Project Life, Week Ten

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Week Ten clocked in at 347 photos.

This is not my usual pace and there’s a reason for it: Aidan performed in her school play and because she’s the editor it meant that yours truly had to shoot the show. I decided to add a few image for Project Life and I’m working on a layout to showcase more of the shots, which I’ll share next week.

Also, this week saw a few more Teen Privacy Labels show up. There are times when I don’t have to ask. I just know. Some stories and images need to remain private. That’s how we keep blissful family peace.

Or something like that.

Here’s the week’s pages:



The High of the Week was getting to see three peformances of Little Shop of Horrors. My child is an actor, people. She sings. She acts. She nails it. This is not a subjective opinion. This is fact.



Seriously, Aidan. Thanks for bringing something to our lives that is so incredibly cool.


Again, my journal recaps are simple and factual, not fancy at all.

More and more in this process, I find I am craving simplicity. Photos + words. It’s everything about scrapbooking that I truly adore.



Project Life™ is a system created by Becky Higgins. To learn more about her core approach to saving your memories, click here.


Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Ten

10 Comments on “Project Life, Week Ten”

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    Amie Lamm-Griffin

    That sounds like an awesome show! Our school did Little Shop when I was a senior and it was such a blast!

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    Just wanted to say, I think you look younger now than in your “what do you mean someday I will be 48” photo.

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    You make it look so easy Cathy. My dedication to PL wavers about this time of year until I see your pages and then I’m inspired all over again! Thanks.

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    Hi! I don’t even know how I stumbled across you in the interneting world, but I am trying to make my way into learning Digital Project Life. I really like your square cornered layouts and some of your methods best, but I was wanting to use some of the journaling cards and such of Becky Higgin’s stuff. Again, I’m new to this so maybe it’s a dumb question, but can you use her cards with your layouts?

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    Hey Hannah, yes, but you have to do some tweaking. In some cases, you can just enlarge the card in the layer mask (well, actually, when you place the card files, theyll be bigger than my layer masks on the Minimal Basics templates, so you would just not size them down all the way.) However, if you have some skills, you could drop them in, and if you have full PS you could clone out the edges…. now that gets a little more complicated if the cards have a pattern. What I do with the Seafoam cards that I have is simply drop them in and I dont size them all the way down, so that rounded corner doesnt become a problem. That said, it might not work perfectly with every single BH card design. : )

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    God you are good at this blogging thing. Love your commitment to recording your life. Love that old shot of you that made it into the week.

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