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Welcome to the new cathyzielske.com If you’re here, you’ve found it. The tiger is out of its cage. Can I get a what what?

(Pauses. Waits for a what what. Thanks you silently.)

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The blog still functions as it always has. If you’ve been coming to my Typepad site for years, weeks, days or even just a few minutes, this blog will be the new stopping place for the same stuff you’ve come to expect. You’ll find posts about but not limited to: scrapbooking, my family, hot flashes, chub, exercise, how to do technical shit as it relates to memory keeping, therapy, marriage, music, food and quite possibly cat videos (if they’re funny like this one).

2. My site is now divided up into different pages with very clear purposes. You will find:

Home Page—Here’s where people will come if they just type in ‘cathyzielske.com’ and it will give them options on where to click next. If you Google search me, this should be the page you’re directed to.

About Cathy—It’s everything you already know and maybe some things you don’t. My old About Page was written in the third person. This one? It’s all from me to you in the first person. Imagine me reading it loudly, with a barely discernible Minnesota accent and clapping twice between each sentence.

Products—This page includes a video overview of CZ Design Digitals, plus descriptions and links. If you’d like to shop and support the Zielske collegiate fund, by all means, don’t let me stop you.

Classes—This page includes a video overview of CZ Design Classes and features all of my current classes, complete with class descriptions, video promos and links to register. As new classes launch, you will find the information here.

Blog—You know, the blog. That’s where you are reading this. Holla!

Contact—I have a contact page, people! This makes me very happy. Except for when someone contacts me to tell me they think I’m an idiot. Then, less happy.

Disclosure Page—Yep. Got one of those too.

3. It’s kind of awesome.


And would you believe this only took six months to make?

A few other things to note:

There will be images that appear smaller in older posts. I have been blogging with Typepad since 2007 and have not decided if I will go back and replace all of the smaller images. I probably won’t, but you can always click on an image to see if it will appear larger in a floating window. Back in the Typepad days, I would often upload larger images with that in mind. Just know that yes, some of the images in older posts will appear smaller than the stuff in the new posts.

The new images are much bigger. 822 pixels wide, baby. Now that totally deserves a what what! That said, images that were posted before this present day may be a little blurrier depending on whether or not I’ve gone in and replaced them. Again, not sure if I’m going to have that all sorted out for a while—and I may never go back and fix them—but starting today they’re going to look pretty fabulous.

This site will look as good on your smart phone and tablet as it does here. Or at least it’s supposed to. It’s a responsive design so no more squinting or enlarging on your iPhone like you had to for my Typepad site.

There are things I’m still organizing and categorizing. I’m working to narrow down categories so things like Free Downloads and Tutorials will be easy to locate. It’s going to take a little time to get everything solid. I had 1,182 posts to transfer. I’ll be working on that.

I pared down my Categories. Part of simplifying meant letting go of categories like, “Dogs I Do Not Own.” But rest assured, the Search field is much more powerful on this WordPress site than it was on Typepad. If you still want to find posts I wrote about Chip the Dog, just type in “Chip the Dog.” CZ Life will cover pretty much everything from hot flashes to chub reduction to marriage counseling, and everything that would fall under the general category of my life. All other categories are self-explanatory. If you have time, check out Free Downloads. I had no idea there were so many posts with free stuff. I am working to tag all of my posts, as well. That’ll make searching for stuff even easier. If you ever can’t find something you really need, just visit my Contact Page and make the request.

There are a handful of other tweaks still in progress. I could have waited until everything was absolutely perfect but I wanted to get this show on the road. I won’t lie: this site feels like a baby that I’ve been growing for several months and I’m a little nervous about letting it out into the great big internet. I want to hold its hand as it crosses the street and make sure it wears a helmet. But it’s time to hit that launch button and exhale. There is no time like the present, right?


I will be sharing a series of posts about the decision to hire an outside company and what the process has been like. I know there are readers out there who blog as part of their business or possibly would like to. I’m happy to share my experience.

Again, thank you for your patience. Thank you for coming to read. I am so excited to have this clean and simple space in which to write and share.

A big thank you to the team at Big Deal Branding for their guidance, hard work and general bad-assery. Krysta, Caleb and Gary, I love you guys. And yes, I would marry you. Thank you for not wincing when you found out I was a middle-aged scrapbooker. #boom

A second thank you to my sponsors who’ve joined me in this new venture. Please consider checking out the ads on my sidebar. They support me in my business and I’m so happy to be able to support them back. 


