Clean & Simple: The Workshop is back! Now self-paced

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In 2013 I taught a 12-week workshop designed to help scrapbookers master the hybrid process using Photoshop Elements. I’m excited to announce that Clean & Simple: The Workshop is now available as a self-paced class.

It’s the same 12 lessons (with updated files to reflect 2014 and beyond) and you will emerge with a renewed confidence to use your computer as another creative tool in your scrapbooking arsenal. You will work through the lessons at your own pace with forever access to the class materials. The cost of the workshop is $59 but you can save $5 off the registration fee by using the code hybridissexy at checkout. Coupon expires on June 30.

Watch this short video. It says it better than I can write it out. (Well, actually, it says it exactly how I would write it out, because I scripted what I said, but, you know, it’s video!)

Clean & Simple: The Self-Paced Workshop from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

For more information, or to register, click here.

Or, if you have any questions, leave me a comment or email me today.


Cathy ZielskeClean & Simple: The Workshop is back! Now self-paced

16 Comments on “Clean & Simple: The Workshop is back! Now self-paced”

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    Just wanted to let you know….I already own both Clean & Simple books you wrote (LOVE them) and I have several of your digital templatees; however, I am now ordering this workshop and I can’t wait to begin….a belated Mother’s Day present to myself. You are the best…thank you for being such an inspiration and teaching us along the way.

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    Awesome, Cheryl! Welcome to class. Remember, if anything is confusing, I really am here to help and usually get back to people within a day or so! : )

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    Stacy S

    I have Photoshop CC. I know the class is taught with PSE. Are the programs similar? Is this class for me? I love your classes, btw.

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    Just signed up and it looks fantastic! Thanks for this class & the coupon code! Looking forward to this 12-week self-paced class!

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    I love everything you do, so I’m definitely signing up! Just wanted to know if it’s different from another CZ self-paced class offered at BPC called Design Your Life. I was going to sign up for THAT class, but then read about THIS (Clean and simple) one and now I’m sort of confused))) I’d love to be a designer one day and I’m looking at your classes as a source of design wisdom=) Which would you recommend to start with?

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    Heres the difference:Design Your Life is a much more universal class. You do NOT need to use your computer to create the pages. Everything is based on sketches and measurements. Plus, its a bit more intensive. There are color challenges in addition to the layout assignments each week. And, it really is all about design theory basics.

    Clean Simple is ALL about using your computer to create hybrid pages (pages with some traditional and some digital elements). I teach you how I use photoshop elements to make my pages in the real scrap world. It too includes design education with each lesson, but this is much more of a step by step computer instruction workshop, though I absolutely adore the pages in this class. Also, you learn how to make your own templates at the end of the class. : )

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    For anyone out there sitting on the fence about dong this class, JUST DO IT! I did it last year and it was absolutely fantastic. The learning curve was steep for me because I hadn’t used PSE before, but Cathy’s instructions were clear and precise with just little steps. For those who already have lots of PSE know-how, don’t be put off by that because the actual content of the course is pure gold. I still admire the pages I made last year through this course and can see how it sharpened up my own style. And the really great thing is that at the end we got taught how ot make our own templates. So empowering!
    Thanks Cathy.

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    Does it matter what PSE we have? I believe I have version 8 on my laptop… though my husband may have a newer one on his.

    And to Ekaterina, Design Your Life is an awesome class! Just as Katrina said above, Cathy’s instructions are clear and precise; there’s tons of info provided (I took it “live” and printed and put in a binder every piece of information for reference), and you will learn a lot.

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    Nancy, no. It does not. The reason why is that the commands are the same across versions. True, there may be a few commands that are slightly different, but if you get stuck, you can email me and I can brainstorm a solution. I still have version 8 and maybe even version 6. : )

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    I took this class last year and it was fabulous! I learned so much and Cathy really made it easy to learn. Everything is broken down into manageable steps. Even when I did get stuck, Cathy was very helpful. I still efer back to the class notes often Highly recommend this class!!

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    Thank you so much Cathy (and Nancy, and Katrina)! I decided to start with Clean and Simple and then move on to Design Your Life and it’s been AWESOME so far!

    Cathy, I wanted to ask about week 1 of C&S — there’s “twenty-thirteen” written on one of the squares of the template, is there a “twenty-fourteen” version or is it intentionally left that way? I haven’t figured out the way to change it so far=) Thank you!

    The class is pure magic, so to anyone who’s still thinking or hesitating, I’d highly recommend to go for it! Cathy is a remarkable teacher. The videos are gold. The pages are fantastic. And you’ll get TONS of helpful information. It’s a must-have.

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