Sponsor Giveaway: Capture Your Life Through the Lens with Katrina Kennedy

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THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win a seat in Katrina Kennedy’s popular class Your Life Captured Through The Lens.

ABOUT THE CLASS: Are you neglecting your dSLR? Did you spend your hard earned money only to shove it into a closet so you can use your phone? Get that camera out!

It’s time you take creative control of your dSLR and create photos YOU LOVE! Your Life Captured Through The Lens is a seven-week online class that will get your camera out of the closet and your settings off auto!

In six lessons scheduled over seven weeks, you’ll explore your camera’s buttons and dials. In each lesson you receive technical and composition instruction with practical exercises to get you shooting.

This is a 7 week, online class that begins August 11th, 2014. Written and video lessons are posted each Monday. Katrina Kennedy will lead two live webinars to answer your questions and guide you to creative success. Webinars are recorded in case your life makes it difficult to show up at a particular time. For more details, click here.

Katrina Kennedy’s passion is capturing life’s everyday moments. She knows her way around a camera and has a knack for teaching you how to use yours. She has helped thousands of students get the most out of their cameras through her on-line classes and FREE daily email prompts.

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TO ENTER: Tell me what your favorite photo is from this past week. I’ll choose a winner at random on Sunday night.

This giveaway is now closed. Check back to see if you’re a winner.




Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway: Capture Your Life Through the Lens with Katrina Kennedy

123 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway: Capture Your Life Through the Lens with Katrina Kennedy”

  1. #1
    Alison Foster

    My favourite photo from this week is one taken by my brother. Captioned ” return to the office”, it’s a photo of the helicopter he flies. Not a bad office!

  2. #2
    Ainslie H

    My favourite photo this week was taken on Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia of the sunset over the water. The colours in this photo have to be seen to be believed. It certainly soothes my soul whenever I look at it 🙂

  3. #3

    The picture of my Breakfast Club…a group from high school days. We have been meeting for over 45 years……yikes am I old or what?

  4. #4

    Thank you for the chance to win! My favourite photo from this week is one I took of the amazing Sydney sunset during the week. So pretty!

  5. #5

    This sounds neat, Cathy! My favorite photo this week is from an early morning walk I took through our neighborhood park. Sun shining through the trees just right and incredibly peaceful.

  6. #6

    Looks like a green class! I took lots of ohotos this past week both t
    With my phone and my dslr. My favorite has to be the one where I caught the cats spooning. They were so adorable. I took about 10 shots to make sure I got a good one.

  7. #7
    Alison Foster

    My favourite photo this week is one taken by my brother. Captioned: “return to the office”, it is a photo of the helicopter he flies. Not a bad office!

  8. #8

    My favorite photo was from vacation where I was trying to get two of my kids in a photo with the sea lions swimming overhead at the St. Louis zoo. I ended up cutting off one of my daughter’s face except for her two little eyes peering up from the bottom of the photo. So cute 🙂

  9. #9

    We were on vacation this week and saw a beautiful sunset at the lake. My husband pulled the car over and the kids and I jumped out to take pictures of it. I got a couple of great pictures !

  10. #10

    My favourite photo this week was of my daughter playing netball! Captured just at the right moment mid stride – action! Love it

  11. #11

    My favorite photo of this week, was one I took at work. I work in a daycare, and during summer, we don’t have that many kids around – and it’s time for us to do something special for the kids we do have. We took them all to a nearby school to play at their playgrounds (they have several). This little 4 year old boy just had enough of me taking pictures for the parents to see in the afternoon – while swinging in the hammock his covered his eyes, waiting for me to snap a picture and be done with it. To me tells an amazing story. Much better than if I had waited for him to remove his hands, or ask him too.

  12. #13

    My youngest had two of her friends sleep over this week. They are 8 years old and have known each other since daycare. They have been appropriately dubbed the’Brat Pack’…they are a comical trio with huge personalities. My favourite photo came from them performing ‘Dark Horse’ by Katy Perry…props and all!

  13. #14

    My favorite photo this week is of a thank you card from my niece. She drew pictures of us and I love it so much!

  14. #15
    Ellie Augustin

    For me it would have to be the picture I took of the Freedom Tower when we went down town this week. We went down to the World Trade Tribute Center and although we live in NY 3 of my 4 kids weren’t born when that tragedy happened and although we have gone down here before they were all too little (including my oldest) to really understand what it meant. So going and having them really see and learn and ask and take in and really understand was a big thing. I also took a picture of my 7 year at the table they had where you are able to dedicate a postcard with whatever you would like to say or were feeling. Around the table they have books with published postcards and all the messages people have left over the years and on the wall they have a section to display the latest messages left. I loved that she sat down on her own and wanted to leave a message. #NeverForget

  15. #16

    My favorite photo taken this week was of my desk at work. I’m hoping to get a new job and don’t want to forget what “home” looked like.

