The day is here

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Tonight she graduates from high school.

I wanted to have something really touching and deep to post on this day, but right now I’m just going to let it sink in and write more about it next week. Today is not about me.

What an amazing ride it’s been so far. It has exceeded all of my expectations. Every single one of them.

Aidan, thank you for letting me share so much of your life in such a public manner.

Your grace is a gift.

I love you, girlie. With all of my heart.


Cathy ZielskeThe day is here

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    Congrats Aidan! Now the fun really begins 🙂

    Cathy, not sure you need to write more. Don’t want people crying at their computers. The photo says it all. Enjoy today.

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    Congrats Aidan! I’d like to echo your Mom and say thank you as well, for allowing us to see into your world and letting us get to know you. If you ever find yourself in the UK, or wanting to visit the UK, I’m sure there’s loads of us who would happily give a you a bed to sleep in for the visit. Seriously. Who wouldn’t to such a well-adjusted and mature individual? And you have all us Cathy-followers as supporters in your world, providing a quiet undercurrent of (dare I say it? love?) something supportive. A bit like we’re all surrogate aunties.

    Ok enough with the freaking you out….

    The very best of luck to you as you head forwards in life. This world has big things for you. Squeeze the marrow of life out of it!

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    Kate Griswold

    Congrats Aiden, and all the Zeilske’s! My Annie graduates tomorrow. Having done this in 2011 with her sister, I have some idea what to expect, but the emotions come anyway! I’ve enjoyed sharing this senior year journey with you, Cathy. I’m sure we will commiserate in the fall when they head off to college in new cities.

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    Enjoy the day! And can you please tell Aidan, we say best of luck and thank-you, too. It’s been a joy watching her grow up.

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    mary e.

    I only echo everyone else’s thoughts. It’s been nothing short of a privilege seeing your craft so eloquently and professionally and personally portrayed through Aidan, Cole, Dan and your extended family (and visiting furry friends!).

    I have always secretly been envious of your ability to capture moments through your lens, Cathy, and then to freeze them in time with your personal, candid, and so well written prose. As we send off our son this fall as well, one of my regrets was that I just didn’t dive in and start capturing the thoughts with the photos as i went along.

    You and Dan hopefully feel the joy and satisfaction in knowing that you poured into Aidan (and Cole), and then you provided them with the wings to fly. I want to parent like you do, and often look to your open and accepting approach to your kids as a guide for when I’m trying to control my kids actions / outcomes too much.

    All the very, very best, Aidan, and the whole Zielske family. It’s been a wonderful journey!

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    Jocelyn Thompson

    ah and tears stream down my face! Love this! …having kids – loving them, experiences the transitions and growth along side them = fabulous! Letting go is the hardest part of parenting and yet so necessary. I have loved every stage of being a mother. Now if I could just get them to come visit more often! 🙂

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    Erika B

    Congrats to Aidan and the whole Zielske crew! Live in every moment today for it’s a special day! It has been a joy and pleasure to watch Aidan “grow up” on your blog, from a sweet little girlie to a confident young woman. We have all been blessed to witness this! Have an Amazing Day of Aidan!

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    just know the ride is not over! There is so much more yet to come and most of it is even better. This day just marks that moment where you realize she is ready to move out into the world on her own. Good luck mom.

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    Julie Finch

    awe!! Graduations always make me cry. More for the parents, its really exciting for the kids. They have so much life ahead of them. CONGRATS!!!

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    Enjoy graduation! My oldest graduated from high school last week and I tried to not be an emotional mess, just enjoy the festivities. One thing that I enjoyed was putting all of his scrapbooks on a table in the living room, so folks could look through them at their leisure during his party. It was a big hit! Go scrapbooking moms!

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    Laura Halmrast

    Congrats to your beautiful daughter who will go far in this world! Thanks for letting us be a part of her life as well!

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    Congratulations, Aidan. Such a proud day for all of you. Drink it in. You and Dan have done a wonderful job of getting your daughter ready for life. I’m sure because of all your support she will be able to reach for goals that will propel her into a useful and rewarding life. So happy for you. It’s a wonderful day!

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    One of Life’s many milestones. How sweet it is! Of course, we all know the little things, the daily events ALL count and Milestones like graduation just connect the dots as one moves along in LIFE. A day to pause to reflect back and look forward. Congrats to ALL of you!

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    Deb @ PaperTurtle

    Oh man, this IS a big day. Congrats to your girl, and best of luck to you! My baby girl turns 26 today and I am well aware of all these awesome milestones. Keep smiling, Cathy!

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    Congratulations to the Zielske family. Its an exciting and scary time. My only child graduated in 2011 and on his graduation day I left a book I had been working on for months on his bed for him to find. It was the book Kathy created a template for called “A Message to my Girl or Boy” I gathered in a notebook advise I wanted to make sure to tell him with photos of him throughout the years. Everytime I heard, recalled or thought of something I wanted him to know going forward I jotted it down in my notebook and included in this book. I have to admit I was a llittle nervous to give it to him, being a boy and all I was not sure if he would think it was stupid. When he found it, just before he put his graduation gown I saw him on his bed reading it, wiping his eyes. He came to me, hugged me and said “thanks for the nice book mom”. So I have to thank Kathy for the template and all the inspiration you have provided me over the years. Good luck to you with Aiiden going off to college, its hard but also very rewarding kowing you did something right, your kids going to college, now that is great. Enjoy the day.

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    Sorry about the spelling errors in my post…writing on my ipad the print is too small for my aging eyes….im sure she will love the book…hope to see a post on it in the future.

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    Thanks for sharing glimpses of your life with Aidan. It’s been fun watching from the distant sidelines these past six years. Congrats on this milestone!

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    Tammy B

    What a beautiful young woman you have raised Cathy and Dan! Congratulations on your graduation Aidan! Best wishes as you move on to the next phase of your life!

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    I have enjoyed the many pages/stories you have shared featuring Aidan. What a beautiful daughter she is and I think you rock as her mom and greatest fan! Congrats Aidan for this milestone!

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    There’s some great comments here Cathy !! You do have best blog followers 😉
    What a milestone. As my little one navigates kindergarten this year, it’s hard to imagine finishing school. But it will come soon enough. xx

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    Jeanne Ann

    Congrats to Aidan! As a mom who has gone through this twice before with another in a year I can say that it is an emotional ride for sure! We sat through graduation for a young lady that lives with us yesterday and I cried and laughed as if she was my own and all the time sitting next to my youngest getting all teary eyed just knowing that this time next year it will be her turn and then I will be a wreck! That’s just what us mom’s do!

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    Aidan ~~ Your pics at Knox took me back to 1968 — the year I started there ! Such memories you triggered. Wondering if the Gizmo is still the hangout and which dorm you will be in — I started in Williston and moved on to Post. Also, I was enchanted by the brick streets and the famous site of a Lincoln-Douglas debate. Did you know that President Clinton’s Chief of Staff, John Podesta (now chief counsel to President Obana), along with his friend Marty ‘sat in’ Old Main over a weekend and caused some drama back in 1968 — yes those were the hipping glory days and he had a huge ‘afro’ then?! It’s a piece of history that the college probably doesn’t want to be known for. Boy do I have stories of sitting in the Gizmo playing Bridge and helping to compose ‘conscientious objector’ letters for our friends so they wouldn’t get drafted and have to go to VietNam. Gotta stop — take an umbrella everywhere you go !

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    As one soccer mom told me on the sidelines one year as my oldest was about to turn 17: “it has been our privledge to watch our boys turn into men.” I am sure it’s even more awesome watching a girl turn into a woman. We are blessed.

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