Sponsor Giveaway: Mye De Leon Digital Designs

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THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win the entire Piazza Collection from My De Leon Digital Designs.

ABOUT MYE: Mye De Leon designs a wide array of digital scrapbook products that caters to digital scrappers, pocket scrapbookers and hybrid crafters. She has an eye for mixing bright colors with neutrals, bold patterns with smaller scale ones and flat elements with realistic ones so that every scrapper will find creating more fun. Mye and her talented creative team love sharing inspirations, scrapbook and photography tutorials as well as personal stories in her blog.

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TO ENTER: Leave me a comment and tell me what you’ll be doing this weekend for fun and relaxation. Me? I’ll be at a national Ultimate Frisbee tournament on Saturday and Sunday.

This giveaway is now closed. Please check back to see if you’re a winner.

Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway: Mye De Leon Digital Designs

100 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway: Mye De Leon Digital Designs”

  1. #1

    I really like Mye De Leon’s designs, they are so colorful and pretty 🙂
    This weekend will probably involve some pizza and some downtime to scrap vacation photos. I can’t wait!!!

  2. #2

    LOVE this collection! Wkend fun? Trail walks w my beloved old guy…. that would be the four-legged one. 🙂 A bike ride, a trail run & maybe a little Yoga… strangely I do consider that fun. A golf game w DH. And he promised a date night dining out. All good. (And hopefully some PL catching up).
    Cathy – are you still doing PL? Wondering if your love of Monday pgs is ‘taking over’?
    Ps … Good luck to kids in tournament!

  3. #4
    Amy K

    Fun? My daughter’s high school graduation party at my house! Party starts at 3! I am a proud mama!! I’ve never done digital scrapbooking but would love to learn. I have my daughters 3 scrapbooks out today for her party…brith to now!
    Relaxation will come tomorrow..with sleep and a Sunday afternoon walk.

  4. #5
    Ingrid D

    Love it and am currently working on a PL album for my son at 16. Her blog has lots of helpful hints!!

  5. #7

    What a colorful collection! I will try to catch up on my 2013 PL album (just a little behind!) and do some paddle boarding this weekend!

  6. #8
    Ruth G

    Fabulous kit! I’ll be working on a very belated Father’s Day card for my FIL (his choice to wait until now to celebrate) and enjoy some date time with my hubby while the kids are with a different set of grandparents and their cousins! Fun for everyone this weekend!

  7. #10

    What a lovely collection! I’m doing the domestic duties this weekend – housework, washing and grocery shopping. Not exciting, but necessary nonetheless.

  8. #11

    I was just drooling over this kit yesterday! Weekend fun for me will be painting my bedroom (yes, really, that will be fun as I’ve lived with its ugly red walls for way too long. Weekend not so fun will be prep for Monday’s colonoscopy.

  9. #12

    Among training, weeding, mulching, and swimming, I’ll be picking up my daughter from the airport and we’ll be downloading her summer’s worth of pics and telling stories! She’d love this set!

  10. #13

    Not sure whether this weekend should be categorised as fun or relaxing! Turning 50 . . . feeling a whole mix of emotions, to be honest . . . hoping there are some fun & some relaxing bits in the weekend, though. Catching up on the last few weeks of PL is on the agenda somewhere – oh, and trying a ‘scrap lift’ of your Layered Template 126 for me at 49years, though I don’t have a silhouette cutter, so will have to improvise (or cut very neatly) – whatever – I need to get the page done quickly! I loved the one you shared on your blog some while ago. Thank you, as always, for your inspiration . . .

  11. #14

    This is tooooo much!! Awesome designs.. Crisp, fresh and bright! Thanks for the chance to win.. Would make my day!


  12. #15

    Owh.. and I will be just relaxing preparing for work again this monday.. Vacation is over… 🙁

  13. #16
    Kristin J

    I’ll be organizing the garage. Not a super fun task, but it will feel so good when it’s done!

    Great collection! I would love to add it to mine.

  14. #18

    This collection looks awesome!
    As for this weekend? Working my way through my to-read list before college starts again in a few weeks, and maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in some scrappy time too 😉

  15. #20
    Ruth Tacoma

    We are just home from a vacation to Montana, so I will be doing laundry. But gladly because it was a great vacation!

