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I took 275 photos on Prom Night.

And while I did make his and hers mini books from Artifact Uprising (see image at the bottom of this post), I also wanted to create one page for Aidan’s scrapbook.

I had a few simple supplies in hand (from newest Studio Calico kit, Camelot), and I was thrilled that they matched her dress. Bonus.

I created a simple base for the 6 x 4 photo (which I printed on my Epson PictureMate, that I am still totally loving), and printed it out onto white cardstock. I added a few simple embellishments and a title. Done. I love how simple it is.


If I want to get technical about the design, I combined two visual triangles of color. One of the peach and one of the gold. Do you see them? Three gold things. Three peach things. Even on a super simple page, a little design creates a unifying visual glue holding it all together.

I really adore single photo pages.



FAVORITE IDEA IN A LONG TIME: Make a mini book, his and hers, with all those prom night photos. Seriously? How adorable are they? These 5.5 softcover books hold photos and outtakes and each Aidan gets to keep one to remember their prom. Learn more at Artifact Uprising.



Cathy ZielskeLayout Share: Prom

18 Comments on “Layout Share: Prom”

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    Shawna Zervos

    A beautiful layout, a beautiful dress and a stunning daughter! Thanks to you (and Aiden) for sharing! As a mother I LOVE the simplicity and modesty of her dress. It gives me hope!

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    Everything about your layout (and your daughter) is stunning! Simplicity at its finest. Thank you and the prom couple for sharing!

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    Debby D.

    Love it! Both Aidans look wonderful.

    I am struggling to settle on a basic sans serif font for my journaling text on my digital pages, and am considering finally breaking down and buying Avenir. Which one of the Avenir fonts do you use? 35 Light or 45 Book? Did you use one of the Avenirs on the Artifact Uprising minibook cover as well?

    Thanks! 😀

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    Just gorgeous, thanks to the Prom-goers for sharing. However, thanks more to you Cathy for the specific information regarding the two visual triangles. It was clear as soon as I read it but I had not noticed them before. That sort of tip is invaluable for me. I love the clean and simple look but lack the skills to understand why yours look fresh and elegant and mine look sad and half a**ed!!! Guess I need to take your class …

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    The Aidan’s look so cute together! And the simplicity of your spread really draws the focus to the photo! It is such a cute idea making the photo books for them both, and I have to say, I think it is super awesome that they share a name! 🙂

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    I’m finally here and catching up, love love seeing this Prom post!! Aidan looked so elegant and beautiful, much nicer version then the ones I’ve seen lately. She has taste and style!!
    WOW, can’t believe you got that many photos, I’m lucky to get a 10/20 maybe and they are ready to get out the door.

    Cathy, it was so good to see this layout, your “threes” I will always remember and have your samples still in my Cathy Z binder. So happy to see this and it’s beautiful and just right. I love a one photo layout too.

    Haven’t scrapped in over a year but might try to add to the 10,000 layouts for NSD coming up, YAY!! I love this holiday, truly madly love it!!

    Glad things are going well and I’m almost closing in on two years of my missing ” aunt flo” so glad she’s gone and never want to see her again.

    Have a great week!

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    Amber P

    After not scrapbooking for almost five years, I just pulled Clean & Simple out of my closet and read it. I decided to look you up and see if you were still in the scrapbook design business. It is quite a shock to see the little girl in all of those layouts in your book is going to prom! 🙂

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    Just so you know — I am right now making a little book with this publisher. It will go to my kindergarteners’ mentor, a gold medalist at the Paralympics. I am enclosing it in a surprise package along with Taylor on a Stick — his life sized face on a paint stick that we brought with us and photographed for all big class moments. I think he’ll love it.

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