    Thanks for the chance – I would LOVE to take one of Katrina’s classes!!!!


  16. #17

    My little one trying to get to the end of the rainbow. Most magnificent rainbow (actually a double rainbow) that I’ve ever seen!

  17. #18
    Dana Jacobson

    My favorite photo was of my son from the field museum. He looks like he is running away from a dinosaur named Sue. It was one of my Project 365 photos.

  18. #19
    Jenny McGee

    I definitely need all the help I can get with photography. I would love to win this class. I love BPC. Thanks for a chance.

  19. #20
    Lisa S

    My favorite photo this week was catching my young daughter in the shoe aisle at TJ Maxx trying on high heels! 🙂

  20. #21

    I didn’t take many pictures this week, but my favorite would be of the path to the beach…a nice reminder of a much needed solo day by the ocean!

    Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class!

  21. #23
    Lauren Elliott

    There aren’t many to choose from this week, it was a little rough. But on Thursday my 14 year old daughter asked me to make DIY lipstick out of crayons with her. It was a big thing, at 14 I’m usually only cool enough to do something with her if I’m paying! So, I snapped a photo with my phone of her stirring her concoction on the stove, but it’s really more about the story behind the photo.

  22. #24
    Melinda Devenouges

    My favorite picture this week is if the ocean. I took my kids to the beach one day and it is my happy place!

  23. #26
    Carolyn Meador

    I would love to win this class!

    My 8 year old hugging his grandparents, who he hasn’t seen in more than a year. Pure joy on all the faces. The photo screams joy and love.

  24. #29

    My favorite photo is one that my son, who is a US Marine, sent me from the desert during a training exercise. I haven’t seen him in months, so it was good to see him strong and healthy.

  25. #30
    Melinda Wilson

    My favorite photo this week was my son helping me clean the school bus. He’s a champ!

  26. #31

    Thank you for the chance to win (fingers crossed !!) !
    My favourite photo from this week has to be the selfie I took in bed Thursday morning with my little one : we were just goofing around and while the photo is not that great, it has great memories attached to it so it’ll definitely make it into the album !

  27. #32
    Marie Q

    This would be perfect! I bought a Canon T3i & it’s never been off the auto setting 🙁 Fave pic this week was me & hubby @ Multnomah Falls for our anniversary.

  28. #34

    My favorite this week was a first day of school picture of my 3rd grader. He wanted me to include his new Marvel Comic Vans in picture 😉

  29. #35

    It’s a pic if a bright blue door. Weird, I know. I travel for work and Monday was a very long day. When I finally reached my hotel at 11 pm I stepped off the elevator to a long hallway of bright blue doors. Made me smile.

  30. #36

    My favorite photo is one from my son. He has a watermelon vine and every few days he sends me a photo of the melon in the palm of his hand so we can track the progress. It keeps us close – we grew things together when he was little. Oh how I would love to capture great photos with my nice camera. Thank you!

  31. #37

    We are currently on vacation and I haven’t had a chance to download my pics yet but I’m thinking it’s a family pic someone took of us in Cape Cod.

  32. #38
    Cathy L.

    My favorite photo this week was one I took of my son at dinner the evening before his 14th birthday. His goofy smile was typical of him – really captured who he is.

  33. #39
    Kelli Panique

    My favorite picture from the last week is one of our kitten who was “helping” me make the bed. She was in between the sheets and looking at me with those big eyes. So cute!

    Thanks for the chance to win. Katrina is awesome!

  34. #40

    My favorite photo is one of my 15 year-old, 6′ 2″ son cramming himself into a tiny car at an amusement park. His knees stick way above the dashboard and he is laughing. Pure joy!

  35. #41
    Heather B.

    My favorite pic this week is a blurry phone pic my mother took of the hummingbird feeder on the outside of her kitchen window with at least 5 hummingbirds on it!

  36. #42
    Jocelyn Thompson

    My favorite photo taken this week was of my co-workers new baby. Not too sound too lame but it’s my favorite because I didn’t take much else and this was a decent pic. I would love this class to take better pictures of everyday life.

  37. #43
    Cindy Hames

    My favorite photo from this week is a picture of our grandson’s little shoes lined up at the back door next to Nana and Pop’s shoes. Even though he usually comes in the front door when he stays with us, he always takes his little shoes and puts them by ours. It’s a silly thing but I love it.

