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I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

I got my first FitBit in early 2012. Like Nike+, I figured it would be yet another tech gadget to keep me motivated and on track.

And I was right. More or less.

First things first: the thing works great. Is it the most accurate of step counters out there? Having only used a FitBit, I can’t speak to the others—and there are many—but it really does seem to track well. You can walk around and track live steps on your phone and you’ll be all, “Wow. It really IS working.”

Second things second: it’s adorable. I will be the first to admit: I’m a sucker for great design. From the product itself to the supporting app and web interfaces, FitBit offers a completely pleasing aesthetic. You could say not only do I like the gadget but I like the experience of it as well.

Third things third: It does more than track steps. With the app, you can track your food, your water intake, your sleep and your weight loss. Plus, it will sync to your phone and you can access your stats online as well. You can invite friends and use that competitve spark to get you moving as well. (I have digitally removed my friends to protect their identities and also for the fact that save for one, I am presently KICKING THEIR ASSES.)



Fourth things fourth: will it help you lose weight? Possibly. I say that because I’ve been using my Fitbit Flex since October and I’ve dropped exactly zero pounds. But there are about a zillion other factors involved in that story. (Okay, actually one. I’m eating like a petulant child, but that’s for another post.)

I do believe it will motivate you to move. It makes me aware of how much or how little I’m moving. In a year following foot surgery wherein my big toe still feels like the bones no longer understand how they are supposed to work, moving is really important for me to keep things loose.

Also, let’s face it: I work a desk job for all intents and purposes. When I’m lost in work and chugging along, I don’t always think to get up and take breaks. Knowing that I’m tracking helps to keep me aware.


One thing I do is set my daily step goal pretty low every day, just 7,500 steps. Why? Because I like to have a little early victory as often as I can. When you hit your goal, your FitBit starts vibrating and it does a little light show. Every time this happens, for just a split second, I’m all, “WTF? OHHHHH…. it’s my FitBit.”


Still, it gets me out and going. It’s more motivating now that it’s finally summer here in the Upper Midwest. There’s a small lake by my house and I have a nice 3-mile route that I take. I used to be more concerned about my distance, but now it’s all just about the steps, baby.


Fifth things fifth: This company stands behind their product. My first Fitbit went wonky within a few months and they replaced it, no questions asked. They have a huge community and if you’re having any issues, there’s a wealth of information available.

So that’s my Fitbit love story. I’ve loved this product for a long time. I love to share things that are working for me on some level and while I’m more kaftan-ready than swimsuit-ready, baby, at least I’m moving.

To learn more about Fitbit, click here.


I’m proud to be an affiliate for Fitbit, which means I earn a very small commission off the links posted above. I only join affiliate programs whose products I use and love and this one fits that bill. Get it? It FITS the bill. Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

Cathy ZielskeFor the love of Fit Bit

53 Comments on “For the love of Fit Bit”

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    Laura Kate

    I’ve been using the Flex for a year now. I was pro-active with my choices last summer and dropped lots of pounds, then spent the winter rarely having my wrist buzz and dance while eating everything in the house (so gained some back), and am back in the Fitbit-focused saddle this Spring. Such a great product indeed! My main band (I have a few, but mostly wear the black) broke just before the year point and they replaced it, internationally, even though I’d bought it in the US. Totally great service, indeed!

    On a side note – how do you keep your lime green band bright and green? I have a turquoise one that got funky edges within a week and I’ve never figured out how to remedy that.

  2. #2
    Steph H.

    I just bought the flex last week and LOVE IT! It holds me accountable, which is what I need. 🙂

  3. #3

    Laura, my green one is now looking funky on the edges too. In fact, Im thinking of putting it the dishwasher. I swapped out to my black one over the weekend for Aidans graduation, so I have that one back on. Maybe its just the quality of the plastic? Not sure, but Im going to try and wash it!

  4. #4

    Wait! You mean I’m not the only one that’s all “WTF?!” For a second or two every time I hit goal? Every.single.time. Lol

    I really like the silent alarm function too!

  5. #5

    Hoping to try the flex versus the one. My husband loves his force and has done amazing with it. I had a force which I loved but unfortunately I was one of those few people who were left with a nasty third degree chemical burn from it so fitbit gladly took it back and refunded my money. I only Wish the fitbit one tracked active minutes not just steps (main reason I want to try the flex, even though I might react to the band again).

