The Present Participle List for May

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Waiting for leaves to finally start showing up on the Minnesota trees.

Planning for Aidan’s graduation party. (Note: it will be super simple. Chipotle will cater and people will come and go and no one needs to freak out about it, especially not yours truly.)

Eating slightly healthier. I say slightly because that’s literally what I mean.

Listening to lots of Dishing Up Nutrition podcasts because they inspire me and kick my ass into gear.

Drinking black coffee again in large quantities. I gave coffee up for about five months, but baby, I’m back.

Working on a new version of an old class slated for a Fall release. Hint: think Me, the Abrided Version, but with a twist.

Attending a lot of Ultimate games. Both Aidan and Cole play and it is my new favorite sport.

Finalizing the design of my new website. I promise you’ll be the first to know when the all new and improved launches! I’m in the home stretch, people.

Soaking in the last month of Aidan’s senior year. Time is a freaking bullet train.

Thinking about renting some lenses to play with over the next few months, namely this one and this one. Mama needs wants a new lens for sports and for product/blog photography.

Scrapbooking regular old layouts again. Ever since National Scrapbook Day, I’ve been making pages more regularly and you know, it’s kind of awesome.

Loving the card Aidan gave me for Mother’s Day.

What are you presently —ing?



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Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for May

27 Comments on “The Present Participle List for May”

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    I’m right there with you on eating, drinking and listening, and looking forward to the working and finalizing things you have going!

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    Hey Cathy and Cathy Readers! I too am looking for a new lens. I have the “kit” lenses that came with my Cannon and added a 50mm last year. I LOVE the clarity I get with the 50mm but want a lens that will allow me to take good indoor photos at a wider angle (I want more in the frame?) Any suggestions on what the next best basic lens would be?

    ALSO, I am interested in a Desgin A Digital template – which set at Designer Digitals can I find that? THANKS!

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    Hey Lisa, have you ever looked at a 35mm? Thats what Im looking at. The faster the better. (1.8, 1.4, but those are pricey!) How fast is your 50? I have a 1.8 and its great for indoor stuff. What are you looking for in a digital template? Maybe I can offer some suggestions?

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    I’m am similarly eating a “bit” healthier – slow and steady, right?!

    I never though about renting a lens – hmmmmm! I am wondering what canon lens to use for my son’s high school graduation in a gym? We should have fairly decent bleacher seats. Do you think a wide angle one? I really just want decent pics of him up close, not necessarily the whole group, there will be plenty of those online. Any suggestions?! Where are you renting from?

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    Lynne Gillis

    Hi Lisa,

    An 18-35 (as fast as you can possibly afford) will give you a lot of flexibility for indoor shooting. I’m not sure what kind of camera you have, but between the fast lens and cranking your ISO up, you should be pretty good indoors – at least in daylight.

    Good luck!

    And Cathy – OMG – I am coveting that 70-200 lens!!!

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    Love to know some good podcasts to listen too…. There is so much to choose from ! Off to subscribe & have a listen. Thanks Cathy! P.S. love to get some more recommendations of other ones to listen too.

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    Working on a taste test today at the local university.
    Wishing I were home for another day of
    Painting deep, red poppies! (see link to blog…)
    Eating swiss cheese, jazz apples (the BEST) & multigrain chips for lunch.
    Needing to drink more water.
    Wondering if I’ll get to exercise today.
    Biking to work and home again – maybe I’ll bike further and it’ll be my exercise.
    Enjoying your blog once again!

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    * Eating too much crap, but am aware of it and looking at strategies to nip it in the bud.
    * Looking forward to Memorial Day weekend away with husband for our anniversary
    * Pondering layouts more than actually making layouts
    * Soaking up the finally warmer sunnier weather

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    I have a 1.8 50mm lens on an older Cannon Rebel XTi – Camera works GREAT in manual mode but it is SO SLOW if that stinking flash ever comes up! So I try to keep it off – for me that is either outdoors or manual mode.

    The Project Life Design A is what I am looking for – I like how simplified your Project Life project seems to be. Kristin wyowoman may have what I need…Just wondering could you cut this apart and put in the pocket pages? Would it fit or be too small?

    By the way – I LOVED your Clean and Simple Class – I am looking forward to a new class by you!

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    I am presently Happy Dancing because I read what you are working on. I missed That class the first time around. Heard about it on an old Paperclipping RT when I discovered them and binge listened. Sent an email to BPC asking for it. Yippee!

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    Cara S

    Giving up coffee for 5 months – what were you thinking about woman? It’s one of the essential food groups.

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    I didnt mean to. It started off when I got a really bad cole in early winter and I couldnt stomach it, but instead had tea for two weeks straight. By then, I was used to it and just figured, heck, Ill drink tea now. I still do both!

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    Annet M

    I love listening to Conversations with Richard Fidler from Australia (where I lived for many years) He interviews all kinds of people in conversational mode, anyone from someone who no one knows but has an interesting story, to authors, to James Earl Jones (who was a stutterer!), to musicians, etc. It’s on itunes, an amazingly huge back catalogue and always something interesting. I often wait to listen to one thinking that I won’t find it interesting and there are very few where it ends up that way. 5 days/wk and either 2 shorter 26 minute episodes or 1 45 minute conversation (more usual). ENJOY!

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    I loved that MAV Cathy! The only class project I have ever finished and I don’t usually even like big scrapbooks! Can’t wait to see what the twist is!

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    Jenny B.

    Lisa, I have a 35mm 1.8 lens that I use 99% of time (on my Nikon D40, which does not have a full frame sensor). It has been great for indoor photography. If I ever need a wider angle than that, I pull out the old 18-55mm kit lens (or, more often, just use my iPhone). 🙂

    For Design A digital templates, if you’re wanting to print out the photos to put in real life pockets, I would just create your own template in Photoshop with 4×6 and 3×4 rectangles, and line them up on a 12×12 canvas. The 3×4’s will be slightly wider than the pockets, so you’ll have to trim them before placing them, but you can fit two 3×4’s on a single 4×6 print, which makes printing easier and more economical. Have fun! 🙂

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    You go, Cathy! I don’t want to wish the summer away, but I am very excited to hear about the new class! I was just thinking recently that I would like to get crackin’ on a MeTAV album. I’m thinking Project Life style….what are you thinking? 🙂

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