  38. #44

    Hard to choose between two because they are so different! I’m on vacation & took a photo of Gay Head lighthouse (from “down low”), but I think the hands down favorite is one of the kid’s dog on my window seat looking longingly out the panes waiting patiently for them to return from morning errands

  39. #46

    My favorite photo of the week is of my daughter at 15 weeks. She’s not really doing anything, but at 15 weeks old they are so cute just lying there doing nothing.

  40. #47

    The one I took with my phone of the sunset while waiting for the movie to start at Top Down Cinema.

  41. #49

    The one I took of my boys. You may say “why?” but they had been gone for 2 weeks and I was just happy to have them home!

  42. #51

    So, we decided to take the plunge and buy season tickets for Sooner football. Yesterday we went to the stadium to “try out” some available seats. My favorite picture is the one we took of the view from our chosen seats, from which you can see the whole stadium/campus/town. Ah, the benefits of the nose-bleed section.

  43. #52

    My favorite photo is of my 88 year old mother and me at a Luau event at their assisted living residence. I realize that these moments with her are precious.

  44. #53

    My favorite photo this week is from when I went to visit my son at Boy Scout camp. His first week away from us ever. Sigh. When I showed up, he was walking to a Merit Badge class with some of his friends and I had them stop for a photo and they all put their arms around each other and just looked at me. Too tired for smiles. It felt like he had gotten more than a week older.

  45. #55

    My favorite photo this week was taken by my daughter – Nana Bubbles (me) with all three grandchildren in her lap while she read a favorite book. A rare picture because we are not often all together.

  46. #56

    My favorite photo form this week is of my daughter playing the clarinet for the first time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. #57
    Andrea A

    A picture I took of my daughters on the beach since we’re on vacation. They go back to college in 2 weeks, so I’m savoring the time with them.

  48. #58
    Jan F

    My favorite photo this week is one of three generations of our family gathered at the beach for our annual “beach week”. My Dad celebrated his 90th birthday last Tuesday, so I’m especially treasuring this time.

  49. #59
    Amanda S

    This week’s photo would probably be of the house we’re in the process of buying. Fingers crossed everything goes through.

  50. #60

    A beautiful sunny day with blue skies, white fluffy clouds, pretty flowers and green grass

    Just a beautiful day in the summer.

  51. #61
    Kimberly Goon

    My favorite photo was one of snapped in front of my house with 7, I kid you not, 7 cars parked in front and in the drive way. My son had friends spend the night as a last hurrah before school starts.

  52. #62

    My favorite photo of this past week is one I took with my iPhone of my teenage son lying on the floor with both of our dogs licking his face. Not a great photo, but a fun memory.

  53. #63

    My favorite picture was a selfie my kids took on my phone when I ran in the post office and it didn’t discover it until later.

  54. #64
    Rebecca Rhoads

    My favorite photo was taken on Friday of a palm tree cozy (yes, yarn on a real palm tree !) No, I am not kidding. The palm tree was part of the “yarn bombing” for the City’s first Arts Walk. The 6 knitters who knitted the cozy added about 20+ cupcakes to their beautiful piece of art. It is fabulous!
    Katrina’s daily 365 photo inspiration for Friday was Photograph My Everyday. I pass this palm tree on my daily walk, but the cozy was definitely not part of my everyday. It is nice to know I am paying attention and stopped for the photo opportunity!

  55. #65
    Tiffany O

    My 7 year kid started second grade yesterday (which is crazy). I was posing him by the side of the house and then randomly had him crouch near the vegetation near the front of the house. The lighting was great, the angle was perfect and he gave me a real smile.

  56. #66

    Thank you for the chance to win and be able to take this class! I’ve dreamed of owning a digital DSLR for many many years and this past April after saving for what feels like forever I finally was able to purchase a Nikon D7100!!! I haven’t played with it much and I would love to take this class and learn how to use it!!! My favorite photo from this past week is a photo I took of Tommy Lee from the Motley Crüe concert Tuesday night! My husband and I grew up listening to them and I am thrilled we were able to go to their final tour concert to see them play live!!! Tommy’s drum solo while on the Cobra upside down was unreal!!! I will remember that night the rest if my life! 🙂

  57. #67

    We just went through our photos to update our walls. So my favorite photo from this week is probably the one of my two kids when they were still little little sleeping nose to nose with arms around each other. It wasn’t taken this week, but the fact that is won’t just be sitting on my hard drive anymore makes it a favorite.