Cathy ZielskeWelcome to the new cathyzielske.com

193 Comments on “Welcome to the new cathyzielske.com”

  1. #1

    I love it! Not much of a commenter usually, but such a momentous milestone deserves things a bit out of the ordinary dontcha think? I am mentally opening a bottle of fine french fizz to celebrate with you xxx

  2. #2
    Jacquelin Green

    Congrats on the delivery of your lovely new baby! It looks awesome, you are still hilarious, and even my jaded 15 yr old son thinks you are somewhat cool. It’s the hand picture that did it.

  3. #5

    Congrats on the new site!! Looks good 🙂 I am looking forward to cyber-stalking you here now <3

  4. #6

    Already I love it. The new comment process? Totally a winner.

    The new digs suit you. Perfectly. Clean, sharp, gorgeous, and more than a bit amusing. Yup, it’s you.

  5. #7

    LOVE it! The site looks fabulous! Now, stop worrying about it, get out of that corner, and enjoy your wine like a proud mama! 🙂

  6. #12

    It’s so clean and organized! I love, love, how image-heavy-yet-breathable it all feels. And the video intros are GREAT. Congrats on the crapfree redesign.

  7. #14

    Congrats, Cathy! I’m very excited for you. Just love your tutorials. You keep it simple so new tech lessons aren’t so stressful. Thanks for all the hard work.

  8. #15

    Love the new look. Just found the Clean & Simple class. I don’t know how I missed it the first time around but I will definitely be signing up for it. Can’t wait to start.

  9. #20
    Melinda Wilson

    “birthing of a website” can be a headache; I know because my hubby and son do this for a living and I get to hear about some of them – LOL! The site looks great and very easy to “get around”!!!

    1. #20.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Truly like a labor and delivery. I have so much respect for web people. I barely made it through this end phase.

  10. #23

    Oh Cathy, you’re getting a “what what” from me! Love the new design. Looks fab! I’d say that your weekend starts NOW! Cheers!

  11. #25

    So clean, so simple………even the font fits you! Bravo. Now go drink more wine. Get the fancy glass this time!

  12. #28
    Deb @ PaperTurtle

    Oh I just love you, Cathy, and I’m so happy for the results of all your hard work. The new site looks awesome! Good luck working out any kinks, but so far so good, I’d say! Awesome!

  13. #32

    What what!! This new place is amazing!! Hope you don’t mind if we come over here … a lot. Clean and comfy and inspirational. Congratulations.

  14. #37

    Oh, Cathy, it’s so you! And 6 months – not quite like having a baby, but almost. Love the new look.

  15. #38

    Cathy, this looks terrific! Congratulations on getting it all together & having it become what you intended.

  16. #43
    Kim Smith

    Oh I’m so happy for you! Congrats! Your new ‘look’ is definitely YOU – clean and simple. Very easy to navigate as well. Love it, love your products, love YOU!!!

  17. #51

    Oh my goodness!! If it looks this fab on my phone I cannot WAIT to see it on my computer! Congratulations for putting your new site out there. From reading the comments, you have a great group of readers who are 110% behind you, including me. 🙂
    I look forward to many many more blog posts about whatever you want to talk about.

  18. #54
    Jennifer Levin

    It’s beautiful, Cathy! Congratulations! I’m so excited for you! I’ve always loved stopping by your place to see what you’re up to, but now it’s even better. Love everything about it!


  19. #55

    The “baby” is beautiful! Thanks for keeping on keeping on. Change is what’s keeping you in the conversation and relevant. Good for you for doing that!

  20. #59

    Look at all that white space & your signature orange & blues… LOVE IT!

    (I know you’re still tweaking & have probably caught this but… you have an apostraphe (sp?) before your slogan – taking ‘crap out of scrapbooking – without another one. Was that on purpose?) sorry… just trying to be helpful not judgey

  21. #67
    Kathleen S.

    Wow! and wow, again! Talk about clean and simple, it’s a beaut! Love the colors, love the structure, and, best of all, it’s crap-less!

  22. #69

    Everything looks amazing!!! I made the switch to WP a year ago and haven’t been disappointed in it yet. I can’t even imagin how much work this was for you considering how much content you’ve created over the years. Congratulations!!

  23. #71

    congrats on the new site cathy! the design is so modern and fresh…(slightly ‘jelly’ of your 822 px width). 😉 can’t wait to see where it takes you for the next seven years!

