Have a great holiday weekend + a website update

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As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birth, let us also prepare to celebrate the birth of a brand new CZ Design website.

There won’t be as many fireworks or barbecues. There won’t be as many fights between relatives who had just a little too much of that fancy rum punch. (Okay, there might be a few… )

It’s not as sexy as Uncle Sam on stilts, but it’s in progress and will be coming soon.

I’m migrating this blog from Typepad to WordPress and we have been facing broken links and other assorted web surprises, so I’ve hired a different company to help me with the content migration. What’s more money, right?

Why WordPress after all these years? It’s the platform the company I’m working with preferred. So I said, “Cool. Whatever. Let’s do this.”

I’m looking forward to sharing the experience of re-doing a website and brand. It’s been mostly fun and I’m really itching to unleash the tiger from its cage. (Note: in the new blog, I will use as many cheesy expressions as possible because who doesn’t love that?)

I appreciate your continued patience.

While you’re waiting, by all means, connect with me in multiple ways online through social media:

Subscribe to my newseltter. The next issue will announce the new site and has a super cute free printable.

Like my Facebook page. Here’s where I share blog posts, recipes, cat videos (only recently, mind you) and other silly or interesting little tid bits. Sometimes its even scrapbook related!

Follow me on Twitter. You know, for fun in 140 characters or less. #crapfreescrapbooking

Follow me on Instagram. I’m trying to take more interesting photos with my phone. But the question remains, will I succeed?

Again, have a safe holiday weekend and I can’t wait to let you know when it’s all systems go on the new site.

Cathy ZielskeHave a great holiday weekend + a website update

11 Comments on “Have a great holiday weekend + a website update”

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    Jocelyn Thompson

    I agree with Carol D. …bring on the cheesy expressions! Love how you always keep it real for us!

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    Congrats on the new website!! (champagne cork pop*) I know this is a lot of hard work so kudos on taking it on – it looks great!! I can’t wait to see all that is to come!

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