  58. #68
    Amanda Villagómez

    I would love to be able to take this course. I just bought a new camera this year and don’t know a lot about how to use it. I took one of Elisha Snow’s Big Picture Classes courses and will take her more advanced one soon. It seems like this course would be another great course to help me expand my knowledge.

    Right now we are having a house built for the first time, so we have been taking a lot of pictures of the process. The girls love playing on the “mountain” of dirt at the back of the lot. One of my favorite pictures from the week is of them playing.

  59. #69
    Valerie W

    My favorite photo this week if of my new MacBook Pro w/Retina Display. Why? Because, I take lots and lots of photos of my family and friends, so I rely heavily on my computer and Lightroom to help me with THAT situation & workflow. However, my photos are still not at the level I would like them to be, no matter how many classes I take. I make progress, but I love Katrina’s style and photos as I do see her daily photo inspirations, would love a chance to attend her class, thx for the opportunity!

  60. #70

    My fav photos that of a new cafe we visited all together with my family. It was a late evening, and the cafe is on the roof, the light was so beautiful.

  61. #72
    Tiffany M.

    My son decided to stack up all of the money from his piggy bank into little piles on his desk. Took a photo of it this week and love how it came out. Would love a spot in this class. I could use some help in the photography dept. Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. #73
    Susan I

    A plum! In the background you can see the tree that it came from. This tree is special as I planted it when it was merely a twig. This week, it gave me a plum…a beautiful, perfect purple plum. I feel like such a proud grandmother. (See, this is what happens when your children go off to college. It was this or cats, be warned!)

  63. #74

    My favourite photo this week is a photo of my house. It is a snapshot in time before the renovations begin on Monday. My neglected 7D was put to good use getting some good memories captured of how we have been living since moving in to this house which will be changed significantly over the next six weeks.

  64. #75
    Kathy E

    I was walking behind my daughters (ages 10 & 4) when the younger reached out to grab her sister’s hand. I didn’t catch the reach on my phone, but I have one of them holding hands and leaning their bodies towards each other. Five minutes later they were at odds, but the moment I caught reminds they love each other.

  65. #77

    My fav photo was of my almost 10 year old child. Through the lens I could see my child – his past, his present and his future all through his bright, smile crinkled eyes. It was one of those rare moments where I could see just how much older he seems and yet how he was still my babe.

  66. #78

    My fav photo is of my mum taking a few steps walking to the dining table at the nursing home. She has advanced dementia but still surprises me with these surprising moments.

  67. #79

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this class. I would love to move off auto and use manual mode on my camera. My favorite picture is one of my new grandson enjoying some pool time.

  68. #80
    Nicky H

    Well we have recently moved and are looking to buy a house in humid Georgia. We are out of our element as we came from Las Vegas. Anyway, we (my husband, two boys, a large dog and a cat) are living in our trailer in an RV park while searching for a house. I was walking to the bathroom the other night, around sunset and between thundershowers, and saw the reflection of trees on a pond here in the park, and saw a swan and some geese making little ripples in the water. I pulled out my phone & took a quick picture. It’s my favorite this week. It’s an uncommon pause in our hectic summer and it makes me happy.

  69. #82
    Breezi K.

    My favorite picture of the week was of my family after catching our first fish on a recent outing (we’ve been fishing unsuccessfully about a dozen times…..) it was so fun to see my boys’ faces!

  70. #83

    My favourite photo this week was taken last night after going to a show with my husband and friends. We asked someone to take our picture with my phone, and she got the most natural shot of us all laughing with wonderful smiles! I shall treasure it always!

  71. #84
    Erica Hettwer

    My favorite photo this week is of my uncle blowing out the birthday candle I stuck in the straw of his root beer float during his party at my house last night. So fun!!!

  72. #85

    Favourite photo lately is a selfie that I took the other day of my and my 3-month old daughter enjoying the local parade in our town. I’m usually the one behind the lens, so for me to get one with me and her was priceless.

  73. #86

    Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite picture I took this week was the look of pure joy on my 7 yr olds face when he first saw his big brother who was away for the past two weeks.

  74. #87
    Fran A

    Got my brand new dslr out of its box yesterday – its now one year old. I haven’t used it because I feel unskilled – I wish I new was RAW meant!!!!
    My favourite photo I took today was a selfie of myself and my four year old on the sideline of her sister’s netball game – ’cause I’m trying to be in more photos.
    Thanks for the chance to get better skilled.

  75. #89
    Sheila Ho

    My favorite photo is the one I took of my kids with their cousins at the beach. There’s nothing like kids shrieking with joy.

