The Present Participle List for June

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Recovering from the end of graduation season. Though we have one more party to hit this weekend, it has been alternatingly fun and a bit sad as, you know, this is happening is done.

Trying to spend more time on the deck. While it’s in need of a good stain, it’s a lovely space and I need to be outside more often. With bug spray, of course.

Realizing that I’ve officially become an internet cat video fan because of this clip. The whisper kills me.

Reviewing my new website. I saw the first test version this week. A few tweaks here and there and it’s going to be ready. I’ll give you all the details very soon but if you like, go ahead and bookmark so you don’t miss the changeover. I’m sure there will be many things that have to be fixed in the world of past posts and links, but I promise that once it’s live I’ll make it all work.

Packing for a weekend up North.

Learning more about Adobe Illustrator than I’d previously known. Me and that program? We may end up friends yet.

Listening to this album by Sam Smith and kind of digging it.

Laughing out loud at this feminine hygiene commercial. Honestly? This is such creative advertising.

Learning about everything that goes into getting a child ready for college. And hoo boy, as many of you can attest, it’s a lot.

Working to catch up on Project Life. I got stuck at Week 18. It’s Week 25. I plan to do single pages to catch up next week. No stress needed on that project. That’s the fun stuff.

Adjusting to the pace of summer. Aidan gets up to go to her nanny job every day. Cole would sleep until 2 p.m. if I let him. Dan is taking two grad courses. One thing I love is that I can start my work day much earlier because I don’t have to do morning school stuff which can mean being done with work earlier in the day.

What are you —ing this month?



Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for June

38 Comments on “The Present Participle List for June”

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    Deborah Weiss

    Cleaning up the mess from a tree that got hit by lightening.
    Planning my daughters wedding…it’s 1 month from today!
    Reading a “real” book. I love my Kindle but forgot what it was like to hold a real book in my hands. The good thing is that the battery never needs charging!
    Also Catching up on my Project Life. So far behind. I’m having issues with finding photos for February and March. It was such an awful winter I quit taking photos of the snow and ice.
    Working. It may be summer but my office job keeps going. Love what I do! Love that we help children with their “mental” issues. Life is hard enough without having extra baggage.

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    Laughing and sharing this blog with all my girlfriends, scrapbookers or not.

    Dying at that commercial.

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    Kendra B

    Laughing and sharing that commercial with a co-worker! LOL You need to go on youtube and watch “cats playing patty-cake, what they were saying” … You’ll love it!

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    in June I’m
    Celebrating – my birthday
    – summer
    – Zumbrota’s Art on Main summer banner project (Yes, it includes one of my baskets!)
    welcoming – a new great-great nephew
    weaving – at least one new basket
    walking – for health and enjoyment
    Scrapbooking – the 100 free photos from Shutterfly

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    Susan in MD

    Funny…now that summer is here, I have to get up earlier in the morning. Daughter swims at 6AM 4 days a week, so I wake up at 5:20AM. During the school year, didn’t have to get up until 6:20AM. The good news is I get my workout (walking) done very early!

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    Jenny S

    A long time follower, but don’t comment often. 🙂 Saw your comments about Illustrator, though, and if you’re looking for some cool tutorials, I’ve found this blog to be helpful:

    Maybe you’re beyond this, but it has been helpful for me in streamlining processes and keyboard shortcuts and such. I think it’s pretty cool. Yay!

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    That commercial is hysterical. Just sent it to my best friend. We both have ten year old daughters. lol

    * Rejoicing that my mammogram is over (and normal) for another year.
    * Anticipating swimming in our new above-ground pool for the first time.
    * Looking forward to family & friends visiting this summer.
    * Feeling super duper behind on Project Life.
    * Reading books like a fiend
    * Enjoying the Books on the Nightstand (podcast) summer reading challenge. (It’s a bingo card with things like “read a book with a red cover,” “read a graphic novel,” etc.) Check it out!
    * Enjoying the gorgeous weather (finally!)

    Happy Thursday!!! 🙂

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    OMG. I watched the video right now as I was eating lunch. I almost spit blueberries across my desk. Too hysterical. Thanks for making my day.

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    Nicole Geiger

    Procrastinating, I mean, STARTING Project Life for this year.

    Making my boys watch that commercial. As a warning. “See what kinds of things happen when you lie to a mother?? Oh, we know!!”


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    HA! loved both videos – as I write this with a grin still! Can’t wait to show my “girls” – (25 and ALMOST 30 (deep breath…) ) Ok, now my …ings:

    – Packing for a 2 night beach escape as soon as I quit checking online stuff.
    – Looking forward to 3 days with 5 other gal pals.
    – Eating a second piece of marionberry pie our neighbor gave us since he borrowed our pie pan and accidentally made enough dough for 2 pies, not the 1 he had to make (he borrowed a 2nd pan from another neighbor, so we have to give them 1/2 the pie – & their pan back!) Pie for breakfast and lunch – poor us!
    – Uploading latest pics from yesterday’s plein air adventure at a nearby winery.
    – Debating about bringing latest painting and finishing it at the beach.
    – Bringing too much stuff to the beach, like always…
    – Meeting up at a friend’s house to carpool to the beach at 3ish.
    – Planning upcoming art project for Aug. music festival.
    – Emailing images of paintings to local campus art director for upcoming art show.
    – Shopping at Trader Joe’s before leaving today.

