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They say there’s a first for everything.

We went up to our family’s cabin over Memorial Day weekend and guess what never saw the light of day, or at least the light outside of a camera bag? My DLSR.

Yep. My big, clunky, awesome Canon 5D just stayed put. Even in what is arguably the most picturesque place I visit in my lovely adopted home state, I still chose to take photos with my phone. It was a no brainer, truthfully.

And I’m not trying to sound all stuck up or anything, but I think they turned out pretty damned good.


(click on the page to see a larger version)

My phone is easier to use than my big camera. There. I said it. I can slip it into my pocket and walk out onto the dock to shoot a photo. I can snap a shot of my girl sleeping (okay, she was fake napping, truth be told.) I can hand it to my hubby and say, “Here, shoot.”

And the photos on my page don’t need to be all megapixel-y. You know what I’m sayin’, G?

A little help from Pic Tap Go is all they need to be awesome.

The other thing I did on this page was use a digital paper to create my own custom title block. I added a wood grained paper to the mask behind the title, then printed that out onto photo paper right along with the photos. I tried printing in onto white cardstock, but it was a little muddy. The photo paper kept it nice and crisp, just as if it were printed by a manufacturer.


I used my Hybrid Helper No. 05 template as my base for this design, but I tweaked it a little by selecting all of the layers together, holding down my Shift and Option Keys, and sizing them down just a bit. Then I printed everything except the background journaling and colored lines onto photo paper.

To finish, I added one little veneer flag from Studio Calico with some twine and a few pop dots.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: hybrid is sexy.



Because I’m in love with all things hybrid, I want to host a little giveaway on Instagram, so I can see the types of pages you make, using a bit of a computer and a bit of everything else. Between now and Wednesday, share images of your favorite hybrid pages and include the hashtag: #hybridissexy.

THE GIVEAWAY: Five people will each win my complete set of Hybrid Helper templates.


1. Follow me on Instagram. (If you already do, cool. If not, by all means, do. You will have to be following to be eligible.)

2. Take a photo of your favorite hybrid pages and share them on Instagram. You can post as many as you like. Your pages absolutely DO NOT need to include any of my products. This is just a celebration of hybrid scrapbooking. The only rule is that you used your computer in some way shape or form to create the final page.

3. Include the #hybridissexy tag in the body of your text when you share your photo. That is the only way I’ll be able to see what you’re sharing.

4. That’s it! I’ll choose the winners by tagging them in a post on Wednesday night.

Because let’s face it: hybrid IS pretty sexy.



Cathy ZielskeHybrid Layout Share + an Insta Giveaway

26 Comments on “Hybrid Layout Share + an Insta Giveaway”

  1. #1

    Heard that!! My DSLR and my little point & shoot haven’t seen the light of day in a very long time, either. I take all iPhone pics, too! Sign O’ the times!

  2. #3

    Cathy, I love your template and your page. And the contest sounds like fun!

    ps Happy Monday!


  3. #4

    I’m not taking the DLSR on vacation this year, just the Sony point-and-shoot and my phone. They both take great photos and I don’t want to lug the big camera around. Yay for little cameras!

  4. #5
    Heather Clements

    Love Pic Tap Go,,totally agree! Hey…question on process…did you have the wood grain paper or did you just get the idea that would be cool and went looking for it?

  5. #6

    I had a piece of it from Studio Calico from the December Daily kit, so I decided to look for a digital version at Designer Digitals! I forgot to link in the supplies. Will add that asap!

  6. #8

    Really? Have you tried using your finger to focus on your screen and subject? Thats one question. The other is to make sure the lens on the back is clean. Sometimes mine gets some schmutz on it and photos are not crisp. : )

  7. #9

    I am obsessed with my camera phone. We’ve got the big camera, but in most instances, it’s actually too big to lug around with us. And, with us living in Honduras right now, it’s sort of not safe to walk around with something so big and expensive. Ok, it’s a LOT not safe! So my little iphone is just about the only way I shoot right now!

  8. #12

    Another great template. I should know this I guess, but when I type in my own title will your script font be preserved or do I need to purchase the font? If so, what is the font? Thanks.

  9. #13
    brenda Howell

    One thing I really love about using my phone camera is that I can take photos but still be in the moment!! Sometimes with my big girl camera it becomes about getting the photo and not what is happening all around me…..

  10. #14
    Liz Toms

    You just gave me a light bulb moment Cathy! I’m always conscious of people thinking I’m odd taking some of the pics I take so having just purchased an iPhone, I’m going to give it a whirl and hopefully people won’t ‘see’ that I’m a little insane!

  11. #15

    Hi Cathy, a question about your templates. Does using the template enable me to get the title in the font shown? And did using the template provide hash marks for photo placement since you chose to do a hybrid layout? Thank you. Love your clean & simple style, always have.

  12. #17

    Cindy, yes! I use free fonts for titles, or I turn them into graphics. Now, for the hashmarks… what I just do is simply trim as close to the photo edge as possible. : )

  13. #19

    Argo! What a week to be on the road (work mostly. Little bit of fun on the side). Not a scrapbook or page design in sight. Drat!

  14. #25
    !zzy M.

    Your layouts always inspire and motive me! Did you print your journal cards using a home printer or do you send them to a print center like Staples. If you print at home what kind of printer do you use? I have a Canon ip2600 and never print as bright and beautiful as your cards.

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