  6. #8

    Yes Cathy, you ARE totally kicking my ass and have been since the very beginning! But that is an inspiration for me and on days that I move up my own leader board to get anywhere near you, I feel so special. 🙂 Last week with a big presentation to write for work, I dropped to the bottom of my own friend list. Hoping to remedy that this week!

  7. #9

    Now Cheri, I was JOKING. JOKING! LOL! Okay, maybe not completely, but… there have been MANY weeks where Im not getting those steps, so remember that!

  8. #10

    I got a Flex for Mother’s Day and I love it. Although I do need to lose weight, I’m just focussing on getting at least 10,000 steps in. When I walk, my thoughts are about how I’m increasing the health of my heart, not hoping that I’m dropping pounds. I’ve done WW, and as soon as I reach my goal, it was like I was all done, and i went back to eating whatever I wanted. Dumb, I know. By focussing on keeping my heart healthy, I’ll never be “done.” That being said I am down 2.6 pounds. Choose the 3 month graph and that looks very impressive!

  9. #11

    Hi Jennifer i have a fitbit one in Australia and it shows me my active minutes 🙂 I would recommend it to anyone 🙂 It also syncs with My Fitness Pal, and because i had already had a lot of my foods entered in that rather than double add them i just enter it all in MFP 🙂
    I love how some days i move like a mad woman to get to my daily steps total and other days BAM! you are there before you know it 🙂

  10. #12
    Amy O'

    I love my Flex – I haven’t lost any weight since I got it, but it does inspire me to move more (and I love the sleep pattern – although it isn’t always very happy, it does show me that I sleep better on nights I got a good workout in – funny how that works!) I try not to let it bother me when I see my 2-3 friends who have day jobs where they are on their feet (1 nurse and 2 teachers) are always ahead of me (desk job of course)! Yesterday I got that little “buzz-buzz” when I was walking back up and over the boardwalk at my favorite beach with my hubby – I started to giggle.

  11. #14

    I have been contemplating getting a fitbit and I think you just sealed the deal for me. I also love your statement about eating like a petulant child!

  12. #15

    Allergist was not really sure. Possibly. Said I could take my chances and try the flex or stick with something that clips on and isn’t right against my skin.

  13. #16
    Melanie A.

    Love my flex. I initially got it to help me lose weight, but I also wanted to see just how many steps I was getting in a day…I too sit at a desk ALL DAY LONG. I was floored at just how little I move. I set my goal simply at more than what I had been moving. I didn’t want something that I knew I wouldn’t reach that would only discourage me. I just wanted to move more. A few things have set me back, but I love that with the Fitbit it doesn’t matter. You just put it on and get right back in the grove. No judgement. I too wonder WTF! every time it vibrates LOL!

  14. #17

    It seems to be exactly my type of product, but i never heard of it before. thanks a lot! 🙂

    cathy – what is your favorite color of those bracelets? do you own two fitbits because you want it to fit to your outfit? and how did the washing go?

  15. #19

    It is surprising, when you sit to work all day, how few steps you take. That is a huge motivator for me. If I plan a walk or a treadmill walk, itll bump my step count at least 5K, which I need. Daily. Dont always do it, but thats what I shoot for.

  16. #20

    I’ve had my Fitbit for about six weeks and I LOVE it! I also love the alarm..well, my husband loves it more than me now that my 4:00am alarm only wakes me! It’s a great reminder to get my walking in, I’m parking farther away from work and stores now…’cause every steps counts!I’m only slightly obsessed with checking my sats.

  17. #21

    On a side note, Tory Birch is working with Fitbit to create a bracelet. Can’t wait to see what they come up with!

  18. #23

    We are a Fitbit family!! My husband has the Flex and I have the Zip. I can’t see much difference between the two besides the price, and the Zip doesn’t track your sleep, and no alarm. I have no issues sleeping so that didn’t matter much to me. My husband is thinking about getting the Zip simply because he wouldn’t have to charge it — it has a battery that lasts for about 6 months. Just a thought for those who don’t want to spend a whole lot of money.

