The Present Participle List for July

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Trying to get out for more walks. It’s crazy how easy it is to stop exercising. To tell yourself that there are about a zillion other things that are more important.

Dealing with a stye that will not go away. There is nothing that makes you feel like your body is falling apart than resorting to posting any information of any kind about your particular ailment.

Wondering what scrapbooking will be like when Aidan doesn’t live here anymore. Or more specifically, what life will be like when Aidan doesn’t live here anymore.

Wanting to go through all of my photos and find shots around our kitchen table, or some other common space,Β like Ali did.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to figure out how to migrate 1,168 blog posts from here to my new site. Note: I’m pretty sure it will involve more money.

Working on a new class for the Fall that will be tied into the Me: the Abridged Version concept but with some twists, turns and other adventures.

Thinking about getting some new running shoes and starting back with a Couch to 5K program.

Loving Season 2 of Orange is the New Black.


Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for July

23 Comments on “The Present Participle List for July”

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    Hey! Great job on PL. I can’t wait for the new Fall class and woot woot on the running! Carry on….

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    Wishing I had photos and heartfelt journaling like you and Ali from when my kids were little (sigh).

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    as the parent of child getting ready to start her senior (!!) year in college…life does indeed look and feel different. but it’s wonderful. in a new way.

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    Sherri, you know whats funny? I was reading some of my journaling from when I was just starting out and maybe its being in therapy for four years, but I feel like some of it was a little contrived. : ) So we all have our little regrets. : )

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    Just remember, your friendships with adult children are really awesome things! I have been an empty nester for awhile now and neither child lives close so I totally understand the loss of day to day, but I have begun to embrace the family time we now. Not all parents and children grow into a friendship and I feel very blessed. (But I do regret not doing more scrapping when they were younger) (Although I probably have stuff saved– ha)

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    I have the great pleasure and sadness for the next two years of having a senior child-both boys. It is bittersweet watching them prepare to spread their wings. I started scrapbooking much later in their elementary years but I plan their senior year to do a lot of throwback scrapbooking because it is never too late to tell them what was and still is in my heart.

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    Lori P.

    Good Morning Cathy! I love my morning soda (I know, it should be coffee) mornings with you. Hmm.. where to start. I am an empty nester and have been since 2012/2013 when our baby out of four, joined the Air Force. The house is so quiet here that I have found I need to turn the music on and sometimes loud. πŸ™‚ But… the relationships that I have gotten from my four since they have moved on have become richer. Sometimes I go days without hearing from any of them and then days to where they ALL call. AND then, “they” bring lil ones into our lives and WOW…. So… you thought of taking a picture of your kitchen table to huh? πŸ™‚ I thought of taking a picture at my parents house with a view from their back door to the hallway to the bedrooms. My siblings and I would put clean socks on then run and slide down the wood floored hallway (that is not covered with carpet) and hit then end. I even thought I might look for other pictures of the same hallway from years back to go with my story. Oh, the ideas that Ali Edwards kicks up for all of us.
    WHAT! A new Abridge class. I guess that means I should hall my container out and finish the one I started a a couple years ago. Ouch! I guess I need that kick in the pants. Thank you!
    And Thank you for my mornings with you! πŸ™‚

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    Christine K

    I am on my 4th attempt with couch to 5k. I am staying optimistic however. So far I am on week 4.
    Last year I made it all the way to week 7.

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    Katrina Simeck

    Hope will be entering her 5th (and let’s hope, FINAL) year of university in the fall…and this is the first summer that she hasn’t come home. It’s strange, but mostly okay. I miss her, and love when she sends texts & photos saying “this is for your Project Life thingy.” Thinking about Couch to 5K, also!

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    Lisa Spiegel

    Here’s how the scrapbooks look after they go to college…full of twitter pics, instagram pics and facebook updates. πŸ™‚ It’s sort of fun! My daughter started a blog so I was able to keep up with her pictures and stories that way…maybe Aiden will do the same?

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    Lori, its nice to know that life in the empty nest is rich. I realize Ive still got a high school freshman on my hands, but you know… my first born is flying the coop.

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    I only have a toddler and a baby, but if we all survive into their adulthood and they move away I’ll hope for some brand new grandkids to scrapbook. That’s what I think I’d do.

    And Cathy I just wanted to tell you that you’re an AWESOME teacher! I’ve just taken the Clean and Simple Scrapbooking class, and it was SO GOOD I got Design Your Life right away and MAN AM I WAITING for your new class!! Whatever it’s going to be, I’m in. THANK YOU so much for sharing your talent with us!

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    Ok, I may have posted this before but just wondering if I somehow missed your newsletter? It says I am signed up but don’t think I’ve gotten one for awhile. Did the new one come out yet? Thanks Cathy. If it makes you feel any better on the weight loss front, I lost more on the MMEW during the cold of winter than I am now with summer here. Just so many things going on, competing for my time/still trying to eat healthy though!

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    As a parent who has survived three children leaving the nest..the first one is definitely the hardest to get adjusted to.
    We have our youngest who just graduated from college last month–and we are helping her move across the country for a job beginning this weekend.
    It will be hard in the beginning–when you leave her this fall in her dorm, you will miss her like CRAZY. Lump in your throat for days. But slowly the adjustment happens, and your family that is at home begins a new relationship dynamic that will be great too! The other thing that my hubby and I realized that first year is how much they actually ARE home from college on semester breaks! πŸ˜‰

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    Cindy, there has not been one for a while! I will sending one out when my new site launches (with a cute little free printable!) and Im hoping that will be by July 15. : )

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