  24. #72

    Long time reader/fan/student, infrequent commenter here– just had to say — love the new site, Cathy! The home page is nothing less than amazing! Congrats!! 🙂

    1. #72.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I love that people are commenting who don’t normally comment. I read EVERY single one. Thank you.

  25. #73

    I absolutely love your new site. It’s definitely YOU. No crap, and looks gorgeous!! 😀
    I love the new “About Cathy” section too. Ok, now I’m starting to sound like a stalker..which I assure you, I’m only a sorta one.
    Seriously, though. It deserves a what what.

  26. #77
    Audrey V

    Wow! Cathy! Awesome … you are the bomb! Yes, I’ve been reading your posts about the upcoming changes, but to be honest, I really didn’t give it much thought, or expect much. But this new site is Fabulous. Kudos! Well worth the effort, pregnancy, and birth. And it is REALLY YOU, I can feel the real Cathy voice coming through (or at least the real Cathy I think you are, lol)

  27. #78
    Leslie McLaughlin

    Congratulations! Love the new website!! I know you put so much work into this. It’s fabulous!

  28. #80

    So clean and beautiful like a kitchen renovation where you walk around touching all the perfect surfaces and admiring the newness of it all. Something like that. Love the new look but I always loved the content. You are the real deal. The world needs more Cathy Zielske. Not more Cathy Zielskes… that would be weird. I’m going to end this comment. I’m trying to say “you are awesome” but I’m not sure that is coming across.

  29. #81

    Is clapping (twice) between sentences a Minn thing or a CZ thing? That’s a lot of clapping either way. Holla! (clap clap)

  30. #82
    Christine K.

    Loving your new crib. So glad I get to come along for the journey. I’m raising my glass for a toast to you.

  31. #84
    Debra T

    Hey Cathy! Saw your post on FB and came over here to check out your new site. It looks fabulous!

    Just a heads up: Trying to follow you on Bloglovin and it shows no new posts for you within the past week 🙁

      1. #84.1.1
        Carol Anne

        Glad to know the RSS issue will be resolved soon. Feedly keeps pointing back to the old site.

        Looking forward to exploring more.

  32. #85

    Oh for cute! Definitely read everything in my Minnesotan accent! Congrats!

    Joey from Fergus Falls.

  33. #86
    Audrey V

    Ok I commented above before looking around. This is even more awesome! Every section is just great. FYI when I clicked on the “register” button for the Clean and Simple Self Paced Workshop, I was directed to the original expired workshop. I’m sure you have a few of these little things to fix. Good luck and great job!

  34. #88

    Love the new look – looks very clean and simple, the company you worked with obviously got a very clear understanding of what you are about and what you represent, so good on them – and you too.

  35. #89

    Greetings from Brazil!

    I’m a reader of your blog for a long time. Not much of a ‘commenter’ , since sometimes I’m afraid to write in English and make a huge mistake. But I’m a ‘every-day’ basis reader, and a fan since 2005, when I read the first “Clean & Simple” (still the scrapbook book I love most).

    So, congratulations for the new site, and my best wishes for you.

    1. #89.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thank you Daniella! Sorry about the Brazil loss. 🙁 Not sure if you’re a big soccer fan but we have been loving the world cup in our house.

  36. #91

    Cathy, the new site looks wonderful. I love the classic, sleek look. An exciting time for you and all of your readers. I am looking forward to visiting daily…keeping up with your life…and sharing in Aiden going off to college. So many wonderful beginnings.

  37. #92
    Carol Anne

    After spending all day today updating and working on my professional society’s web site, it was fun to come to another new WordPress site. Congratulations! Now to get my Feedly to point to the right place.

  38. #95

    Ok…hold up your glass, I am holding up mine. Reach really far from St. Paul and I will reach from Savannah. Cling!!!! Cheers to you and your new site. ( Yes you can now sip your Prosecco.)

  39. #98

    Being a big fan of “Clean & Simple”, which I refer to often, I absolutely am in love with your new site! It so reflects your style! I have made your blog my homepage. Don’t want to miss a thing! Congratulations, Cathy! Well done!

  40. #99

    Your new site is just gorgeous, clean and crisp and really fun. Well done and congratulations. I will look forward to every post!. PS thank you for the digital download!!!

