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Last week, a smart blog reader who I’ll call Michele said, in regards to my new motto, “Love this so much Cathy! I’m thinking this quote deserves to be on a little card.” And I could not agree more. And so it shall be. 

But not just one card, why not four? Four cards to celebrate the new CZ Design. Four cards that look like this:
I know. You may never have the need to have a card in your Project Life system that says, “My Scrapbooks Don’t Front,” but I ain’t gonna lie: that one makes me kind of happy. I think more middle aged women should tell people they don’t front.

Funny story: one of my favorite comedies of all time is Talladega Nights: The Story of Ricky Bobby. The scene where they are saying grace is a classic. Also classic? When one of his sons (Walker or Texas Ranger, I can’t remember which one), says, “Daddy, you made that grace your b¡#ch.” I will never not laugh at that. The point of this story? I made one card that said: Make Scrapbooking Your B¡#ch. It’s not part of the actual set, but if you’re interested in that one, let’s talk.

Moving right along.
Click below to download the zipped digital package.


Enjoy and again, thank you all so much for the warm reception to the new website. I have been blown away by the response. Truly.


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I’ll be live on air on Wednesday, July 23rd between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. I think this class is going to have a lot of great ideas to help get those images and memories off the cyber world and into your albums.

Cathy ZielskeFree Card Printables: Own Your Life

21 Comments on “Free Card Printables: Own Your Life”

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    Cheri Andrews

    While I’m not a huge Will Ferrell fan (other than Elf which I ADORE), that grace scene is classic! Thank you Baby Jesus. Now off to sign up for the Creative Live class.

  2. #4

    I LOVE the cards, thanks for the wonderful freebie! Congratulations on your site redesign and thanks for keeping scrapbooking relevant. You’re one smart cookie, Cathy–I wish you continued success.

  3. #6

    You’re way cooler than me…I don’t even know what “My scrapbooks don’t front” means! Off to google…

  4. #13
    Michele H.

    Shake and bake Cathy! Shake and bake! [my husband loves, loves, loves that movie and that “grace” scene kills me everytime]

    Thanks for making this into a card, oh yeah…plus for calling me smart;)

  5. #14

    Thank you for the free download Cathy, the cards are great! They’re certainly going to be used.

  6. #16

    Diolch yn fawr iawn (thank you very much) . . . from a way-away in Wales, UK.
    I’m very grateful for the freebie & will get it into this week’s PL, somehow. Grateful for all you share & for your continual inspiration.
    Love the new look site, too . . . very ‘you’ (but, of course! why wouldn’t it be?!)

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