Be a phone photo boss! The Phone Photography Project 2 is coming!

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It’s new. It’s improved. It’s the brand new Phone Photography Project 2 coming this summer to Big Picture Classes.

This class is designed to help you take terrific iPhone photos. The class includes:

  • Practical tips for mastering lighting, composition, editing, and more
  • 14 before-and-after video tutorials that demonstrate photo-editing techniques
  • Hands-on photography challenges every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from July 17 to August 16
  • 14 image galleries featuring more than 250 inspiring photographs from your workshop instructors
  • 6 insightful videos from special guest iPhoneographers (that’s where I come in!)
  • Active, supportive Instagram community to share and view photographs
  • Resource section featuring app and equipment recommendations
  • Supply recommendations
  • Bonus handouts
  • Message board to share your thoughts with classmates and interact with instructors
  • Private posting gallery to share and view photographs

To learn more or to rgister click here:


While I’m not one of the main instructors, I was invited to create a video presentation. In it, I walk you through my phone photography process, as well as my philosophy to taking great phone photos. I’ve streamlined it and stripped it down, people. I realize just how much my phone is part of my memory keeping process.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.33.10 AM


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.32.03 PM

I look forward to not just being part of the workshop, but to participating in it as well. It’ll be a fun way to play and take photos this summer.


Cathy ZielskeBe a phone photo boss! The Phone Photography Project 2 is coming!

10 Comments on “Be a phone photo boss! The Phone Photography Project 2 is coming!”

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    Susan, I hear you!

    The content in the class—especially the theory and inspiration pieces—can apply to all phones, regardless of platform. There are so many similar apps for iPhone and Android platforms.

    Here is what is says on the site, regarding iPhone/Android:

    Note: All instructors are iPhone users, but the principles taught are universal to all smartphone users, and the photo assignments can be completed with any kind of camera. The photo-editing tutorials will also be demonstrated on the iPhone platform, although the processes will be similar on other devices. Instagram is available for all types of smartphones, and there are powerful photo-editing apps for both iOS (Apple) and Android users.

    : )

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    Cathy, I got excited when I saw your facebook post about the class. I petty much take all my photos on my cell phone now and would LOVE to learn how to make them the best they can be 🙂

    Thank you for replying to Susan’s comment. Unfortunately, even knowing that the theories and inspiration pieces apply to all phones, regardless of platform, I just feel I would be missing too much class material by not being part of the iphone club.

    I’ll wait for an Android version of the class. Take care.

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    Becky J.

    I took the version of the class last summer and loved it! I am an avid android user and appreciated that many of the apps suggested where both android and iphone or they suggested equivalent apps in both platforms. I would suggest taking the self-paced version they will be offering June 1 if you are worried about the iphone format.

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    Fran Agostinis

    I see a followup workshop starring CK on how to scrap said wonderful smartphone photos!! Looking forward to that too.

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    Hey Whitney, here are the differences between the two:Design Your Life is a much more universal class. You do NOT need to use your computer to create the pages. Everything is based on sketches and measurements. Plus, its a bit more intensive. There are color challenges in addition to the layout assignments each week. And, it really is all about design theory basics.

    Clean Simple is ALL about using your computer to create hybrid pages (pages with some traditional and some digital elements). I teach you how I use photoshop elements to make my pages in the real scrap world. It too includes design education with each lesson, but this is much more of a step by step computer instruction workshop, though I absolutely adore the pages in this class. Also, you learn how to make your own templates at the end of the class.

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