Thank you, Two Peas

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Two Peas is closing.

I, along with many others, learned this sad news yesterday.

Two Peas was a pioneer of the online scrapbooking store and community. They were the trailblazers. The people who thought, “What would happen if we tried this?”

It wasn’t long after I walked into my first Archiver’s store that I found Two Peas, probably through a Google search for “scrapbooking.” And what I saw blew my mind.

I’m not kidding.

There were women doing stuff with paper and fonts and stuff that just made me say: I want to be a part of this!

It was the place I met some of the truest friends in my life. The truest. People like Tara, Margie and Ali.

I’m talking hide-a-body, talk-you-off-a-cliff-at-2 a.m. kind of friends.

Two Peas was a place where I felt like I fit in. I clicked.

Hell, it’s where I coined the “czdesign” moniker. That’s right. I broke the cardinal rule of nicknames: I gave one to  myself.

It’s the place that inspired me to try crazy shit, like painting acrylic frames.


Or tearing paper.


Or just unapologetically embracing the 8.5 x 11 size.


When I started working with Simple Scrapbooks in 2003, I had to pull back from the community. Part of being on a magazine staff meant impartiality. I remember being so bummed, but understanding that the opportunity to make money designing for a magazine that actually covered something I truly loved was a necessary trade off.

I remember being so happy but also a little jealous of my friends all becoming Garden Girls.

I remember forming little offshoot Yahoo groups for offline conversations with more of the amazing women who came from that site, like Shell and Lisa and Suz.

Thank you to Kristina and Jeff. I know I wasn’t an active member for many years, but what you created changed the course of my life.

Now that may sound dramatic.

That’s because it is.

Much love and gratitude and the best to you and your family for whatever lies next.




Cathy ZielskeThank you, Two Peas

22 Comments on “Thank you, Two Peas”

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    I’m not sad. I’m p*ssed off about the way they’ve handled the closing. Shutting down the message board and galleries without any notice whatsoever was a rotten thing to do. I think they s*ck. I’m moving on.

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    Margie Visnick

    So sad also-I remember your layouts from way back when, and although I lurked mostly back then, and never became famous like the rest of you, I still followed you all, and felt like two peas was my family (internet family that I never saw, but, nonetheless…). Much love to you!

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    I’m sad about the closing. Two Peas was a huge part of my scrapbooking journey and I’ll forever be grateful to have found so much inspiration their. Two Peas, you’ll be missed.

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    JoEllen (Tommygirl)

    I am sad they are closing. I have learned so much from TwoPeas, both scrapbooking related and NSBR. I wish we had a little more notice on the closing of the message boards, but I do understand that using the message boards was a privilege and not a right. It was something I did not have to pay for, I used it for years for free. I met (virtually) so many wonderful people through Two Peas.
    I am grateful for all of the ways Two Peas enhanced my scrapbooking, my memory keeping, and my life.
    I also wish them well in their future endeavors.

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    Cathy, I remember the days when you posted on 2Ps. I watched you ‘go through the ranks’… ‘even saw you teach at your first go ’round of CKU (I’m not sure if you did another ‘tour’ after that first one). And I agree that 2Ps really was a game-changer in the industry. To be able to go to one place for so much inspiration and information was almost mind-boggling.

    I wish that things could have ended differently (if they had to end) – with a bit more notice, etc. – but I’m sure that there are things in the business world that I’m just not privvy to that didn’t make that possible, or the best decision for them.

    It was great seeing you there, and here. Thanks for a lovely, concise tribute to them.

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    Twopeas was a starting place for me too. Without it, I would have been lost as I started my scrapbooking journey 11 years. I also would not have come across many inspiring crafters. 🙁

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    When Ria & I decided to close our store doors, we wanted to do it in OUR style… One month before we invited our top 20 /favourite customers in,gave them 50% off everything, had a big party & broke the news…30 days later the store was gone. We didn’t sell the business because it was “our brand” & it really was “Two Much Fun”… Businesses have to do what they need to to move on financially,personally or otherwise. We should just be GRATEFUL for the fun ride Two Peas has provided us with all these years :o)

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    Yeah, I didnt make the CKU rounds for long. I had a hard time with teaching live events. The stress of it, while this may sound surprising, it was just too much. Im much better as an online instructor! : )

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    Marion Durham

    I’m saddened by this as well. I’ve loved Two Peas for years and enjoyed their products and idea boards so much. The scrapbook world really has changed, hasn’t it? My favorite magazines and stores are all gone too.

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    Christine K

    I will dearly miss Two Peas. They had been my “go to” place for many years. It was a great place to hang out with like-minded people. The people in my physical environment just don’t “get” my beloved hobby (obsession). 🙁

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    I met so many women through two peas! It was a place of connection on so many levels..I met YOU through 2 peas (and then in person when you taught your first classes for CKC in Phoenix). I remember that first black and green layout! I have kept MANY of my friends – Kimaro (Kim Kesti) among others. I’m sad that such an industry icon is leaving as future scrapbookers won’t experience entry into the hobby the same way ever again. And funny story… a couple years ago I started a private FB group with about 6 women about our tv show obsessions – 3 of whom are women I first “met” through 2Peas (even though they don’t scrapbook any longer). I’ve known them since The Pub around 2001 and 2004 – and guess what – I JUST met them for the FIRST time in person this past April. I now live in the same state as 2 of them, and I feel like I have instant friends! Without 2Peas – that could not have happened. #thanks2Peas

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    It really makes me wonder what’s down the road for the scrapbook industry. So many stores have closed, magazines have ceased, yet there is still a strong, if smaller, group of us out here that are dedicated to scrapbooking. I suppose that many people stopped scrapbooking or moved to digital or Project Life, and just don’t buy as many supplies. I really wonder where we will be in another 5 years.

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    I odb’ think it’s dramatic to say that Two Peas was life-changing at all. It certainly played a huge part in forming me into the scrapbooker that I am today. I’ve felt a little sad and lost all day knowng that the message boards are gone and I have content that I need to get off the site ASAP. The scrapbooking indutstry changed yesterday and I don’t think it’s for the better. I will keep preserving memories, but without one of my favorite shopping, learning and chatting sites for sure.

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    Gina T

    I wonder the same thing. Where is everyone going? Is project life booming? BPC? Or is there just less interest now…. Anyone know?

    Cathy – do you still get as many students in your classes?

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    I’ve always been a digital scrapbooker, so I didn’t think Two Peas was “for me”, but even so, I still feel this as a huge loss. I’m especially sad for everyone who found their community there.

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    Feeling the same way. TwoPeas made me a scrapbooker (and a borderline hoarder, too, so double edged sword). I’m sad for the rest of the peas and sad for the industry. Fun tidbit – I went into my account yesterday and added up what I’ve spent at 2peas in the last 10 years. OH MY. I could have been driving a much nicer car! Don’t regret it one bit. 😉

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    You need to post that first layout…the purple one of Aidan. I can still see it in my head. And I love how we can almost date our layouts based on the fonts we used. Oh, the memories…and Yahoo. 🙂

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    Sorry to hear about 2Peas closing. I used the site occasionally for inspiration and once in a while to post a question. But dmarie was my original online “home” for scrapbooking. I haven’t posted there much in many years because the message boards switched formats and I never got used to it. But they are still up and running — so if any of you need a new home for online scrapbook chatter, the dMarie community would love to have you.

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    I’m a relatively new scrapbooker and I am surprised that they didn’t try to sell 2Peas. I have to think that with the ads and the traffic it could have been profitable (even without the store part). Bummer.

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