  41. #102

    Cathy new new site rocks!! I just love reading your blog and your sense of humor is the bomb!!! Happy Friday!!!

  42. #104

    Woo hoo it’s arrived. Congrats, it looks great. As I was reading I thought you could also start a new career as a stand up scrapbook comedian. They say successful business comes from finding something people need but isn’t already out there. =)

    1. #104.1

      Excellent idea! Cathy is definitely the funniest scrapbooker that I’ve come across…and we’re a hilarious bunch! 😉

  43. #107

    I don’t usually comment (I’m a long-time secret stalker), but dang girl…you done good! Love you, your simple style, your digital products, your sense of humor and now your BLOG!! Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  44. #108

    I guess in a way your girl isn’t the only one that graduated this year, huh. Funny how kicking one out of the next (and silently holding on like heck while mentally begging them not to leave you) has a way of creating all sorts of change. Congratulations on the new site – it’s a beauty. But then I would expect nothing less from your creative mind. Your white space gentles my soul! LOL
    Best of luck with the new site – I’ll be eagerly checking in as usual to get my regular dose of awesome.

  45. #109

    Cathy, Your new site is FABULOUS!! It’s so clean and fresh, I just love it. Congratulations, your hard work is noticed and the wait was well worth it!!

  46. #110

    Yay! The day has finally arrived. Glad to see/read/hear (because I totally hear you saying the words in my head when I read your blog posts–is that creepy?) that you are still you! No pretense here and I love it. You are you and people can like it or not.

    One technical thing I thought I’d mention. I have a visual impairment and it would be great if there was more contrast between the black text and gray text that links to something. I can change my monitor settings, but then I won’t see your new page design in all it’s glory as you designed it. 🙂

  47. #112
    Morgan Wilson

    That “About Cathy” section may just win a “best of the web” award!! I am also a lurker/non commenter but just had to give you a what-what – Looks great around here!!

  48. #114

    Cathy, you are awesome! I have been following your blog since at least 2008…and your creating keepsakes articles longer. You are so real and human and incredibly brave for putting it all out there. I respect you so very much! And, btw, I’m on an android phone and the site looks awesome!

  49. #115

    Speaking of whats…

    WTF? Are you really going to go back and do all that work on the photos? I’m a long-time follower and a big fan, but is all that really necessary? I’d rather you spent that time waxing poetical or showing me a “new moon party” video I would have NEVER have found on my own. I was hip with “What Does the Fox Say” in my neck of the woods long before it broke big because of you. For a 51-year-old pop culture dork, it was big, really big. I love what you do, and by golly if it is in your heart to do it, by all means do so. I gently suggest that this baby will be a toddler in the wink of an eye and the past, is well, the past. Upward and onward! Your devoted cheerleader in North Carolina!

    1. #115.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Irene, I think I’m with you on the WTF. The content is still the content, big pics or not. I say upward and onward, too.

  50. #116
    Tara Whitney

    I love every single little thing that you have done with this space. This blog post is amazing.

    1. #116.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Mama. Glad you had a chance to look at it. We have a few little bugs to still sort out. But yeah, it’s good, huh?

  51. #119
    Barb in AK

    Cathy, I never had any problems navigating your old site, but this one is just awesome! Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off 🙂

  52. #120

    Hello Cathy!! SO excited for you, looks amazing and pretty and clean and AWESOME!!! I never had complaints about the old site but this one is so YOU!!! LOVE IT!! How fun to play around here now and see bigger images, YAY for me since I’m getting blinder every day.

    Enjoy and CONGRATS!!

  53. #121

    When I read your writing, I hear your voice in my head. I love that you write the way you talk. Congrats on the new website.

  54. #122

    Clean. Simple. Perfection. So worth the wait. I am holding up a glass of red wine in your honour!

  55. #128

    What what! Love the new design and really appreciate the hard work that went into it. Your contribution to the internet is one of my favorite spaces. Congrats and thank you!

  56. #130

    Wonderful site, Cathy – and it looks just as great on the iPad and iPhone as it does on the laptop. Congrats!

  57. #131

    Absolutely fabulous. Looks great, easy to navigate and your voice shouting out from every page. Be proud – it’s terrific.

  58. #133

    Your new website is very clean and it sparkles with your personality! Looking forward to more “crapfree-ness” and other more “you-i-ness” here.

  59. #136

    What What!!!

    I too have been a follower for years that doesn’t usually comment, the new site is Awesome!!

