The Present Participle List for April

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Finishing up production on my kids’ school yearbook.

Thinking creatively about ways to pay for Aidan’s college tuition with as few loans as possible.

Knowing loans are going to be part of the equation in this modern era.

Looking forward to Spring, which apparently has decided to show up here in the glorious upper Midwest.

Working on a really huge, cool project that involves this website.

Hoping to wrap it up and share it with you guys in the next two months if all goes according to plan.

Retooling some older classes to possibly teach later in the year.

Obsessing over how good Beyoncé’s album is, having never really listened to any of her previous releases.

Poring over the prom photos I took over the weekend (yep, they’ll be showing up in Project Life soon!)

Loving this parody of HBO’s True Detective.

Refocusing my efforts to take better care of myself.


What is one of your ings for today?

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Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for April

26 Comments on “The Present Participle List for April”

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    Melissa O.

    Ah, paying for college. Fun times… NOT! LOL. I was VERY lucky my first job out of high school allowed you to still get tuition reimbursement while working part-time. They paid for my whole Associate’s degree. The job that degree got me is the job I still have & they too had a tuition program which I used to earn my Bachelors. I never paid for anything but books & supplies either time. Work study is great. I did some of that as well to knock out the fees I actually did have to pay, 4 hrs/wk. I hear she’s a pretty smart girl. Have her study for & take some CLEP exams for her general ed. courses over the summer. I’m sure she can call the school & find out which ones will fulfill her requirements.

    For Cole maybe get started on a 529 Plan &/or Upromise. We’ve saved about $7K so far for our son w/ both of those programs & he’s only 6 1/2.

    When buying her textbooks make good use of, Amazon, Barns & Nobles, & also They all sell used textbooks. B&N and Chegg also rent hardcopy & eTextbooks. One semester I had Biology, Archaeology, & Art History, all with full color, high cost texts. I spent all of $50 WITH shipping by comparison shopping these websites. 😉 Saving money CAN be done.

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    Veronica Zwiers

    I am in those blessed years of paying for University Tuition….X3. All three of my boys are attending the same university now. I think I am eating more like a student than they are.

    A few things had to happen for us to be able to afford this….

    1. the mortgage had to be paid off before the first one started
    2. the money we spent on elite sports was shifted to tuition (we spent approx. $25,000.00 per year on elite sports)
    3. i had to have a full time job.
    4. good paying summer jobs for the boys was important
    5. prayer

    Without these 5 there is no way on God’s green earth we would have been able to afford three University Tuitions each year.

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    Cathy, our family has enjoyed the book, Debt Free U. If you haven’t picked it up already I would highly recommend.

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    just a gentle reminder, Cathy, you must be “poring” over prom photos, not “pouring” (water) on them!

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    Another great list Cathy and a great idea. I do a scrapbook page with each months list and three photos , using a template I created in Clean and Simple I took with you. And I think you mean “poring ” over – in Canada we have a education savings vehicle called an RESP and the government actually contributes a bit. The best thing I found was to have the kids make a budget that they will live on while away and make them keep to it. Education first and mortgage next , then they can support you in your old age LOL

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    Holy tuition! Yeah, I am feeling a lot of pressure to really work on making money in the fall. : ) I have some really awesome class ideas, but just because I think its a good idea doesnt mean people will want to take it. : )

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    My husband and I have started meeting with a college planner. It’s all very scary. The college my daughter has her heart set on does not do any gifting or matching, so we are trying to get her to look at other options.

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    Jacquelin G

    Ack prom! It is coming up at the end of May for my daughter. She finally got her dress- and she is so lovely it makes my heart hurt. I am feeling grateful she is going to school in our city, so the costs will be manageable (ish). Three more to enter university in the next 6 years – so I guess you could say I am ANTICIPATING. I can’t wait to see your photos.

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    Yes, she has received a wonderful academic scholarship, plus she qualifies for FAFSA. Itll still leave us about 15K shy. Yikes!

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    Veronica Zwiers

    Don’t sell yourself short. You have amazing ideas that are “doable” for the time constrained individual like myself.

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    Working – on spreadsheets
    Reading – actual (vs virtual) books again
    Going – to the library (hence the actual books)
    Learning – to live alone (for the first time in my 51 years!) as my work takes me away from home to another country
    Enjoying – cooler weather as the autumn arrives
    Planning, cooking and eating – meals for one

    Thanks for the page inspiration! Going to go home and turn this into an album page, cheers!

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    Anne Marie

    You are killing me with the curiosity teaser (like a cat)!!! Really we have to wait up to two motnhs…

    I second Veronica; don’t sell yourself short. I love your classes. You make them profesional and fun!

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    Veronica Zwiers

    Just make the classes available in the summer when I finally have some time to myself. Educating the littles of the world is an all consuming task.

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    Our youngest is graduating from college next month…that’s the third that has graduated college…and BEST OF ALL, older two are employed, and the youngest already has a job waiting for her. To me that is the key: loans are inevitable; you need a JOB to pay them off after graduating!
    First: we sat them down and told them they would have NO loans when they graduated if they lived at home and commuted to our local university. All three said NO. We told them that this decision would mean that they would have substantial loans when they graduated. They all agreed it was worth it. We revisited this decision EVERY year; all continued in their choice of college.
    Our plan: We shared college tuition expenses with all three of our kids. We took out a home equity loan, a 401K loan and a private loan to pay the first year of college for each of them. They all got some scholarships, and a little bit of grant money.
    Starting the second year, all loans were in THEIR NAME with my husband and I as cosigners. The first two graduated with 60-65K in loans. Last one (more scholarships) will graduate with about 45K in loans. First two refinanced their loans out to a 30 year, low interest loan within one year of graduation. They both had jobs immediately upon graduating in their field, so this helped tremendously. We have told all of them that IF we are in a position to help them with their loans when we retire, we will, but no guarantees. We still have a mortgage, and we still have our loans we are paying from all three kids first year of college.
    One smart thing that all three did (and I would highly, highly recommend) is choose to wisely choose a college that gives you as many opportunities to make you a valuable employee when you graduated. For our kids, that was getting good internships, lots of service/volunteer opportunities, becoming fluent in a second language, support of studying abroad, GRADUATING ON TIME, etc.
    Simply having a college degree means nothing anymore to employers. You need to stand out! By junior year, all 3 were able to manage working in their field 15 hrs a week while going to school full time, and by senior year, 15-20 hours. It paid off big time when all three were offered jobs in their field before graduation.
    Sorry this is so long…hope it helps!

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    Kim L

    Planning – to take prom photos for my son and his girlfriend, along with their group of friends. I’m so excited and hopeful that I come away with some good shots!
    Enjoying – all the college tips, as we will be there in another year too!

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    Rita T

    Looking – for first full time job since having my children.
    Enjoying – spending time with my children during their term break
    Trying – to finish off all my scrapbook albums from prior years

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