  16. #22
    Kathi H

    Friends coming in from out of town. We will be hanging out on the lake. Cook out and having a great time. Then I’ll need a vacation! 🙂

  17. #23
    Jodell Vidas

    Celebrating my birthday with my family. Will include ice-cream from Nelson’s in St Paul!

  18. #24
    Tammy Davis

    I will be tackling some problem areas in my home that definitely need attention! It may not be relaxing while I am doing it, but it will definitely make me happy later! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful kit!

  19. #25
    Mandy E.

    This weekend my mom and I will be pickling some cucumbers and then tomorrow I plan to relax and work on my project life scrapbooks 🙂 thank you for the chance to win this lovely set!

  20. #26
    Angela M

    We are heading to the cottage this weekend. What could be better than relaxing on the beach, swimming in the lake, fishing with the kids, and then watching the sunset! Life can t get any better than that! I love to scrapbook our lake memories!

  21. #27

    Just came home from our vacation to Italy 🙁 Would have love to stay somewhat longer. This weekend will all be about washing clothes, cleaning the car and remembering our beautiful holliday.

  22. #28
    Theresa Grdina

    Once a month a group of us (there are 12) get together and scrapbook. We have rented a room in a community building and we meet there. We scrapbook from 10am until 5pm. We have been together about 7 years now. (We were together longer but that’s when our lss closed down and we had to move elsewhere!!) It’s lots of fun!!!

  23. #31
    jenny W

    This collection is fabulous!!! would love it. Thanks for the chance 🙂 Down time this weekend, involves catching up on sleep (boring I know) and spending some time with my honey whos been away for a month and is finally home on Sunday!!!

  24. #32

    I would love to win this Digital Scrapbook set. I am hoping to spend some time with some of my grandchildren this weekend. Grandkids are the best! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  25. #36
    Tiffany M.

    This weekend we will be finishing up a bathroom renovation, but for fun? Enjoying the last few days until school being lazy!

  26. #38
    Brenda Howell

    This kit would be perfect for this weekend!!!
    Why?? Because I am at a Pez gathering and theses bright colors
    will be perfect for all the Pez I will be getting!!

  27. #39
    Terri Torrez

    I’m up against a big deadline at work so I don’t know if I’ll get any rest and relaxation this weekend. But if I do, I’ll be playing the new RPG, Divinity: Original Sin.

  28. #41
    Michelle t

    Awesome giveaway. I love the colors. Ultimate Frisbee sounds like a lot of fun. I have laid back weekend. Just some laundry, creative time, take the kids to the pool. Stuff like that. Thanks for s chance to win. Michelle t

  29. #42

    Me? Relaxing? We will be fitting my dd dress and packing her up for her last year at UW-Madison…Relax…yea right 🙂

  30. #43

    I will be outside with my family all day long and in the afternoon I will relax with a glass of wine and scrap digital about our mallorca journey.

  31. #44

    I recently started digital scrapbooking and would love to add Mye De Leon’s collection to my small but growing digital product selection. This weekend I’ll be working on a digital recipe book for my daughter Jamie’s 25th birthday.

  32. #45

    Fun and relaxation? I guess that was date night last night with my hubby (some Target shopping (ha), dinner at HuHot, and Guardians of the Galaxy (excellent!)). Today – driving my way towards Glacier NP. Will get to Billings, MT tonight and tackle the rest of the way tomorrow. Thanks for the chance!

  33. #46
    Peggy M

    “Relaxation?” Ha! We’ve got our house on the market so I’m carting the cat & dog around during the appointment showings. The best relaxing I’ll get will be looking for blackout curtains for our new bedroom. As so much of my scrapping stuff has been packed since March, I’ve become better at digital scrapbooking and *LOVE* Mye’ s digital designs! What an awesome giveaway!

  34. #47

    This weekend I’ll be in the house scrapbooking while we pray hurricane Julio doesn’t hit the islands.

  35. #49

    Great give away!! Well i will be working most of the weekend but hoping maybe to sit around a fire pit this evening. A girl can always hope right?

  36. #51

    Hubby & I are headed to wine country to pick up our peanut from camp Gramma & Grampa 😉 we’ll spend the night & hang with the in-laws for a bit, but mostly looking forward to hugging the peanut (she’s been there the whole week!) 🙂 Have fun frisbee-ing 🙂

  37. #55
    Kim W

    I will be enjoying the sunshine and taking some walks along the walking trails in our area. Sometimes the best weekends are when you stay close to home and enjoy what’s right in your backyard!

