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Project Life has fallen off my To Do list. It happens. Life gets busy. Work demands to be done. Apparently clean clothes and food are required on some level, too. So the other day, I sat down and decided to knock out six weeks in one shot. One of the things I decided this year is that a single page per week is plenty. Yes, some weeks I’ve gone with a spread because of the sheer number of photos I had. But by and large, I’ve been a one page a week kind of girl. That, and a digital girl. At least for 2014.  I’m still not completely sure what I’ll do at year’s end. Make a digital book? Maybe. Just order prints and put them into a traditional binder? Possibly. I’m still working that one out. In the mean time, here’s a look at the pages I made in about an hour, give or take.
In Week 28, I made my own simple journal card by dragging a copy of the text from the weekly wrap up down, and adding a simple digital brush and clipping it into the card layer mask. Also, every photo on this page comes courtesy of my iPhone 5. And in Week 29, I filled one card space with some solid color and a digital stamp.
Sometimes, a little teen privacy is needed for the online sharing. If you ever need a little teen privacy, download my Privacy Labels set for free. The post includes a tutorial on how to use them and how to blur out what you need to keep private.
One thing I did in Weeks 31 and 32 was to merge some of the center photo masks to create larger ones. It’s pretty simple to do. You simple drag one center handle of a mask over the one next to it to enlarge its size, then select both layers and merge them together. Easy peasy. It made sense for Week 32 where the visual focus was all on the Ultimate tournament both kids played in last weekend.

Sigh. Aidan’s last pre-college sporty event thingie.

And with that, I’m caught up. I’ll probably let it slide over the next few weeks, what with the impending college drop off coming. But I know I can catch up when I need to.

To see a bit more into my process and how I organize my Project Life photos, watch this video.


Cathy ZielskeCatching up with Project Life

26 Comments on “Catching up with Project Life”

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    Question: In Week #28, are those digital letters that spell out Cathy or actual wood letters? Great catch up!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Heidi, yes! Wood letters! They came from the Studio Calico kit from two months ago. SC has some cool stuff in the kits. 🙂

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    Amanda Villagómez

    I couldn’t help but think about similarities as I read. I am also doing a digital album again this year and have mainly been doing one page/week, with some exceptions. And, this year at some points I have been more behind than ever before. However, somewhere along the way in the summer I have been doing it on Sundays again week to week. We’ll see how long that lasts once the school year hits.

    I knew from the start that I would do a Shutterfly album like I did last year.

    I’m so glad that you included the supply link at the bottom. I have also been trying to decide what is in store for 2015, whether to continue with digital or switch back with paper. Seeing your layouts made me think about sticking with digital but going with a new look. I like your square edges, as a change from the rounded edges. Toward the end of the year that I did paper digital life, I realized how I liked putting in the pictures without rounding them at times. Now I can do that once again with your templates.

    One thing that I do miss about paper versions though is the ability to have one 12×12 picture and then cut it up and put in the individual squares. Do you by chance have a grid template where I would be able to put enlarged photos to see through the grid (something similar to Ali’s grid templates ( but with the same look of the templates that you have created here? Then they would have a consistent look but be a grid rather than clipping masks.

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      Stacey Harrington

      Amanda, Cathy has great PL templates. If you want to use a 12 x 12 photo and cut it up so it looks like a grid, here’s what I do (there’s probably a simpler way). Open a CZ template, drag your photo onto it and then duplicate that photo layer as many times as you have photo masks. So, for the page like the Ultimate page above you would have six. Then just move one photo layer above each photo mask layer and then clip it. That way the photo will be in exactly the same position so it will match when you are all done clipping and it will look like a grid. Hope that helps!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Amanda, another thing you can do: open any of my Life Basics Minimals templates. Shift + Click to select ALL layers except the background, and then Merge those layers into one layer (Layer > Merge Layers, or Command or Control + E in PSE). Instant mosaic!

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        Amanda Villagómez

        Thanks Cathy. I just barely noticed your response. I posted a note for myself on my calendar to revisit your post to remind myself to use your templates and found your comment. I am excited to try that tip!

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    Your single page per week PL layouts have inspired me! I was feeling guilty that sometimes I don’t have enough photos for a 2-page spread, and for whatever reason it didn’t occur to me that a one page spread is just fine! So this year, I’m about half and half. It’s freeing! 🙂 Thanks, Cathy!

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    Michele H.

    Beautiful pages Cathy!

    I’m loving the idea of one-pagers, so do-able. I really need to do something with my photos (currently living on my phone).

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    LOVE your Project Life. Seriously. It’s what got me so hopelessly addicted to your site. Well, that, plus so much else. But your PL just plain makes me happy for you 🙂

    (BTW, do you want to know when there are typos? I thought I’d ask before I point out anything. I’m not quite brave enough to just throw them out there 😉 )

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      Cathy Zielske

      Point ’em out. I am a horrible proofreader. Not one of my strongest skills. Also, I run a spell check on every one of these, but that doesn’t mean it catches them! 🙂

      1. #6.1.1

        I’m only good at proofreading my own stuff after I’ve clicked “submit” or “send.” Naturally 😀

        Week 29 – “my my Slovakian web guy”. Not a spelling error, just a duplicate word instead of the two words you wanted. It should be “with my Slovakian web guy,” I’m thinking.

        Week 32 – “So grateful to watch this kids play.” These kids, I suspect you mean. If not, then “this kid play.”

        Just wanting to save you some ink 😉

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            Yay! 🙂

            Thank you, once again, for sharing these pages with us. I don’t know why they enthrall me the way they do, but who am I to argue? 😀

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    Thanks for the privacy labels! What a great idea. I will definitely use those. I love your pages. Thanks for the “permission” to do a single page a week. Sometimes I make so many rules for myself and neglect to realize it’s ok to take it on a week to week basis and just do what fits.

    And, I love seeing so many pictures of Aidan in your spreads. I know you are going to miss her.

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    Isn’t that a great feeling to just get caught up in one sitting? Digital is amazing that way, but I must admit I’ve been doing almost all paper scrapping. I didn’t read all of your journaling, but I did notice a typo on week 28 “a whole knew chapter”. Another great thing about digital – easy to fix!

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    I just figured it out. What it is that I love about your PL pages. It’s that the whole family is represented on nearly every page. It’s not just about the kids, it’s about your family as one cohesive unit. I struggle to get photos of my husband and some of my kids. If my oldest was in one photo per month I considered it a success. In the same respect, I very rarely turn the camera on myself, so really, who is to blame here? I’d love some tips in a blog post, both of getting cooperation and genuine shots and of taking self portraits. I want to tell the whole story. Thanks for sharing your pages!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Well that makes me smile! And it reminds me that we as memory keepers are often missing from our stories. It’s so true. I will definitely be talking about this more in the next few weeks! In fact, my next class which launches in just a few weeks (registration, anyway) is all about making an album about you!

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    I just enjoy looking at your pages. I also love the one page spreads for just one week. I should do that to catch up seeing I am 10 weeks behind.

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    You’re an inspiration. I watched your Best Practices for Digital PL video and it just motivated me to JUST DO IT. It should be easy (relatively). It should be stress free. It should be meaningful and aesthetically pleasing without any pressure to be perfect or over-thunk (haha, couldn’t resist – that’s what happens when you over-think something, your head kinda goes “thunk!” and then you spend so much time on senseless detail that nothing gets finished.) So thank you for sharing your process, and I must say I enjoy seeing how your style has changed from 2013 to now; I like the 2014 look, it suits you perfectly. I can never help but wonder: if something like that works so well, how on earth will one improve on it next year? Guess I’ll wait and see, you never cease to amaze. 😉

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