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THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win a copy of the Brainiac Collection from Scotty Girl Design. Document back to school with this collection that’s full of hand drawn doodles and beautiful fall colors.

ABOUT SCOTTY GIRL DESIGN: Shannon, the designer behind SGD, is a full-time freelance designer with a passion for typography, geometric prints, and lots of color. Although a perfectionist at heart, Shannon’s scrapbook mantra is “A beautiful thing is never perfect”, and that includes her scrapbook pages. She loves sharing helpful scrapbooking tips, DIY projects, and yummy recipes on her blog, as well as her own scrapbook layouts.

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TO ENTER: Leave me a comment and tell me one story you’re needing to scrapbook. I’ll choose a winner on Sunday night.



This giveaway is now closed. Check back to see if you’re a winner.

Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway: Scotty Girl Design

45 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway: Scotty Girl Design”

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    My story I need to scrapbook now would be about my little granddaughter getting ready to start Kindergarten – a story about her at this time of her life – what she says – what she does – her likes – her dislikes. Thanks, Cathy, for the opportunity to win!

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    I love this kit by Shannon! I am excited to scrap the kids going back to school (1st and 4th grade). My daughter loves school and is so excited for it to start next week.

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    I need to scrapbook my four sons’ first day of school this year. We were lucky enough to have their grandfather visiting from out of state at the time – it was an emotional day for this mama.

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    Theresa Grdina

    The teacher in me is yelling “BACK TO SCHOOL!!! YAY!!!” Great kit!! LOVE the layouts shown, too!!! Gonna go check out Scotty Girl……

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    Morning Dew

    My 6 year old is starting first grade this year. He looks really cool with his first jacket and tie!

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    Kim W

    I need to tell the story of my wonderful Dad who passed away a few years ago. It has taken me some time to be ready to scrapbook his story, now it’s time….

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    What a beautiful kit! I need to scrapbook my wedding. It’s been 11 years, I think it’s long enough!

  8. #10

    My child’s photos of a holiday across the pond have been sitting on my desktop for a year now. Would be really sweet to send pages to his hosts as we’ll be visiting them in two months, eh?

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    i need to scrapbook my daughters entire school career to date. She just started sixth grade last week. I have everything saved but not scrapped. This would be just the kit to help me do that in a cute, fun and fast way!

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    I intend to scrapbook a story of how two of my children have recently gotten their drivers licenses and the car we recently purchased from a family member for them to drive. The car has an interesting history.
    Love Scotty Girl products — this back to school kit is adorable — I’ll have a few “back to school stories to tell as well” (the last on for my 12th grader!)

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    I need to scrap my son’s new start at high school (here in Quebec, Canada high school is grades 7 through 11). He is making the leap from elementary school to a big huge high school, uniforms and all! Exciting, scary and proud moment for parents and child alike.

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    I’m mostly caught up on scrapbooking for public consumption. But I have yet to really put down how my wedding (last year) felt from my perspective. I have the kit and the photos; I’m just not ready to cry yet.

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    I need/want to scrapbook a thank you album for my son’s teacher (on behalf of the class). This is her last term with the class and I have less than 5 weeks to get it done. She is such a treasure and inspiration to the kids. This year she is 50 and heading to NY (from Australia) to run the New York Marathon.

  14. #18
    KarYn Allen

    I have many stories to tell – but I want to write about the birth of each of my three wonderful boys.


  15. #20
    Michelle t

    I’m a little behind, as I’m not a chronological scrapper. Next on my list is my boys’ graduation from 8th grade, a couple piano recitals, last Halloween, and this summer. Thanks very much for a chance to win. It’s a great collection and I have lots of school stories to tell. Thanks again. Michelle t

  16. #21

    Oh dear there are so many I need to tell…. right now my space has the beginnings of a family day walk layout but that will probably get put aside so I can do a smash book about my summer trip to the northwest. Then it will be time for a grade 7 layout for my sons school book… its a big year for him starting a new school (middle school) and riding a bus. Think momma is more nervous than he is!!

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    Theresa E.

    As usual, I need to catch up on my project life album. Not much got done this summer, so as soon as the kids go back to school I need to get working. Once I get caught up, I want to do a pocket style album for each with school highlights. It would be nice to get those done before the holidays, but I’m not going to stress if it’s not.

  18. #24

    Jessica incredible blog post on depression has encouraged me to create a page about my journey.

  19. #25

    the geek and cool words are so cute!
    I have a nine year old geeky girl who just loves her iPad, computer games and minecraft. This kit would be awesome!

    thanks for the chance to play Cathy

  20. #27

    If I win this kit, I’d use it to document how much my 2nd grade daughter loves school and how hard the summer has been for her to be home instead of in school. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. #28
    Jacenda G.

    Well, with it being back to school time, I’m feeling the need to get the boys school years organized and this would be a great help! Thanks!

  22. #29

    I want to scrapbook my school pictures – from 50 years ago! My elementary pictures.
    Before my life went sideways for several years. To document the happy years.

  23. #31

    I need to tell the story of our daughter, a teacher who has been out of the classroom where she shines and inspires, due to her mental health and drug issues. I need to record this from my perspective.

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    I’m a mom and my husband and I are both teachers, so there are lots of ways I could use school themed scrappy goodness! Right now I have back to school pics to scrap as well as me moving into a brand new high school layouts to do!

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    Sarah W

    I need to scrapbook the story of the first year of my daughter that we adopted. I have already scrapbooked the adoption process and being China but not the first year.

  26. #34
    Dawn F.

    What a great kit! I need to finish my book about our trip to Las Vegas from 6 years ago. I started it and then got intimidated as it was a surprise trip my husband planned for my 40th birthday. I really want to do it justice but at the same time just want to get it done to enjoy the memories.

  27. #35

    I want to scrapbook my kids school years, a time before I actively scrapbooked. I purchased your digital school album and want to get that started!

  28. #36

    I need to scrap a few pages of the fun we’ve had this summer. My parents have been ill, stayed with us for a long while, and their sad stories seem more memorable than the fun stories for the kids. I want the kids to see we’ve done lots of fun things too.

  29. #37

    These are gorgeous!

    I have so much I need to scrap, but probably the most important story still untold in my scrapbooks is finding, and connecting with, my half-sisters last year. They’re awesome, and I am so lucky to have them in my life now!

  30. #38

    I could use this amazing collection to scrapbook my 2 sons heading back to school. One will be a freshman and the other for his first year of middle school. Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. #40

    I need to scrapbook a page to motivate myself to get back to healthy eating: I will entitle it ‘CRAP-SCRAPPING’ it came to me as I opened my pantry and spied ‘crappy’ foods which I should not be buying or feeding my family (save for the treats-times!) . . . I thought it was a fun take on the issue as I refer to my scrapbooking as ‘scrapping’ . . .

  32. #42

    My youngest son is going to an other school. It’s really exciting for him aswell for me. Love to scrap all the school pictures.

  33. #43
    Melinda Wilson

    I need to complete a layout on “the pleasures of driving a school bus”!! It can be a headache but I have some of the funniest kids at times on my bus and some of my reactions.

  34. #44

    I don’t *need* to scrapbook anything 🙂 but I have a layout idea for my older daughter’s fear of mustache icons when she was around 2.5. She nearly pitched a fit when I showed her some Hambly paper with mustaches on it at the craft store.

  35. #45
    Cheryl :)

    Stopped scrapbooking when our daughter went to school. Just put everything in boxes and kept a journal. These would really be fun to use… esp. with Cathy’s School Albums. Thanks for the chance!!!

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