  38. #57

    What an awesome collection! I’ll be celebrating the life of a girl who passed away in January. She would have been 22 tomorrow. She had a heart transplant in Nov of 2012 and rejected the heart 13 days before her one yr anniversary. She was put on a mechanical heart to await another heart, but we lost her two months later. She was like a daughter to us.

  39. #60

    Relaxing after a fabulous week away in the Cotswolds, restarting my project life and completing a patchwork square. My type of weekend

  40. #61

    I’ll be working in the garden and at the same time entertaining my 4 year old princess and probably chasing my just learning how to walk 1 year old son!

  41. #64

    Awesome – I need more digital resources. This weekend, I’ll be spending time with my daughter, my niece and her children from another state. They are having fun at MOA and we’ll meet for dinner. Sunday will be chores as usual.

  42. #66
    Tess S.

    Trying to recover from a summer cold that took over the last week and finishing “The Book of Life”.

  43. #67

    I’m attending my cousin’s beautiful Salt Lake City wedding! Thanks so much for the chance to win. Love your blog and love this kit from Mye.

  44. #68

    Nice digital stuff by Mye De Leon. Love the color palette. I went on a 3 hour hike this morning for fun. My legs and hips didn’t think it was so fun though! Resting the rest of the weekend with a little card making and cookie baking. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me.

  45. #69
    Christine K.

    I am spending my weekend remembering the 40th anniversary of the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon by viewing youtube vid’s of said person.

  46. #72

    This weekend I’m hanging out with my godchildren. Never has a game of swing ball been so hotly contested!

  47. #73

    For fun I’ll be off to the school spring fete – always a great fun day. For relaxation, I’ll be sleeping in between night shifts in the premature baby ward.

  48. #78
    Donna Hooper

    Playing with my Silhouette, designing and making cards… what other relaxation would a girl want?

  49. #82
    Lynn Lynn

    Watching a football scrimmage and getting my oldest son ready to leave for college on Thursday!!

  50. #83

    Sorting out all my digi folders into sub-folders so I can easily find what I want. Also cooking and baking with Bruce Springsteen playing in the background.

  51. #84

    Love those colours and designs!

    I’m about to start cutting 100 sheets of paper into 1.5cm squares! The volunteer jobs we do for our children’s school. : )

  52. #88

    We are Just back from Italy. Love this country. My weekend: doing the laundry :-(, ironing and faulding, putting everything in place. And… relaxing with your beautiful new blog. I love it 🙂

  53. #89
    Suzy Ordahl

    I will be at Irish Fair in Minnesota. Taking my 6 year old granfson. So much fun. Thanks for opportunitie. I am new to your blog and love it!

  54. #90
    Sue Alger

    I’m so excited because this weekend we are hosting a family reunion for my family. We haven’t all been together for over 7 years.

  55. #92

    My 9 year old just did an Ultimate Frisbee camp!
    Yesterday we spent the day at Valley Fair, today we are hanging at home then headed to Chutes & Ladders to meet up with some friends for outdoor games and a picnic…if the rain holds off.

  56. #93

    I painted a locker for my son’s bedroom yesterday. Looking forward to finishing up that bad boy. Today I am taking said son to our fall fair and carnival. Give me strength!

  57. #94

    Spending the weekend in kelowna,bc with my wonderful hubby and my two wonderful teenagers. Our son heads off to college soon so trying to get as much time together as possible.

  58. #97

    I love Mye’s designs… this is the only ICM kit that I hevn’t bought upon release due to a too tight budget so it would be awesome to win 😀
    The week-end will be spent with my parents & my sister, celebrating my Dad’s 65th birthday 🙂

  59. #98

    Just getting into digital/hybrid scrapbooking so these giveaways get me excited. As for this weekend. Went fishing and had a picnic yesterday. Today I am scraping and watching a little tangled and toy story with my 2 year old. Should be fun

  60. #100

    Just returned from a week-long camping trip at Crater Lake, so yesterday was 8 hours driving and today I am mostly doing laundry. Might get myself a new iPhone.

    Love all the bright colors in this package!

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