It’s the ultimate. Literally.

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Are you familiar with Ultimate Frisbee?

It’s a sport. Like soccer or football. But it’s played with frisbees. And it’s totally awesome.

To get an idea of how it’s played and how completely beast some of the players can be, check out this clip.

One of the coolest things about Ultimate is that it’s self-officiated. There are no referees calling the game. All of the calls are left up to the players.

What you end up seeing is a lot of sportsmanship and mutual respect during any given game. Plus, people go nuts at Ultimate games. It is ridiculously exciting.


Both Cole and Aidan are playing this year. Aidan, having just had her wisdom teeth out, is hoping to get back into game play this week. Cole had a tournament last weekend that was seriously so much fun to watch, despite the 40-degree temps and super gusty conditions.


I had never heard of this sport until a few years ago. I was trying to explain it to my friend and she said, “Oh, I’ll just Google it.”


Anyone out there have kids who play?

It’s seriously so, so cool.

Cathy ZielskeIt’s the ultimate. Literally.

22 Comments on “It’s the ultimate. Literally.”

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    No referees? That won’t work in France. The team and their supporters would kill each other AND claim they won the game.

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    Where I went to college (Miami University in Oxford, OH) is something of an Ultimate paradise. There were big tournaments there when we were in school–Ohio State, Toledo, Cincinnati, others–would come down for them. Fun that both your kids play! Sort of related: do you have broomball in Minnesota? Also very popular for intramural sports at Miami… And very very competitive. I played for a few years. It seems like something Minnesotans would do too : )

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    That made me laugh out loud! Ultimate started here in the 1960s, so it very much emerged as a sport from the counter culture, the anti authority vibe of that time. Too funny. I imagine somewhere on earth there are Ultimate hooligans. ; )

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    My youngest son is at Georgia Southern University-he took this as his PE class. When we had our second snowcropolis this was the only class that was not cancelled due to weather. Although his school really just had a lot of rain and no power.

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    dawny dee

    looks very cool – and the best part is that cole doesnt seem to mind you taking pics of him in the middle of his awesome “moves” so you both win. i have a 13 yr old who HATES having his pic taken EXCEPT when he’s on the lacrosse field so i bundle up in all kinds of weather (no such thing as a rain delay or cancellation for lax) to go to every game to get all the pics i can.

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    Emily O.

    My husband and I met playing Ultimate Frisbee in college πŸ™‚ We still play from time to time with a church group, but not nearly as much as I would like! Such a fun game!

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    My husband played many years in our cities’ Ultimate league (they had A,B,C,D teams depending on skill levels even!) and silly me even played one year when my youngest was 6 months old and mostly immobile… I’ve never run so much in my life!! As one of 2 women on that team, and considering how 2 women needed to be playing on the co-ed team each round, we worked hard!! The following years as my husband continued playing, he’d take the kiddos with him, and they’d play on the sidelines with other kids & teammates that were taking breaks while I had an evening off :). Fun memories! Neither daughter ever played on a team themselves, but have friends that play. Instead they did dance and soccer. Seeing your son play in so many layers looks odd to me, since it was a summer sport here in Oregon. There were (maybe still are) college teams too here. Is there Ultimate at the college Aidan’s going to?

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    lynne moore

    My husband played in college… serious intramural sport in the Pacific NW in the 80s. He was on a “championship team” one year. He says he would still play, but I think he has waited too long to find a local team. I don’t think there is an “over 50” league here in Vegas. πŸ˜‰ I love the sidearm throw – don’t know what it is really called – as opposed to the standard across the body throw. I remember my hubby teaching me how to do that.

    My kids each played lacrosse (which is as much fun to watch).

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    My son keeps wanting to play this – but he’s not too great at throwing a frisbee. Quidditch is more his speed.

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    Kelly Nelson

    hubby played for a bit and was part of the organising body for a tournament here in Wellington (New Zealand) back in 1994 or 95…. it’s not super huge here – Rugby is our religion. πŸ™‚ But it is nuts. The indoor version is inSANELy fast!!

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    Daniella Pascarelli

    I’ve never had heard about this game until last Saturday. The son of a friend plays it, here in Brazil.

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    Christine Mak

    I’ve been playing for the past 12 years! It’s insanely fun and an even better workout.

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    Kathy F

    Yes my daughter plays Ultimate at Northwestern! She loves it! It would definitely be too cold for me that is for sure.

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    Lots of Ultimate players out here in California! My husband leans more towards Disc gold though (it’s like regular golf, except you play with a disc aka frisbee).

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