What are your summer plans? (me? saving money for college and giving you this free card!)

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I love how people in blog land make intentional summer plans.

I was thinking about this the other day when my own ideas for a summer manifesto…well, manifested themselves.

Yes, college tuition is on my mind. For a daughter. For a husband.

As is breathing.

It’s so weird to wake up a 3:30 a.m. and think about money. Or is that just middle age?

Whatever the case, I thought I’d share my little card with you. Of course, you can write whatever you like on yours.

The package includes a printable PDF and one JPEG in the color shown above.


Download CZ_SummerCardPkg

Here’s to summer. 

And finding rich, lost uncles.

Cathy ZielskeWhat are your summer plans? (me? saving money for college and giving you this free card!)

22 Comments on “What are your summer plans? (me? saving money for college and giving you this free card!)”

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    Thanks so much for the freebie. Pretty sure it is a sign of middle age (what – I’m an adult – how & when did that happen?!)

    A non-related question, please Cathy: I linked through to the Fitbit website (you’ve convinced me!) & see it suggests one wears it on the ‘non dominant’ wrist. Do you wear a watch on that wrist too? Or do you now use your Fitbit as your watch as well? Thanks. (I guess one sale via your link won’t be much towards Uni fees – but I hope it’ll buy you a Blue Icee for a treat one day this summer.)

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    I feel your pain. My younger daughter just graduated and we are now college-debt-free! Can you give me a woot woot!!

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    Louise, I dont wear a watch. In fact, I havent since I was in corporate america, before the time of cell phones. So, I do wear it on my non dominant wrist. But also, I wear zero jewelry. No bracelets for me!)

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    Thanks, Cathy. Thinking about money wakes me up, too. I’m retiring in 15 weeks. First of all, how did I get so old? Second, am I really ready for this? Big, deep, cleansing breaths.

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    thanks for the card! We make a list every summer that starts with “It will be a great summer if we…” We post it and try to check off as much as we can. This will be great for this summer.

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    Amy Myers

    Love this. Thanks for the freebie. Money is on my mind too. After a long time without work, my husband has a full time job. However, the money problems won’t end right away. The dollar sign seems to be everywhere! I’m happy that with the job, my worries should slowly lesson and I’ll be able to enjoy my summer break with my now first grade daughter. I plan to sleep a bit more, get more active, and enjoy my time. That’s my manifesto. 🙂

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    Kelli Panique

    Thanks for the freebie! So cute!

    Maybe there’s some cash behind that old painting hanging in the parlor….isn’t that where rich uncle’s hide their money? 😉

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    Thanks for the freebie! I love the card. I haven’t given much thought about our summer manifesto but guess I better. My kids don’t get out until next Thursday so I still have a few days. Good luck on finding your pot of gold. We will be there too in a couple of years.

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    Love the concept Cathy, thank you. You SO need to do these for the other seasons – I am in winter atm and thinking more on finally finishing some knitting, finding the perfect soup recipe and keeping warm 🙂 but saving for university fees is always a great thing!

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    I’m there with you – how do I pay for college for the next 3 years and then starting next year, I have double payments. I’m thinking garage sales and sell everything in my house??!!! No, I still have to live…not interested in anything illegal….well I’ll just have to sell what I can and borrow for the rest. Its depressing that I pay so much in taxes and my children can’t even get guaranteed student loans. I’m guessing the fafsa expects us to cash out all of our retirement and not eat for the next 6 years. I did buy a lottery ticket in hopes I would win but that didn’t work either. 🙁 Guess I’ll be working for another 15 years to pay this off too.

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    A more fun option that a rich long lost uncle would be a treasure hunt… I’m sure there has to be pirate gold left somewhere! 🙂

    Thanks for the journalling cards. It’s winter here in Australia, but the bright happy colours make me dream of summer and warmer days ahead 🙂

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    Kim L

    Thank you for the cards! Happy Summer!
    I think we just have to follow the rainbow and then we’ll find that pot of gold! Well this day and age it may take several pots of gold for college tuition!

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    I love how you put something free out into the world even as you’re stressing about money. I hope it comes back to you 100 fold:)

    I have two nephews who are in Madison, and love the city.

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    Nicole Geiger

    Thanks for the cards! Each summer I have all of us write things we’d like to do – from goals (make a new healthy recipe each week) to weird (smush my face in a cake). They all go on a bulletin board in the kitchen and we add pics. I was looking for a new format, and this is the ticket! Awesome!

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    I loved this card ~ sad to take it down today and put it away. am going to create an Autumn one to replace it…and then a Winter one and a Spring one 🙂

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