  60. #138
    Cathy Zielske

    I am SO grateful for all of your comments! I am seriously so reeked about all of this! Working to sort out a few little things and will be fixing some small stuff next week!

  61. #139

    WOW, I´m in love with your new site! Congrats! It´s so you!! Clean, sharp and gorgeous. Love the new colors, wish you much luck in this new adventure. 😉

  62. #140
    Tamera Jones

    Your new site is so AMAZING!!!
    Cathy, LOVE THIS!!! This is totally “clean & simple” with a touch of stunning. Congratulations!

  63. #142

    Love, love, love your new website! I’ve been a silent lurker and have reading your posts for years! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your amazing talents with us. Your designs have changed to way I scrapbook and how I want our family’s story to be told.

  64. #143

    I do not post much at all, but I do love reading your posts. Thank you so much for keeping everything real, the real you is so amazing! You are a talented, fun, and amazing teacher. I have been following you since way back in the day of Creating Keepsake University. I love the new site, it is so you! Clean, simple, and a little bit of sass!

  65. #145

    congratulations!! it’s beautiful! I’ve been meaning to do this for, um, 4 years now at least. you’re inspiring me! I think I started in typepad in ’04. should be a snap to transfer over, right?

  66. #146
    Frankie Easter

    Congratulations on the new site! I love how clean it is — it’s beautiful! I love reading your blog so thanks so much for sharing your talent, time and energy. Best wishes for great success in the future!

  67. #151

    I love it. Congratulations on all of the hard work. I love your writing style and sense of humour. I bet you feel relieved that the hardest part of the new site is over. Sit back and relax for a while, lol!

  68. #152
    Fran A

    You are awesome!

    It’s only natural your website, blog, newsletter would be awesome too!

    I wish you the best of luck with this new phase and a tsunami of happiness in you personal life to boot.

    Keep having a blast!


  69. #154

    Simply A-mazing! Crushing on the design BIG TIME. Definitely gets a WHAT WHAT and a WOOT WOOT! What a lovely new home! Congrats!

  70. #156
    Kathryn Benfiet

    I’ve been a fan of yours, first with Simple Scrapbooks, then your books and have been a blog reader for years…love your sense of humor and realness. Our daughter “left the nest” 3 years ago to join the Marines so I do know some of what you’re feeling except that mine isn’t within driving distance. Anyway…this new blog/website is truly one of the most beautiful aesthetically pleasing sites I’ve ever seen. Two thumbs way up…congratulations on this new endeavor. You’ve done yourself proud!

  71. #157

    Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say the new site looks amazing, and I have to say, it looks much more in line with how you scrapbook too! I’ve had a look around and I have to say that I’m very impressed with it all so far 🙂

  72. #158
    Holly Corbett

    This looks fabulous! And has been so fun to browse through today! I’m lovin’ the simplicity of it all! Your hard work has paid off!

  73. #160

    Congrats, Cathy!

    You bring da’ FUN to scrapbook fundamentals!

    Love learning about you, your family, and your craft. Already signed up for the newsletter.


  74. #163

    It’s Beautiful! Congrats on a great result from your hard work. Love the new larger, clearer, photo viewer. Any way to move the Instagram link to the top, instead of scrolling to the bottom? By the way, I just looked up all your Slovenia photos the other day, because I remembered how beautiful they were.

  75. #165

    Your new site is amazing. Congratulations. Thanks so much for everything you do and share. It is much appreciated.

  76. #166
    Cathy Zielske

    I just wanted to post a huge thank you to all of your comments. I’m still working out a few bugs (comments are not coming to my email, contact form not working, plus a few others) but I am so buoyed by the reception. 🙂

  77. #168

    You crack me up! I love it. I really love this new website. its so clean and pretty! a pretty little baby you have here. Glad to hear its wearing a helmet! 🙂 lol!!!!!!!

  78. #169

    Congratulations! I’ve been a follower of your scrapbooking for years, just never commented. The website looks fantastic. All the best with your new direction. 🙂 SueT. (San Jose, CA)

  79. #170

    I absolutely love your style and this website reflects you so well. (in my opinion!:) Wish you the best and thanks for all the wonderful inspiration over the years. I have followed you for years but never commented. Thanks for continuing to provide us with great ideas and sharing your life with us.

  80. #173

    Beautiful!! Stylish. And I love all the white space. 🙂 If only Feedly would let me add your site to my feed, it would be perfect…

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