Project Life, Week Fourteen + Fifteen

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The last few weeks of Project Life are super stripped down.

It’s amazing how much faster it goes when I just focus on getting the photos in and just a tiny bit of writing. Sometimes, that’s all I’m in the mood for. Less fancy. More basic. Like this:



Other than a High of the Week journal card and a little bit of type, this is about as simple as it gets.


Seriously. I loved going on that road trip with Aidan. As much as I am going to miss her, I’m equally excited for this young woman’s blazingly bright future.

For Week 15, I had to keep it simple again. Why? Hello 2014 prom photos.




Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of stuff to tell the story.

p.s. my little bird is having her wisdom teeth out today. Here’s to soft foods and modern pain meds. 



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Cathy ZielskeProject Life, Week Fourteen + Fifteen

12 Comments on “Project Life, Week Fourteen + Fifteen”

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    Love love love both weeks and they all look so amazing for their prom ! Beautiful Happy kids full of joy! Loved her hair and stunning dress! Hope she does ok with getting her wisdom teeth out. Remembering my own, just around the same time when I went to my year 12 formal(prom in Australia).. Just Don’t try drinking a thickshake…. especially not through a straw! lol

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    Love Aidan’s hair and dress! I have one daughter who had her wisdom teeth out. It wasn’t a big deal. She did cry a lot when she came out of the anesthesia though which concerned me. The nurses said that was normal. Aidan will be fine. Good luck!

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    Love the prom spread, your daughter is beautiful. My daughter just had her prom too! What a milestone!

    Good luck on the wisdom teeth.

    My poor baby was in shock when she just had her wisdom teeth pulled last year. The first moments are zingers, you as a parent feel so helpless, just be there for her. Yes, you must document!

    Broccoli cheddar cream soup was my girl’s go to comfort food during her ordeal.

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    Awww – hope Aidan feels back to normal soon. Teeth are just awful, there’s no getting away from the pain when it’s that close to your brain. Just hideous….

    Love your simple project life pages these two weeks.

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    Every week I love the simplicity and clean look of your PL pages even more. I also love how “classy” the girls look in their prom dresses. Aiden’s dress and hair are beautiful, just timeless. I have two boys going to prom next week. The trend at our school has been super short and super strapless dresses for the girls, ugh! I much prefer the longer dresses. Hope Aiden is feeling better without her wisdom teeth. My son had his out last year, and I was able to snap a cute “chipmonk” photo for his scrapbook.

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    Im surprised at how neutral all the girls went this year. They were much brighter last year! Aidan would not let me take one shot of her yesterday. Totally her call, but she did take tons of selfies.

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    Just beautiful. It looks like you did a good job mom. Raising a strong, spunky girl. just like her mom. She looks so much like you. I’ll bet her dad is thrilled.

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