open while we were on vacation. The blood… What is it with head wounds? Of course instead of staying calm I ran through the gift shop in a complete panic, trying to find my sister. Good times.

    P.S. I’m sorry to hear about Chester! He was a sweet dog.

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    Hello Cathy, how wonderful and impressive that you only chose a one pager for this week. That was a lot of pictures/stories to go thru and you did it in a blink of an eye. I still struggle with this one, squeezing in every last picture, feeling guilty if I leave one out. My brain is overthinking it again and even wanting me to put them in order by day. UUGGGG!!! The page looks great and shows what an exciting busy week you had. So sorry to hear about Chester, saw that on your IG, such a sweet dog he was. Sorry to hear about Dan and glad he’s ok. Like the hi/low cards, so cool.

    Read your post below and had to laugh, that is so me too. I have 2 blue sweatshirts I alternate thru the week, daily I can be found wearing one of them. I do shower each day but still I look the same everyday. I paint on/off thru my days though and learned the hard way not to wear a good shirt around the house anymore. Once the paint is on the shirt, it doesn’t come off. So I save my nice shirts for days out and church and otherwise I’m in blue everyday. In the summer, I have one shirt that’s my painting shirt and I wear it everyday. Love your orange, maybe I could buy some new color ones to wear and add some color to my daily wear.
    Thanks for making me smile this morning. Have a great day!

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    I’m so glad Dan is okay!

    I love the simplicity of your design and have tried to adapt it to my pages. One of the problems I run into is if I add a white journal card to my already white background page, it gets lost. Do you just add a shadow to yours to prevent that from happening on your pages?

    Thanks for all of the inspiration and being real!


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