Make a page monday: Go big or go home

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STORY OF THE PAGE: Aidan and Cole wrapped up their summer sports season with a national Ultimate tournament held in Blaine, Minn., two weekends ago. For those of you who don’t know Ultimate, it’s played with discs (also known as Frisbees). It’s like soccer and Frisbee all wrapped up into one. And it’s seriously such an awesome sport. We had a gorgeous weekend to watch two full days of play and me and my zoom lens were there to capture a few of the moments. I wanted to do something I haven’t done in ages: design a two-page spread. Secondly, I wanted to fill it with my favorite shots from the weekend. #nailedit
DESIGN BREAKDOWN: This layout features a predominately asymmetrical design. One big image on the left is balanced out with several smaller images on the right. However, if you take the visual content in as a whole, each side of the spread is in essence filled equally. This creates a very stable feel to the internally asymmetrical design. I’ve included white space both on the outer margins as well as on the right page within the collage areas. That narrow white margin between all photos serves to link visually to the framing white space on the outside. Plus, it links to the white in the title and the subtitle on the right page.

This brings us to the repetition. We have title styles repeated and journaling block styles repeated. Notice the slight see-through effect on both of them? That creates a visual link between the two pages. Finally, I added three little stars and enamel dots. Just to have a little something scrapbook-y on the spread. I mounted each on a pop dot for a little more visual interest. I kept the fonts simple and the journaling fills the journal block exactly.
TECHNICAL SHIT: I used a digital template as my base, dropped in all the photos and journaling and then sent them to print on my printer. I trimmed around the edges of each page and simply mounted them onto white card stock. This is about as digital-to-hybrid as you can get.

SENTIMENTAL SHIT: This is Aidan’s final sports event before she leaves for college. At Ultimate, all teams do a hand-shake line at the end. It’s part of what is called The Spirit of the Game. Even at the highest competitive level, teams still show tremendous sportsmanship. I couldn’t help but feel like this just happened yesterday.
Time is a bullet train, people.

NOTE: Make a Page Monday will often feature one of my CZ Design templates as a base. To learn more about using a digital template to create a hybrid page, watch this video.


Cathy ZielskeMake a page monday: Go big or go home

34 Comments on “Make a page monday: Go big or go home”

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    Absolutely love the see through title. I’ve done that for journalling blocks (thanks to one of your fabulous tutorials) but never thought to do that for a title. Duh! Thanks for the inspiration…again.

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    Thanks for sharing – love it as usual. You captured some fab shots. The blast from the past of Aidan is freakin’ adorable.

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Cheri, that’s ultimate too. Seeing a group of teenagers do the same? Warms the heart.

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    I so enjoy your documenting your children’s lives. I need to do the same. I did get my photos for first day of high school for my 15 year old and my senior! They are growing up so fast!

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    I spotted this while checking out the summer sale items at DD and I had to have it right away. Love this design. Also, please more SHIT blog section headers. Random acts of cursing from middle aged momma scrapbookers brings me joy.

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    Love it! I picked up quite a few of your templates this past weekend to do my own Make it Mondays (without all the design tips – because – well – I have no tips on design as I’m not a designer); but I like the idea of keeping up with traditional (digital) scrapbooking in addition to my Project Life.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Lilli! How cool is that? Cole traded with one of the Colorado U16 boys for his jersey! How cool is that?

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    I love this design – it is simple and stunning at the same time. I wish I could buy your templates and use them for my yearly photo books but it is difficult to find places that will print 8.5*11 for some reason. Guess, I’ll have to make a template inspired by this gorgeous page 😉

    1. #10.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I really should make more 12 x 12 designs, but I do not use that size personally. I will make this into a 12 x 12 and put it into the store this week! 🙂 Keep an eye out for it.

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    Well, you don’t have to make it on my account since I much prefer this size. It is simply that I use Blurb for my books and they (and many other similar companies) use 8*10 – or something close to those measurements – rather than the standard scrapbooking 8,5*11 🙂 So I was merely wishing I could just buy and use your templates since your style is absolutely perfect when see through the eyes of a clean line loving Dane 😉

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    Me again – I loved the template so much I decided to buy it and see if I could make it work. I sure hope you don’t mind that I alter the template slightly (only for my own use obviously). It just makes making blurb-books more fun and pretty using your stunning templates.

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    Lynne Moore

    Love Ultimate; my husband used to play in college. Do they still referee themselves? That was a big part of the culture is the players from both teams makes the calls and use an honor system.

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    Kim Smith

    Awesome spread, Cathy, with excellent action shots! Love the journaling too, but I think what I love most is you tell us why you design the way you do. I get it, finally, and its all thanks to you!

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    Michelle t

    You are awesome! I just love your personality. I love this layout, too. The way the photos are placed, everything looks so right. I, too, have been so crazy aware of the passage of time. My boys are going into their sophomore year in high school. Ill blink and it will be time for college. Yeah, very aware… Michelle t

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    So many Ultimate memories 😉 – my husband played a co-ed city league team for years, and even I, the non-athlete played one summer when my youngest was 6 months old and immobile still. Ended up being one of 2 women on that team which meant we played constantly!! Our team was called the Heavy Breathers…I’d never run so much in my life! After that summer I realized I could enjoy a break at home from parenting during practices and games by sending off my kids to play and hang out with the team and other kids—woo hoo, easy babysitting! I hope your kids play many years, and enjoy the camaraderie that’s part of Ultimate!

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    Ahh…Ultimate! My husband who is now 47 played all through high school, college, and his adult years. Alas, ultimate caused the demise of his ACL and meniscus this last spring, so the Ultimate career is over I fear! 🙂

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    OMG Cathy! That picture of Aidan as a little one almost made me cry and she’s not even my daughter! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful pages and awesome post as always!

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      Cathy Zielske

      He’s the first kid to the right of the woman in the gray sweatshirt. Yep. Aidan was taller. Not so much the case anymore.

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    Ooohhh..the template is on sale today 🙂 I’ll be purchasing that! Also, thanks so much for linking the Canon zoom lens you used. Have you used it a lot for sporting events? How do you like it? I’m thinking about getting it for my kids sporting events (soccer and basketball).

    1. #21.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yes, the 12 x 12 is on sale!

      I use that lens only for sports. And it’s decent. Meaning, I take a TON of shots, and usually get some good ones. But, if I had endless money, oh, I’d totally buy the L Series 70-200 zoom. But that is not in mama’s budget for this year. Possibly ever.

      1. #21.1.1

        I think “decent” works for me and my budget as well 😉 Good point on taking a ton of pics. Often the pics look great viewed on the camera but are really blurry as hell :/ Thanks!

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    Lovely couple of pages as usual. thank you for taking the time to ‘explain’ why it’s pleasing to the eye. I’m trying to understand design more than putting stuff on the page.

    Congrats on getting back out there and walking. (spending some time with you reviewing posts). It’s all about commitment to yourself – which woman have trouble with sometimes.

    Good luck with week taking baby girl to college. Shed as many tears as you want. Love is a strong emotion..mama.


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