Things are gonna be a-changin’ round here

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I’m getting really close to launching

I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m ready. I’ll post an orientation to the new site once it’s live.

I wanted to let you know that when the changeover happens, there may be a few bumps along the way in the following areas:

• broken links (I’ll fix them).

• new categories (I’ll retag every single one of my over 1,100 posts written since 2007).

• images that don’t look quite right (I’ll work on those, too).

Some great news about the site: it’s a responsive site. This means it’ll look great on your smart phone or your tablet. No more squinting at your iPhone people.

The other great news is that other than having a completely new look, feel and structure, this blog will still be Ground Zero for every story I have to share with you. The only difference will be bigger photos and bigger, easier-to-read text.

In fact, the font size is bigger throughout the site. My middle aged eyes are kind of digging it, even if my designer heart misses those smaller text sizes.

My site will be a WordPress site. I have a whole new platform to learn, but I hear it’s pretty do-able.

You will be able to subscribe via your favorite reader as well.

Change is always a little scary. Personally, I like familiar and sometimes it’s hard for me to push myself to move away from that which I know. I hope this change is a good one for you, my readers. Give it a few weeks. Let it warm up to you. I think you’ll like it.

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Cathy ZielskeThings are gonna be a-changin’ round here

26 Comments on “Things are gonna be a-changin’ round here”

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    Looking forward to sharing your journey. Perhaps when you get this new baby launched you can refocus on you.:)

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    I’m looking forward to bigger fonts:) God has such a sense of humor with the little differences that creep up on us as we age. Thanks for making me smile this morning!

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    mary e.

    This is exciting, Cathy! LOVE that you change things up — makes you and your blog interesting and current!

    Will keep my fingers crossed that it goes smoothly. There’ll be bumps along the way, but who cares? It’ll give you even more to write about!

    Can’t wait to see the new look!

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    I always bump up my view to 150% or more to view type.

    Only thing I would like to see stay is drilling back to archives if I need to.

    I found that other updated websites tend to take away the archives section and you have to go to the older files, forever!

    I have since do not go back to those sites anymore.

  5. #7

    Lida, now come to think of it, we dont have an archives section set up. Hmmm. Didnt even think of that. I will see if it is addable.

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    You are truly embracing change. Aiden’s graduation, summer, the website, etc. Pat yourself on the back. New territory to explore, discover and savor. Can’t wait to follow with you. Hooray!!

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    ooooh, this is very exciting – hoping that you’ll also write a “how I made the switch” blog post b/c I’ve been thinking about doing the same (y’know, on a much, much smaller, i’m-no-cathy-zielske scale).

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    Cathy, I don’t deal well with changes unless I initiate them and understand you completely with being comfortable with the familiar. It must be a little difficult especially with this season of new beginnings. 🙂 Looking forward to the unveiling of your new website as I am sure anything you do will always have that much beloved clean & simple signature style we all came to love. I am on board to join you in the journey along with the other readers. In the meantime I will enjoy your raw, down to earth and hilarious sense of humor posts. Thank you Cathy for showing us the little “bumps” along the road.

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    Susanna Boyd

    Cathy, reach out if you need help, I live and work in WordPress. There are plugins to fix broken links so that you don’t have to individually fix them. You shouldn’t have to retag anything either. WordPress can handle that by just changing the name of that category.

  10. #14

    Welcome to WordPress, you will LOVE it! Can’t wait to see the new site

    PS, Susanna Boyd has good advice for you 🙂

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    But isn’t that why you are retagging every post since 2007? So they will be on your new site. Or maybe I am just not understanding the true meaning of archives here.

    I am the same way as Lida with blogs. I often refer back to older posts, or like to search through archives when I am looking for something I know I saw before. I hope you keep your old posts too.

  12. #16

    Website redesign is so exciting! I work with WordPress at work now and it’s super intuitive and learnable. Excited to see the new design!

  13. #17

    Thumbs up and kudos to accepting change, which is always constant in our lives, otherwise, life would be pretty boring. Congrats and can’t wait to see the final blog.

  14. #18

    Well I may have to reach out, because Im changing my categories, narrowing them down to six, from like, wayyyy to many! My goal is simplification. : ) We will be importing my Typepad blog soon. Are you serious about offering help? Because I am more than happy to trade you for products from my collection. : )

  15. #19

    Thanks Jesa. I just know that if I have an expectation that its smooth as silk, well… it might be a bit more burlap-y than Id planned.

  16. #22

    Oh yes, all posts are coming over, but instead of having multiple categories, I will just have fewer. Its all coming over. : ) Also, the Search function will be slicker than it was.

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