Hybrid Scrapbook Page: One Lovely Day with You

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A few weeks ago, Dan and I had 40 hours together sans children.

I love my Zielske children. I do. But every now and then it’s kind of a treat to have a few hours of exclusive adult time. Not THAT kind of adult time. (Okay, maybe a little of that kind.)

I’m sure that’s why people take kid-free vacations. We’ve done it a handful of times over the years, but there’s something unexpectedly fun about when it happens at your own home.

We did stuff we wanted to do. For him, it was much needed yard work. For me, it was much needed house cleaning. Once our yard and house were looking good, we hit the wine superstore and then we went lamp shopping. How adult is that?

We came home and had our own little happy hour, with wine and cheese and listened to a new wave Pandora station.

Then we headed out to a swanky little dinner in downtown St. Paul.

It was just us with time to talk and connect and it made me realize, “Holy shit! There may just be hope for us in our empty nest years afterall!”

Let’s keep paying that therapy bill, baby.

Using the photos I shot on my phone throughout the day, I made this page.


(click on the image to see it larger)

Note: I didn’t realize until a very astute blog reader posted this morning that one of the photos is upside down. Rest assured, that will be changed for my album. But seriously? Is this what they call a senior moment? If so, I’m IN! I walked by this page about every hour as it sat out on my dining scrapbooking room table and thought, “Damn, girl. You are GOOD!”

I created this fully with the idea of creating another Hybrid Helper template.

I designed a simple title using Franklin Gothic Extra Bold Condensed (love that font!) and Halo Handletter.

Then I chose a photo size (1.75 x 2.5) and created the base design.

The color scheme came from one sheet of a Studio Calico paper. I basically try to guess the color using the Color Picker in Photoshop Elements, then adjust as needed.


The last little piece was a few enamel dots from this kit to finish the page. I know it sounds strange, but it took me about 20 minutes of hemming and hawing until I committed to the adherence of said dots.

I always wonder what the hell I’m going to scrapbook about, even as early as next year, considering that child No. 02 isn’t always thrilled with the idea of showing up on layouts that I share with the general public.

But then I remember stories come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of places, not just ones with kids attached to them.


Cathy ZielskeHybrid Scrapbook Page: One Lovely Day with You

27 Comments on “Hybrid Scrapbook Page: One Lovely Day with You”

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    Sweet page. Question? Is it my marginal eyesight/photographic creativity or a graphic design element whereby your lower center photo is upside down? πŸ™‚
    I ask because I’m always interested in photo choice & placement when using multi photos on layouts. One of my struggles and time wasters.
    I love the simplicity and your color choices.

  2. #3

    Im literally laughing out loud. Well, Rita, senior moment, yes? I cant even tell you how many times I walked by this page and thought, DAMN! That is GOOD!

  3. #5

    Right? Crazy. Crazy how long it took to commit to that. Plus, you know, upside photo. I think I was focusing too hard on the dots.

  4. #6

    Loving your hybrid pages and looking forward to more! Want a challenge? Would love to see some 6×8 layouts–hybrid of course:)

  5. #9
    Britiney @ Consider the Lilies

    Everyone has stories, right? Even those without kids? And those whose kids are growing up? I just watched Laine Ehman’s class about story on Creative Live last week. It was so inspiring. This page is beautiful, CZ. As always, great work.

  6. #11
    Luly G

    Cathy- I was worried as well when we became empty nesters last August( both biys in school) turns out I’ve had no problem filling up my free hours with Adult stories- and then kid stories every time they share a photo, post on Instagram etc. they’re both back home now and truly looking forward to a fun filled summer! Enjoy every day with No.1 – it will go by fast.

  7. #13
    Holly Corbett

    I had to reallllly focus on that page to find the upside down photo! I’m thinking it’s the old age thing too….

  8. #14
    Paul B

    Rest assured, I’m the same age as you and though I may not do so as regularly as your good self, I have plenty to scrapbook about and I’ve never even had kids. It’s just me, my better half and a rather too pampered pet. And we create plenty of memories, even if they don’t always make it to layout stage (though I’m hoping to start feeling the project life vibe soon and do something about that). As for your senior moment, I LOVE it πŸ™‚ I have a feeling the old Cathy (and by old, I mean pre-therapy version) would have gone into meltdown over it. It’s great to see that (a) you’re having a laugh about it, a good thing, whilst (b) still retaining enough of the Cathy I feel I know and love who takes 20 mins to add dots. Now that kind of eccentricity I CAN relate too lol. Pxx

  9. #17

    I’ve been trying trying trying to get back into the game (the badass scrapbooking game), and this page just ignited some sort of paper lust within me. It will be shamelessly scraplifted. Thank you, master.

  10. #19

    Love your stories! This one sounded so much like mine a few weeks ago. All the kids were gone for the day. We had a night out went to dinner and then to the mall and and bought a pair of shoes. For some reason, it felt so refreshing, just the two of us!

  11. #20

    Yep. Were going to have another few days next week when the kids are on end of year school trips. Kind of excited for that time. : )

  12. #21

    Cathy, thanks for the laugh today! I honestly didn’t even notice the photo was upside down – blame it on my eyes, which I think are about the same age as yours. πŸ™‚ The cool thing is that you captured the memory – no matter what direction your photos are placed! Love the composition, BTW. I definitely have to scraplift!

  13. #22
    Laura CD

    Love this beautiful page, Cathy! And, as a mother to a 23 year old, who also works fulltime, is married, volunteers, exercizes, and travels, who has been scrapping since before it was cool, I will never run out of stories to tell! I am thankful I’ve told some of them and hopeful I continue to for a long time. I know you’ll be scrapping right along with me! πŸ™‚

  14. #23

    Please, please, pretty please–do a 6×8 SS project! I’m just finishing Kerri Bradford’s travel album class using the Silhouette (she used a SC handbook) and I would love to see what you would design for one of these smaller albums! Hybrid pages, pocket pages, Silhouette–and your designs–any theme–doesn’t matter to me.

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