One month from today, the greatest holiday of all will be upon us

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That’s right ladies (and Paul)—{Inter} National Scrapbook Day is one month from today. Now is the time to start planning! If any holiday demanded your thoughtful decorating touches or creative activity planning, this is the one.

WHAT? You say you’ve never decked out your home or done anything fun for National Scrapbook Day (heretofore referred to as NSD)? Then allow me to share some of my very best ideas from years past:

1. Washi Tape Windows—Washi tape. We all love it even if we have ZERO use for it in our everyday crafting lives. NSD is the perfect time to pull those rolls out and create exciting patterns on your windows. You can spell out ‘NSD’ using different colored tapes. You can make giant X’s that shout, “NSD is celebrated HERE!” Maybe hang rolls of tape in varying lengths from the top window sills, evoking tender memories of NSDs past. They’re your windows. Have fun!

BONUS IDEA: WT (washi tape) neighbors’ houses for a festive, playful yet cheeky way of spreading the fun of NSD.

2. Front Yard Make ‘n Takes—Worried that no one in your neighborhood celebrates or even cares about scrapbooking? Then use NSD to show them what they’re missing! Set up a folding table on your front lawn and bring out your personal die cutting machine and demonstrate the custom-cutting magic they may not even be aware exists! A simple card project featuring a die-cut flower and the phrase, “This one” may be all it takes to recruit yet another non-crafter into the fold. NSD is the time to share the love.

BONUS IDEA: Speaking of this, we’ll be playing this Brian Eno song on a loop all day. (Thanks to Dan for the idea and for getting involved! Families that scrap together, stay together!)

3. Host a full-scale, in-home crop night for friends and family. What better day and way to gather and celebrate scrapbooking on a large scale than with cherished friends and family? They’re not scrapbookers you say? Not an issue. All you need are peanut m&m’s, Diet Coke and a few bottles of wine. Trust me, that’s all we really want to do on crop night anyway. They’ll fit right in!

BONUS IDEA: Supply more wine than Diet Coke and turn it into a full-on “ladies weekend.”

Now would also be a good time to order your NSD cards. I suggest keeping them simple. In fact, why not make them yourself? Just hand-trim 45 to 75 sheets of cardstock to roughly 5–3/16 x 9–3/4 (alternate cardstock colors using a simple triadic scheme, or a split triadic scheme, if that’s more your style), then run each piece of trimmed cardstock through your Cameo Silhouette, cutting out the letters N, S and D. Use a bone folder to score and fold the cards. Next, layer in coordinating pieces of patterned paper to peek through the cut-out letter shapes. Use a different patterned paper behind each letter. Secure in place with acid-free super thin dimensional adhesive. Adorn the front of the cards with complementing washi tape and brads, then place a pre-printed message inside the card on a separate sheet of paper, preferably vellum. As a final touch, spray the front of the card lightly with a spray mist (here, I would choose a complementary color) and place into a glassine envelope with numerous tiny punches such as flowers, hearts or snowflakes. Another fun idea is to use tiny letter punches featuring, of course, the letters N, S and D. Punch at least 30 of each letter to create a festive, confetti experience for your card recipients. Remember, people who do not celebrate this holiday will be overwhelmed by complicated card designs, but it’s a near universal fact that confetti in any package engenders positive feelings. Keep it simple, as suggested above. Don’t forget to seal your envelopes with coordinating washi tape!

BONUS IDEA: Add a heat-embossed stamped image of your return address. There is still time to order an address stamp if you don’t already have one. A nice added touch? Get a hand-lettered custom address stamp. It really adds a little extra personal touch and feel!

Your finished card will look like something this:


Note: to create a triadic scheme, I will also use orange and green cardstocks, with coordinating paper and letter confetti! People love attention to detail. It really says, “Hey, I care about you!”

One down, 74 to go!

At a loss for what message to include, no worries! I’ve got a sheet of printable NSD messages just for you. Simply print, trim and pop into the card.


Download CZNSDDayMessages

Remember, NSD is what you make of it, ladies! Enjoy!

Cathy ZielskeOne month from today, the greatest holiday of all will be upon us

46 Comments on “One month from today, the greatest holiday of all will be upon us”

  1. #8

    I told myself this morning, “Just read Cathy’s blog, then OFF the computer and get to work.”

    So SO glad I did! Laughter makes the work load lighter … thank you, Cathy! And Happy NSD minus 30!

  2. #9

    Scrapbooking makes me happy too. Thanks for the printables (and the laughs). I’m including one in project life because really, this love of memory keeping needs to be properly documented. 🙂

  3. #13

    That’s a lovely card, Cathy, but did you consider dusting off and plugging in your melting pot, liquefying some embossing powder or UTEE, and gently dipping the edges of your card into the resulting hot lava? Sure, it may result in second degree burns, but that extra three-dimensional touch is so worth it!

  4. #16
    Jenny B.

    Cathy, you are so funny! I am totally picturing you at the foot of your driveway with your folding table and boom box, letting the neighbors watch you scrap to the music like one of those spray paint artists. Haha!

  5. #20

    Performance scrapbook art – YES! Also, I’m definitely putting the last haiku in my PL album. “Ask my therapist” – you’re brilliant!

  6. #22

    That’s right ladies (and Paul) … made me smile, right of the bat; JUST SAYIN’

    Peanut M & M’s, Diet Coke and WINE. 🙂

    Are you sure you don’t have too much time on your hands?!?! YOU CRACK ME UP! You’re SO FUN! 🙂

  7. #25

    you are a pretty funny gal, thanks for the good laugh. I actually want to washi tape my windows, though, I really do! 🙂

  8. #33

    Cathy, I just want you to know how much I love reading your blog. Sometimes you make me laugh out loud and sometimes you bring tears to my eyes because I can so relate.

  9. #34

    where’s the Like (okay, LOVE) button??? Thanks so much for the morning giggles. Can’t wait for NSD knowing that I’ll be celebrating in such great company!

  10. #40
    Dawn F.

    I am choking on my breakfast I’m laughing so much. My family thinks I’m dying. The haiku cards are hilarious! Thanks for the humor!

  11. #41

    Cathy, you are a genius. you are my idol!! have i mentioned that I love you? thank you for this post. this was just the motivation i needed. i’m off now to get my make & takes ready. ciao!!

  12. #43

    This post is just too funny. This one and the Halloween Bee costume with you dancing are probably my favorites!!

  13. #44
    Britiney @ Consider the Lilies

    Hey, CZ! I love you with the white hot intensity of the sun, but lately when I click over to your blog, before the page can load it switches me to a typepad signup page. Am I doing something wrong? Thought you’d like to know in case it’s not just me. :O/

  14. #46

    i am unable to read the haiku without the last line sounding like Long Duc Dong! bwahahaha! xoxo

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