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Hey, look at me! Make a Page Monday two whole weeks in a row! I know. Simmer down, Cathy. I hear you. Duly noted. Deep breath in and… release.

STORY OF THE PAGE:  A few weeks ago, we went up to our family lake house just outside of Nisswa, Minnesota, for a nice, quiet weekend. We brought an extra guest this time, Aidan’s “special friend of the opposite sex.” Don’t worry, we have a cabin rule: boyfriends or girlfriends stay on different floors. Or something like that. Heck, even Dan and I had to sleep on different floors before we were married. Great Grandpa’s house, Great Grandpa’s rules. We boated, ate at Zorbaz and Ernie’s, played Mexican Train and documented the whole thing via iPhone.
DESIGN + JOURNALING TIPS: I love photo collages! This template features a simple photo collage which gathers all the images into one nice visual chunk. The collage itself features a symmetrical balance (what you have one side, you have on the other.) There is a nice margin of space that separates all the photos, and it connects nicely to the white card stock background. The journal block is a stream of consciousness, random thought style, each separated by a colored pipe (the vertical mark). I am generally not a big fan of centered text however, in a case like this it works. Why does it work? Short line lengths and a generous leading (the space between the sentences) help to enhance the readability. Plus, there are only a handful of lines. A scallop-edged mat creates a nice anchor for the photo collage, and little bits of pink repeat from top to bottom, as do the little feather graphics which are part of the template. Repetition in design unifies and makes the page feel purposeful.

DO YOU HAVE DESIGN ISSUES? Are there any scrapbooking challenges, or roadblocks, or other potential problems that you think might be solved through design? If so, let me know in the comments. I can’t guarantee that I can solve or illustrate your issue via my stories, but you never know until you ask. I’m really wanting to make a page a week as I have so many stories from my own life that I’d love to commit to the pages of my scrapbooks.


Cathy ZielskeMake a page monday

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    Hi Cathy! Your page is GORGEOUS, I reeeeeally wish I had your design skills.
    I struggle with two things in particular: achieving balance on my pages and choosing coordinated colors for the cards (In the case of Project life).
    Thank you for sharing your tips with us readers 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Giada. I tell you, one of the easiest approaches to creating balance is symmetry. Just remember: if you put a photo on one side of the page, you match it with another on the other side and so on. 🙂

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    No need to simmer down 🙂 love the clean design of the page. Your templates are the best. And Dan is looking rather rugged in the middle pic 🙂

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    I Have a question about your layout. how do I make a box outline like the one you put the date in. I did your design course at Big Picture and I’m sure you told us somewhere in that class how to do it!! I have a similar layout of yours I would like to do this with.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hi Christina, there are a few ways you can do it.

      In Photoshop Elements, I create a rectangle. Then I simplify that layer (Layer > Simplify). Then I fill that rectangle with white (Edit > Fill Layer… choose white). Then I go to Layer > Layer Style… and choose Stroke.

      In full Photoshop, it’s easier because you can do it all in one are. You can remove the shape fill and add a stroke just by double clicking on the layer in the Layers Palette to bring up the Layer Style palette.

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    THANK YOU for inspiring me to simply MAKE A PAGE. I do have so many life stories I want to document. I get lost as to where to begin scrapbooking again. You rock! 🙂

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    Shanon L.

    I love this layout! I’ve hit a road block on the creative front lately. I have a ton product, but can’t seem to get myself to make any pages. I’m also feeling overwhelmed since I have a number of half-finished projects piling up on my desk. Any tips or advice for sitting down and getting it done?

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    Sitting in an airport killing time all day due to a cancelled flight. Thanks for providing inspiration. Can’t wait to get back to the computer to create.
    LOVE ‘make a page Mondays’.
    Side note – curious as to why you post layouts using your newly released templates/design goodies after the wkend release sale at DD? Why not on Fridays as they are being released. I love all your stuff & buy almost everything but really LOVE it when you show off your ‘no crap’ scrap skills. 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Rita.

      This template is not a new release. It was released a few weeks ago. That said, if I release a template on Friday, it’s still on sale the following Monday. Designer D’s does it that way, which is why I will plan to frequently, though not always, feature pages using new templates on Mondays. 🙂 Clear as mud?

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    Bridget in Minnesota

    Hi, Cathy!

    We were just outside of Nisswa last week, too, for our annual week at the resort. Ate at Zorbaz. Had cones from the Chocolate Ox.

    To think we could have met…what a treat it would have been!

    All the best to you and yours…


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      Cathy Zielske

      Fun! Love the Chocolate Ox. Do you stay at the Grand View? It’s just down the road from our place.

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        Bridget in Minnesota

        No, a tiny resort on a lake west of Gull, just off 77.

        Hope your day is great. I love today’s story of gifting photographs and the way you met Dan.

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    I love your hybrid pages! I really need to get on creating some… schools back in in three weeks…hallelujah! Maybe I will have some Monday pages…

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    Also, I’m sure you have said in the past, but what type of album do you store this size in? Are you using 3 ring? I’ve only had experience with 12×12, and am still undecided what I really like with that. I’m starting to look more at post bound because they look cleaner to me.

    How do you decide what and how much to scrapbook? I have read you like to store about 150 yearly pics in pocket Kolo albums, then just create your pages and not worry about having a chronological yearly scrapbook. I really want to adopt that idea, but I am so struggling, always having scrapped in a chronological order…and it’s way to much work…I admit…that’s why I am 4 years behind, panicking, and looking at slip in pocket page albums like Kolo.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Tami,

      I currently use American Crafts 3-ring binder albums for most of my pages. I switched over back in about 2007-ish. Now, if I had to do it over? I might go with just plain black or brown faux leather albums, but still 3-ring. I love how easy it is to add pages.