  19. #24
    Melinda Greer

    I have the Force, luckily I did not have a reaction to it so I kept it when they offered refunds. The force, like the One counts floors I climbs too which I love. I use it to wake myself every morning and that is the only time when it vibes I don’t think WTF? I glad I am not the only one;)

  20. #25

    I have had the FitBit One clipped to my bra for the last couple of weeks. It’s pretty awesome. I was surprised at how few active minutes I have, especially on the weekends. For the last week I have been taking care of my dog after surgery which means a lot of sitting on the couch keeping her calm, but also 3-4 potty walks a day (which she hates! she’s a pug. By the 3rd one she’s looking at me like “really? again?!”). Between those walks, and having to walk to my friend’s house every day to watch her hens while she’s away (3000 steps) I’ve been hitting my numbers! I love getting the little green smileys on my dash and watching the little lines on the graph showing when I’ve been moving. It’s making me a lot more aware of how much time I spend sitting, and how easy it is to get some steps in if I make the effort to get up and get out of the house.

  21. #26

    I love my FitBit One, but it doesn’t synch to my 2-year-old Android phone. Other than that, it’s great. I just don’t synch on weekends, as I leave my dongle at work (I’m there more anyway).

  22. #27

    I was leaning towards the Flex but wanted that instant gratification of seeing the steps from the one. I got the One about 3 months ago and LOVE it. You were a big motovator back then when I was thinkjng about getting a step counter. Like you, I’m a sucker for design and function. It reminds me to move more daily. I still need to remember to use more of the features in the app but I have managed to lose a few pounds already just from the reminder to move more daily. Thanks for being a source of positivity on a tough subject!

  23. #28
    chris s

    (sorry if this is a stupid question) but does the fitbit work with just a computer or do you have to use an iphone? i do not have an iphone nor do i have any plans to get one.


  24. #29

    Got mine for Xmas and have worn it ever since. I’m really bummed if I forget to put it on one day because it throws off my weekly step count. I live for those weekly emails telling me my totals!! as well as the “friendly” competitions I have with friends. Got hubby one for fathers day too. I’m thinking that having him taunting me is really going to push me to new high step counts! Thanks for the info on keeping your green band green. I’ll be interested to see if washing it helps. I just ordered an orange and navy one because I was worried about the lighter colors

  25. #30
    Laura Bruynell

    My hubby bought me a fit bit for my birthday and Yes, I asked him for it. LOL! Today is day 4 of using it. I finally figured out how to get it in sleep mode for the first time last night. Pretty cool how it keeps track of all of that.

  26. #32
    Julie Finch

    you make me smile. 🙂

    I love my fitbit too (I washed not one, but TWO of the fitbit Ones) oops. I love this one. I jump out of my skin when I reach my goal. and then I laugh at myself!! lol.

  27. #33

    I have the Zip (had to look it up just now because I can never remember which one is which!) and I looooove it. I knew I’d have a reaction to having it against my skin, so didn’t go for a band. Instead, I just clip it on and off I go! It’s been hugely motivating. That, and my nifty drifty treadmill. Thanks again, Cathy! Before you posted about using yours so much, I thought EVERYONE used theirs as a clotheshanger LOL. I get up about a half hour earlier than I used to (I go to bed a little earlier too) and get in about 40-45 mins walking every morning.

    I used to walk about 1-2x/week around the neighborhood, and now I walk 6-7 days a week, week in and week out. And man, I’m getting into adding some incline sometimes (racy!), bumping up the speed when I feel up to it, working up a sweat. It’s so cool!

    Now, is it helping me drop pounds? That’s another question. But I DO have more stamina, more strength, and just feel healthier, so that’s something. The eating side is the kicker, though, isn’t it? Really tough. Wish I had an answer there, but we all just have to keep finding our own way, it seems.

  28. #34
    Britiney @ Consider the Lilies

    I <3 my fitbit! I got the One and I clip it on my bra between my girls. I didn't want to have something on my wrist all the time. While the One doesn't vibrate when I hit my goal, I still love seeing my progress and comparing agains friends. Wanna be friends, CZ? 😉 My husband sometimes accuses me of putting it on the dog's collar. lol!

  29. #35

    I *love* my FitBit. I find that I have to set the step count pretty low to avoid constant failure (being an office worker means that I’m quite immobile) but I’ve taken it on holidays with me and I’m currently clocking up 12+kms and 16,000+ steps here in Venice!