    Ok, I’ll stop now, it’s looking more like a to-do list for today than a June list…

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    Tammy B

    Laughing so hard at that commercial – I have boys so I get to laugh a little harder!

    Sharing it with all my friends, most of who have girls of their own!

    Waiting for potatoes to cool so I can finish my potato salad for a potluck with said friends tonight!

    Thinking that you would so fit in with all of my friends!

    Loving your blog that is so open and honest.

    Thanks Cathy!

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    Thank you so much for sharing the link to that commercial. I actually spit out my tea at one point!

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    I am tapping- at the ripe old age of 38 I will find out if this old dog can, in fact, learn a new trick. I begin an adult tap class tonight. I pray that the others are as uncoordinated as I am so that I don’t make a complete fool of myself.

    I am also going to be zen tangling. I am signing up for a workshop that starts soon. It looks interesting, so I’m giving it a shot.

    And I am hoping to be scrapping this weekend!

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    Karen Troup

    I just made my DH watch the First Moon video! LOL! Best one since Kmart’s “I shipped my pants” commercial. TFS!

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    That ad is hilarious! I sent it to my late sister’s 12 year old who just started her period last month and is a bit anxious about the fact that her next one is one day late! She hates the unpredictability of it all, as I suppose we all did. But especially hard for her without a mum. Hopefully his ad will give her a bit of a smile. Thanks for sharing, Cathy.

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    Cara S

    Shivering as winter well and truly sets in in Australia.
    Preparing to drive interstate to see my young grandson.
    Starving……as I need to shift some weight.
    Watching Masterchef Australia.
    Reading Gillan Flynn novels. Distubing.
    Playing canasta with my daughter and son in law.

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    • Laughing at that commercial (great way to start the morning!!) Thank you for the laughs!

    – At work – (I am the marketing dept!).
    • Finishing up a 24 page flyer that goes to the printer on Monday.
    • Stressing over having just a month and a half left to finish a 500+ page product catalog that goes to press mid Aug.
    • Planning a lunch and learn event for customers to attend

    – At Home –
    • Working on catching up 6 months of Project Life journaling. Finished catching up on 6 months of pictures last weekend!
    • Putting together a Texas trip 6×8 book using Simple Stories products. Completely frustrated that they don’t make the spaces of their pocket page protectors standard sizes or even equal sizes. I ended up making templates in InDesign to make this book more “simple” to put together. Contemplating writing them a letter and asking if they have any open positions in their design dept so I can help them fix this mess – lol!
    • Considering taking classes towards project management certification (for a change of career) which completely contradicts the fact that our project life books are 6 months behind!
    • Looking forward to our server getting rebuilt so I can get my website relaunched (not that I currently have time to blog or finish any projects for posting!)
    • Enjoying every day that I wake up and have the opportunity to tackle that ever growing to do list that I keep adding things to.

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    Denise M

    This month has been FULL. We moved to Hawaii 3 days ago so now I’m…
    Hunting for a house.
    Exploring this new world.
    Enjoying the island sights, sounds and smells.
    Cursing all the gosh darn traffic!!!
    Missing my two oldest as they spend another month with their grandparents.
    Living in a hotel for at least another 6 weeks.
    Waiting for our household goods & cars to arrive.
    Editing Disneyland, Grand Canyon and epic road trip photos in the wee morning hours.
    Taking it all in.
    Loving my life.

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    Cathy, Please, for the love of god, scrapbooking, wine and all that is holy, watch this video:

    and subscribe to “talking Animals” channel on the youtubes.

    You’ll thank me later (and then what did you do with the bacon???????)

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    Is that ice in your glass of wine? If you can get BC wines, here’s a good one, See Ya Later Ranch “Rover.” Very easy on the palate 🙂 Have a great weekend. And btw, It’s mojito season 😉

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    Gina T

    That commercial was sooooo funny! Made me laugh out loud!! I so needed that. That’s why I visit your blog…..because you are real AND you make me laugh! Blessings to you!!

    P.S. And too cool Aidan will be in Madison. From campus look over toward the beautiful large UW Madison Hospital I’ll be waving at you from my sons room ;). We’re there every two weeks. Love that city!!

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    I love when you do these lists, so fun to read. Life sounds pretty good at your house, YAY!! I’m sitting on my deck each chance too, savoring every moment before winter comes back. Happy Weekend at the lake!

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    i wonder if that commercial is only a youtube type thing? i haven’t ever seen it on tv, of course i live in texas, & they’re kinda weird about stuff. thanks for the laugh cathy z!

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    “Do you make vagina cakes?” omg, LOL!

    Starving, cause I’m too lazy to make myself something good and I don’t want to eat crap.
    Smelling the baby’s poopy diaper.
    Giggling about the 14 year old’s reaction to me taking a picture of her and her boyfriend (!) cuddling on the couch.
    Smiling about the layouts I did today (I do PL and I was about a month behind and I got caught up and had fun doing it and they are awesome).
    Signing off to go change that diaper.

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