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Do you know about the Visual Supply Company (a.k.a. VSCO?)

I’ve been seeing the #vscocam on Instagram for a long time and last week I Googled it to find out what it was all about. (I read a good article on VSCO Cam here.)

I’ve really pared down my phone photo app usage this past year. I mostly use Pic Tap Go (editing) and Big Lens (background blurring and other aperature effects.)

But after discovering VSCO Cam, I’m kind of crushing big time.

With their app for both iPhone and Android, you can do things that you can do with many other apps but there’s something about this app’s whole aesthetic that appeals to me.

I will admit, it took me a while to figure everything out (read: I haven’t actually figured everything out yet) and I don’t feel like it’s the most intuitive app on the planet, but there is something about this app that makes me want to take more creative photos with my phone.

If you look at the VSCO Grid, it’s a melange of absolutely stunning photos. Clearly, this company is featuring top notch phone photography. But that’s what is so cool: these shots are all taken with phones.

That’s one of the things I love about phone photography: it helps to level the playing field and lets you feel and be as creative as you want to be.

I’ve decided to use VSCO Cam to try and create more interesting images. I will use it to augment my Instagram use, as well. If you want to see what I’m posting, you can find me here.

My goal is to be more deliberate with the images I create. And to play more. To have fun with my phone.

What about you? Any new photo apps you’ve discovered? What about VSCO? Are you already a fan?


Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.32.07 AM

Speaking of phones and photography, the Phone Photography Project 2 kicks off next month. For more information or to register, click here.




Cathy ZielskeAn app I’m digging

14 Comments on “An app I’m digging”

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    christi in ma

    I downloaded VSCO last summer but I haven’t really used it. Can you share what features you really like in VSCO? I like Camera+ for being able to separate the focus from the exposure and PicTapGo for simple edits to enhance a shot. I’m going to check out Big Lens too because the one thing I miss about phone photography is shallow depth of field.

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    I have recently picked up my VSCO cam usage again. I find that the filters and controls give me that beautiful film feel to my images thr i used to get when I shot in film. It helped when I found on their blog a list of the filters and what they’re supposed to do. I purchased the set of filters for $6. It was actually worth it. While I’ve been a pictapgo user for a while, these filters give a different feel that I love in a totally different way

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    Don’t know anything about VSCO, but I did follow a link when you posted on your instagram. Still a little confused but will read the article you mentioned on your post.

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    So far, it seems to do similar things to Camera Plus (which i have only dabble in), but… the thing I like most, aside from the basics, is their aesthetic and their emphasis on photography. I too am guilty of using instagram for selfies and silly stuff, but i feel like vsco wants people to be more deliberate with their images. Almost something totally different than instagram, in a way. : )

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    I’ve tried VSCO a few times but felt it wasn’t very intuitive and stopped. But I’ll try again! I’m too young to stop using technology because it’s a little different. 😉 I use Afterlight and love it the most. I have PicTapGo and don’t like that one as much and hardly use it.

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    Hey Cathy! I just downloaded the app this week! And I have to say I’m just like you-crushin’ on the asthetics and the quality of photos in the grid. You’re right, it’s not the easiest app to figure out. I downloaded (paid for) the majority of the filters and played around with the settings to get them all grouped together. It was driving me crazy that they weren’t grouped together by filter pack or alphabetical. I still have a lot to learn- like how the heck to find my own grid…you would think that would be easy! But overall I really like it. I’ve been thinking that I want to be more deliberate with my photos as well. I won a spot in the Phone Photography Class from Ali’s blog and can’t wait for it to start! I took the first class last summer and loved it!

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    I just bought that pack too! I wish there was an online guide to their filters. I wonder if there is? Just to have a bigger reference.

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    Ha, you must not have read all the PPP app reviews last summer! : ) This is one of the best. I use their actions for Aperture with my dSLR photos sometimes too… Love that they provide Aperture options for those of us who don”the use PS/PSE.

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    Ooh, thanks for picking an app that actually has an Android version. I signed up for the Phone Photography 2 and am a little afraid that it’ll leave us Android users by the wayside. (last year’s class did a GREAT job of including us, though!)

    I try to keep it simple as well – I primarily use PixlrExpress on Android and it does everything I need it to do, then I share on Instagram. I never use the built-in Instagram editing stuff anymore.

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    Oh my BigLens is awesome!
    I have so many photo apps I don’t use and should delete.
    But this one is a total keeper.
    Thanks for the tip!

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