      I really do just scrapbook when the mood strikes. You’d be surprised at how few albums I have, considering that I do this for a living. I think much of my album stuff IS chronological, however. It just seems to work out that way.

      The reality is that I have so many stories that will never be scrapbooked, and I’m okay with that. I really strive to make this fun and relaxing. So I figure, whatever I get done is great. The goal is to save what I can in a meaningful way, and then if I have time, plop some shots into photo albums. Though that is something I will admit I’m behind on. Again, I am not going to stress.


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    Great idea! Thanks!

    I brought old towels from our summer cottage. Before I got rid of them I cut a small piece out of each one. The towels have so many memories attached to them. Now I want to make a page using those squares, all eight of them. Any suggestions?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yes! I would say photograph each one, in the same light, same framing etc. Then make a set of 2 x 2 (or larger) prints to design a page with!

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    We go up to the Nisswa area every summer. We stay at Kavanaugh’s which is a really cool, family owned resort. I have never even heard of Ernie’s. The menu looks delicious. Do you guys ever go to Rafferty’s for pizza, in Nisswa? Yum!

    Great page! Captures lake living at it’s best!

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    Cathy Zielske

    We hit Rafferty’s every time. I love, love their garlic mashed potato pizza! : ) Also, Ernie’s is about a 40 minute boat ride from Booming Out Bay, which is where our place is located, close to Zorbaz.

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    So, I think I’m going to try and ‘make a page monday’ too – and I think I’m going to make it easy on myself by scraplifting your amazing pages or using your templates. I need to get some pages done too. p.s. are you still keeping up with PL?

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    Hi, Cathy! I love your designs, and have been a fan for years. I wonder if there is a simple way to make a stationery template I could use with my Mac Mail program. I would love to use some of the clean, simple design elements that you use so effectively – and be able to drop in my own photos to an email template. Any thoughts on how to do that easily?

    Thanks! And good luck to you in these coming weeks as you’re preparing for Aidan’s launch. I have two in college now, and remember those emotions well. It’s all wonderful…even the teary parts, IMHO. Everyone grows in the process – college kids, parents, younger sibs…:-)

    Laurie 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Laurie,

      I am not sure how one would go about doing that. I know that Apple likes to have it’s own designs in there, and they’re always so proprietary about it. I’m not even sure if it’s possible to import your own designs. Sorry to not have a straightforward answer!

      I’m sure everyone will make it through this college transition. One step at a time, right?

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    I LOVE, love, love these Make a Page Mondays! Totally the reason why I started following your blog in the first place, and why I still adore your books. Please keep it going!! As a side note, I am a fellow Minnesotan (Northfield) and find it super fun to read about your family’s adventures. 🙂

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    Is this a hybrid page? What did you use to make your scalloped edges on your kraft paper? As always, I enjoy your “stuff.”

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      Cathy Zielske

      Ruth, yes! It is. I used my Fiskars Trimmer. There’s a link in the supplies to the scallop blade I use! I love it.

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    Christine (A&M Momma)

    I love everything about this page! Well…except for one thing. Is it available in 12X12? I couldn’t find it on Designer Digitals. Also, what font is used for the comments? Bariol would be my guess. Thanks!

    1. #20.1

      We Aggies have to stick together. Cathy linked her supplies underneath the layout. Duh! for me. She did use Bariol. Gig’em!

    2. #20.2

      We Aggies need to stick together. Cathy listed her supplies and font beneath the layout.
      Thank you Cathy for not making me feel like a complete dunce.

    3. #20.3
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Christine, it is not available in 12 x 12. Sometimes when I make a page I’ll do two versions, but usually not. Now, that said, most of my designs can easily be converted into 12 x 12. You simple enlarge the file’s Canvas Size, and then enjoy the extra white space or group all of the elements together and enlarge to fit the space. Hope that helps!

      And yes, Bariol is the journaling font.

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    I LOVE this new feature. It is so helpful if you explain what you do and why you do it. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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    Love your clean design! Also, even though my kids are still little, I absolutely love reading about your adventures in parenting, marriage, and self-study.

    My biggest challenge is this: (maybe it’s because I’m a photographer) I want to love collages and PL (which I started several times) but I feel like having several photos next to each other detracts from each photo. When I take a photo, I usually plan the composition. I like the empty spaces, the colors, the lighting — one can feel something when looking at the photo. When I put embellishments on photos, or write/print on the photos, or when I put photos next to other photos (especially ones with different setting/lighting) then that original feeling changes. Ideally I’d print one photo per page, but considering the thousands of photos I have, that would be ridiculous. Any ideas? I hope this made sense.

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      Cathy Zielske

      When I make collages, I usually include margin spaces between them for this very reason. i don’t like collages that touch, if that makes sense. But, also, these are all iPhone snapshots, so what I’m usually going for with a collage is something that gives a flavor of an event.

      But I hear what you’re saying. The margin spacing allows a little white space into the collage, letting the images have a bit more of their own life.

    2. #22.2

      Another idea – start with a strip instead of a full-blown collage. That way, you have less sides touching and it can be easier to cut back on the distraction factor. Plus, I like that a strip can form a story line and guides the eye from one side to the other, also bringing in a bit more calmness. I also really like the look of collages done right (like this one! 🙂 ), but I struggle every time when piecing photos together like this.

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    I love that this page could have been made by you in 2000. Meant in the best way possible. You are good at what you do, lady.

    1. #23.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I know! It’s called getting back to basics for me. Remember how I did it then? Right? I make pages I love when I heed that call, baby.

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