  76. #90

    My fave is a classic blow-the-candles-out shot that i got of my son at his Spy birthday party. There is something so special about that moment…

  77. #91
    Elisa M-L

    My favorite photo taken this week is of our precious golden retriever mix sitting in the front yard just watching the action go by.

  78. #92

    My favourite photo this week is of my daughter at her first Holy Communion – it was wonderful to see her looking so happy.

  79. #93

    My husband and I went away for a few days this week with my sister’s family and my dad and his wife to the Thousand Islands. I took a lot of photos but I think my favorite was a photo of my youngest niece, Kelsea, cuddling up to my husband on the couch one morning. It was a quiet special moment.

  80. #94

    My favorite picture of the week is hand down a photo of the family and later learning that my sister was pregnant!

  81. #95

    My favorite photo is the group shot of all the people I went on vacation with this past week. We started as strangers but now I consider them friends!

  82. #96

    Me in my jeans, my daughter and I laughing – seems a bit silly, but this comes after 3 months of baggy clothes, one major emergency surgery, one take down surgery. Life is good!

  83. #97
    Karen T

    My favorite (and right now my least favorite since my muscles are screaming) is the one I took of the treadmill. I joined a gym 8/1 and will try to be the best me I can be for my firstborn’s wedding July 2015. Wish me luck on this as I take my body for another round this morning!

    Thank you for the opportunity Cathy! I enjoy having coffee with you every morning!


  84. #98

    My favorite photo from the last week is of my 5-year-old’s feet on the driveway surrounded by tentative raindrops. It has been so long since we have had rain on So Cal that we all ran outside to see and feel the moisture from the sky.

  85. #99

    Awesome giveaway Cathy! My favorite pic would be one of my daughter & I @the park watching 42.

  86. #100

    Fave photo from last week is a blurry shot of my son jumping into the pool. Must have tried 10 times but each one failed. (I need the help!) So not so crazy about the photo outcome as much as the fun and laughter we shared trying to capture it.

  87. #102
    Jean A

    Can I be honest? I didn’t take a single picture last week … maybe it’s time for a class to get my mojo back … lol … thanks for the chance!

  88. #103

    My favorite photo for the week is of the petals of a sunflower with drops of water, taken yesterday…

  89. #104
    Krista Friant

    My favorite photo this week was of my daighter and husband rapelling together at the same time. It was at a youth activity and so sweet to see them at the same time and I managed to get both of their faces.

  90. #105

    A photo of my 2 children, looking at one another, laughing, while riding a wave on their boggie board at the beach!

  91. #106

    my fav photo this week is a field of yellow daisies, happened upon my walk. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  92. #107

    So many good photos as we just got back from vacation but my favourite is one of my seven year old daughter’s new smile with one front tooth missing!

  93. #110
    Deb A.

    My favorite photo of the week is of my son and me who plays football for Northern Illinois University taken at the team’s annual Women’s Clinic.

  94. #112
    Nancy L

    My favorite photo was one taken with my iPhone of a statue in San Diego. I normal brig my DSLR and kicked myself for leaving it home this time. There were so many photo ops.

  95. #114
    Keathe S

    My favorite photo of this week is a photo of myself and my middle child. We had a girls day out together, and we both needed the time together 🙂

  96. #115
    Christine K.

    My favorite photo of the past week was of my daughters on the ferry heading to the always lovely San Juan Islands.

  97. #116

    We was on vacation on Crete, Greece, this past week and I think my favorite photo is one of those I took of my “little” O snorkeling in the sea with her new diving flippers. She totally mastered the use of them and so stinking cute with the cyclops on. 🙂

  98. #117
    Nancy S.

    My favorite photo this week is a photo of the most delicious peanut butter chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted!

  99. #118

    This week my favorite photo is me and my son eating lunch on the patio swing. I love it when my 18 year old hangs out with me. I asked him to take a selfie of us and he humored me.

  100. #119

    My favorite from this week was of my sister and her new baby boy!! This is so great of you-thanks for the chance!!

  101. #120

    Mine is the one that’s started me scrapbooking again. My daughter off to her first camping weekend away with her girlfriends taking enough food for 2 weeks let alone 2 days!

  102. #121

    The selfie that I took of my family enjoying a night on our deck dancing to music and loving every minute of our time together before we take our oldest daughter to college in two weeks to start her freshman year.

  103. #122
    Tammy T

    I took 2 puppies to the care home where my father in law has lived for a year now. He really misses the farm and his dogs. One of the puppies got up in his lap and licked the remnants of lunch from his chin. Priceless!

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