Will you join me on National Scrapbook Day?

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It’s coming. My decorations are out. The food has been planned. I can hardly function with the level of anticipation coursing through my veins.

Okay, a bit over the top? Little bit?

Maybe, but National Scrapbook Day is coming. You can’t stop it. It will arrive on May 3rd and the merriment will ensue.

I’m participating in Big Picture Classes’ National Scrapbook Day 10Kβ€”we’re going to try and get over 10,000 layout shares on Instgagram, among other things.

All day long, instructors will be sharing layouts and messages. My video message is all shined up and ready to go for May 3rd.

Register today byΒ clicking here.


Man, I’d hate to be the person who has to count them all.

Learn more about my personal preparations here.


Cathy ZielskeWill you join me on National Scrapbook Day?

13 Comments on “Will you join me on National Scrapbook Day?”

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    Signed up and ready to go, CZ! πŸ™‚ I’m going to try to have lots of pages/projects planned so I can just scrap like a fiend. Totally looking forward to it.

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    rock on! πŸ™‚ signed up! (but dammit, I have to get the hubby to take the kiddo to dance!) hehehehe πŸ™‚

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    Could you give us a tiny little bit about what your video is about, please? Does it have to do with your previous post?

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    Hey Marjorie, it’s a short video sharing some stuff about finding my style and what makes me happy in the scrapbooking process. I share a new layout and show you a few others from the early days. Mostly, it’s designed to be an inspiring message to celebrate scrapbooking. Hope that helps!

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    Marilyn Bronson

    Will your video be available to view at a later date? My hubs is running in the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and we will traveling that weekend πŸ™

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    Barb in AK

    Yesssirrrreee! I’m signed up and rarin’ to go πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to see everyone there!

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    Rita T

    I’ve signed up, have asked hubby to be on child duty ALL day and am looking forward to it. However, I don’t belong to Instagram and happen to own the one smartphone that doesn’t support that app – so am wondering how I can help BPC reach it’s goal?

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    Linda / Scrapper Q

    That’s what I’m wondering as well. I’m not on Instagram (old OLD flip phone), but want to help with the BPC goal.

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    Ana Roat

    We use to have HUGE celebrations with all day crops that were so much fun but alas all of our beloved stores have closed. So what’s a person to do…go to DISNEYLAND!!! We leave on Saturday so I’ll have my Instagram post ready to go bright and early!

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    Hmmm. Well, thats a good question. Without those apps, I wouldnt worry if I were you, as there is no way to contribute to that goal, but… the biggest goal? YOU get to enjoy the whole day of scrapbooking. In my opinion, thats worth more. : ) Enjoy!

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    Linda / ScrapperQ

    Thanks for the good advice, Cathy. I will just have a fun time all day long. See you there!

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