  30. #36
    Nicole Geiger

    I think most of the success I’ve been having with getting my health back together is because my One makes me so conscious of moving (and not moving). I have made an effort to build in exercise at night when I sit at my desk all day. Last week I actually went back home because I forgot to wear it to exercise and there was NO WAY I was doing an hour long Jazzercise class and not getting credit. I did that once and was depressed all week about my count. So, maybe I’m a bit obsessed…but it’s working!! I challenge myself to get one day a week with 20,000 steps – it usually ends up being some type of errand-running, gardening, exercise day. That would have never, ever crossed my mind before!! And I have been known to walk around watching TV to get my steps in. 🙂

  31. #37
    Lori Walker

    Cathy, are you running at all right now? I’ve considered getting a FitBit to use with my C25K running program but have hesitated not knowing wether it can tell the difference between running and walking strides.

  32. #38

    Oh, it will. I mean, youll log more because the foot fall turnover is faster, if that makes sense. I am hoping to start a Couch to 5K plan to get running again!

  33. #39

    My fitbit one broke last year after it got wet from…sweat. During a tennis workout. They wouldn’t replace it and said I shouldn’t have washed it. What?? I didn’t wash it. I wore it while playing tennis and it got wet from sweat. Thier poor customer service and accusing me of something I didn’t do, along with not backing their FITness product has caused me to look for a different tracker from a different company. I loved it until then.

  34. #40

    I have a smaller one and I like it. I clip it to my bra and then have to remember to remove it when I change to go to the gym. It is fun to get the report at the end of the week!

  35. #41
    Robin D

    I absolutely love my Fitbit Flex. I got mine in December and have worn it every day since. I have lost 10 pounds since January and I am completely addicted to the data feedback.
    I’m more then pleased that it syncs with My Fitness Pal. I use their interface to track my caloric intake and My Fitness Pal syncs with Map My Ride and Map My Dog Walk so it brings all my food and activity into one place. Which makes for one happy Fitbit wearer.
    I totally agree with Cathy regarding the wonderful aesthetics of the product and their onlin/phone dashboard.
    P.s. I just purchased the set of three colored bracelets and I’m totally digging the ability to switch the bracelet up to go with what I’m wearing 🙂

  36. #42

    Fellow Fitbit lover over here! I have the Zip. I have enough stuff on my wrist already (watch, hair tie, bracelet usually) so I like that this one clips to my hip/bra/wherever. I also think it’s more accurate than the wrist version for those of us who talk, um, animatedly. 😉

  37. #43

    I take the same route to drop (and pickup) my kiddo to school each day. The leg of the journey that has the kid walking with me always has half the steps than the legs where I just have the kid that’s still in the stroller. I do walk lots faster without the six year old- but I think the strides are just the same- or pretty damn close. I want to make my kid run home so I can have my glorious 1300 steps each way not the lame as 600! :-)That said I love my flex too! Best motivational tool ever.

  38. #44

    I’ve been debating getting one of these for quite awhile now. Only problem I have is I only have an iPhone 4 currently and it’s not supported for syncing 🙁 Good thing I’ll be updating it soon!

  39. #45

    Whoa. That is seriously surprising to me. Im sorry that was your experience. I had such a different experience with their customer support.

  40. #48

    You’re a good spokesperson for the product. I’ve been thinking about getting one. I looked fitbit up on the internet and am leary about the rash problems it has caused. So I am on the fence about getting it.

    Sounds like a great motivator but the problem it has caused is making me think twice about investing in one. I’d like to see if the company has solved the problem on what has been causing the rashes.

  41. #49

    I have an older Fitbit That clips to my pants and it does motivate me to hit my step count every day. I’m a gadget lover and I too love that I can look on my phone for my stats.

    BTW, the awesome Elf reference did not go unnoticed 🙂

  42. #51

    I just got mine over the weekend and have been wearing it since Sunday afternoon. I love it! I am so happy to hear that it will potentially have good long term viability and I am THRILLED to hear that they have excellent customer service should something go awry! My husband and I both got them. He has a very active lifestyle and a job that keeps him on his feet all day. I sit in a cubicle. I have to promise not to compete with him, but I do want to compete with ME! I want to improve! Move more. Eat less. Someone really brilliant said that in a blog post many moons ago and it stuck to me. Now…I just need to DO IT! Thanks for being awesome, Cathy!

  43. #52
    Alana M.

    For all those contemplating taking the plunge– Kohls sells fitbit and now through June 15 they are offering $10 rebate with purchase. Coupled with your Kohls cash…you can get one heck of a deal. I got one for my hubby for $70.

  44. #53

    I love my FitBit and I thank Cathy for introducing it to me. I think I am on my third rendition. It does motivate me to keep moving!

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