Now is the time on sprockets when we dance

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Damn, girl. You’re looking goooood!

That’s what I thought to myself after seeing this shot on my iPhone. I decided to try my friend Elise’s way of putting a phone on the ground and taking a selfie using TimerCam. I leaned it against my sport band case, set the timer for 15 seconds and ran over to pose.

The funny thing is? I’m not quite this shapely. It looks like I’m all legs and boobs with a waist line. I’m not. I mean, yes to the all boobs thing (God, my Google searches are about to get really interesting with all of this boob talk), but the enlarged dirty pillows are mostly due to weight gain. (You’re welcome, Carrie fans.)

This is a slightly more accurate but less cool photo.
Street-level selfies aside, one fact remains: I have to get moving.

I have this really great, motivating little workshop called Move More, Eat Well, and right now, I’m in true need of taking my own advice.

Here’s something I know to be true, experientially: when I exercise, I feel good about it. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean I feel better physically. But it nearly always means that mentally, I do. I’m 48 years old and I would like to think I can do things like run, swim, play croquet, go hiking—the list goes on. But for the past six months, my exercise habits have basically sucked ass and it’s time to change that.

I am the heaviest I’ve been since having babies. I’m trying to look at that sentence without judgment or emotion, but it’s hard to do. I won’t lie. The judgments I level against myself are among the harshest of all.

I also know that work is required. Sometimes, I let that overwhelm me. I let that dictate the choice to eat like shit. Oh, what the hell? What’s one more day gonna do? I’m so familiar with that little voice. So familiar.

So here I am this week, determined to be an adult and give my body what it needs. Yes, that does mean a little red wine after five o’clock. No, it doesn’t mean 17 Oreos.

That’s where I stand today.



Cathy ZielskeNow is the time on sprockets when we dance

58 Comments on “Now is the time on sprockets when we dance”

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    One of the reasons you see people posting about their running or other activities on FB isn’t for bragging rights, its because this shit is hard. Congrats on getting out there today. I hope you find the key to helping you do it. You already know the result (I feel better after), but sometimes that doesn’t help get you out the door.

    When I went through a funk two years ago after my mom died, a running buddy of mine said to change the goal. The goal isn’t to go do X miles or X minutes, the goal was to go put the workout clothes on and stand outside. If you got that far and truly didn’t feel like heading out the door, than you could say no. But dress up and go stand outside. So I did. And some days I didn’t feel like going. But most days I did. Changing the goal from X miles to just go put the work out clothes on helped me get back into the habit.

    Some peeps at anothermotherrunner like the X off the day on the calendar thing. Just saying there are some things to try until it gets easier to get out the door. And know that there are a lot of us who struggle with that part with you.

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      Oh I love this advice! I can’t tell you how many times I don’t go out because I don’t want to change clothes! Lazy? yes. This, I think, can be so very effective for me.
      And Cathy? I absolutely love how real you are. That (and your excellent sense of humor) is what makes me come back every single day.

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      Angie K

      Well said, KathyinMN – I hadn’t thought about the other side of why folks post runs on FB – this is a very good point.

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      what great advice….put on clothes and stand outside. I have got to narrow down those big overwhelming goals and make things more realistic for myself.

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    I love that first photo of you! It shows a different perspective that I will have to try. I’m thinking that view point is how we should think about ourselves – we look good no matter the weight or clothes size. But we want to be healthier. I just had to write this morning that I weigh more than I did before I had my TWINS! OMG.

    I’m starting to feel motivated. You motivated me several years ago and I did so well. I’m approaching 50 in 4 months and I had a big goal before I got there and it’s not physically possible to make that goal but some weight loss would be so much better than none.

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    Congrats on getting out the door! First step and all that crap. I think KathyinMN nailed it. It’s a much over used slogan but Nike’s Just Do It or Dimity’s (anothermotherrunner) Don’t Think Just Go are corny but pretty much speak the truth. Keep it up girl. I’m waving my cheer Pom Poms!

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    Cathy – I could write you a novel-length note of thanks for this post but you have better things to do than read my rambling (which, let me honest, would probably be as much to me as to you. But thank you for reminding me to have this conversation with myself.) So. Thank you.

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    Deborah P

    What a great idea! Getting on the workout clothes and just getting out the door is a big obstacle. Cathy, I just finished reading Women Food God. My main takeaway – listen to my body. Eat only when I’m hungry. Not when bored, procrastinating, anxious, etc. That’s working for me.

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    There’s a place in Maple Grove (right off 694 so not ridiculously far from you) called Bristlecone Fitness that changed my life…mostly the way I think about and use food. They offer great classes (usually weekly for about 6-8 weeks). There is a fitness component, but it’s mostly focused on the science of eating and health…things like glucose levels and ketosis. I have no connection to them so this is not a sales pitch. Prices are very reasonable for what you get. I think the basic class is called BART and BOB…don’t ask. I’ve lost about 32 pounds since last September, but more importantly, my glucose is no longer “pre-diabetic,” my cholesterol is great and my blood pressure is too!

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    Good for you for taking that first step (again). I your class Move More, Eat Well a few years ago and I worked it. Then life happened, we moved away from my gym (insert more excuses here). I started up again about 5 weeks ago and I feel so much better. I freaking hate getting up at 4:30am to get my bootcamp in before work, but I just feels so much better. I now sleep a good solid 6-7 hours a night (and I am 56 years old). It is something that I must do for myself. Thanks for always keeping it real Cathy. That’s what I love about you.

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    OMG, Cathy. When I saw the title I immediately pictured you in a black turtleneck looking seriously into the camera lens, lol. Seriously, though, my kids are off on their first day of school and I’m going for a walk today. It’s hot and sticky out, but I’m shooting for 20 minutes, which is more than I’ve done in a long time. I’ve gone from hard core working out, five times a week, to almost nothing. You can imagine what this has done for my shapely figure…no bueno. Mama’s moving this tushie today. Go, you!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yes, Deb… I can’t resist my SNL references. I need to lace up and head out too. I’ve done the same as you: hard core to nothing.

      Go you!

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    I’m right there with you…all boobs and legs. I really wish my boobs were smaller.

    I will check out that app. I’d love to be able to take some timed shots.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Nan C.

    I completely ‘get’ where you’re at. I’m at that same point. I’m not very good with words but you are remarkable. Be gentle and take it easy on yourself. And great job getting moving!! The first step is always a b….

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    Thank you again for helping me think about ownership today. Or as one of my exercise instructors says – “own-your-shit”. I put it on a card on my mirror this morning!

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    Good for you cathy, I’m gettin ready to head out to my local park and start my 3 mile jog. I have to say at almost 52 this 3x a week jog I do has been the very best thing I have done for ME. I strap my fitbit on (thanks to you) and start my tunes. I love being alone, sounds strange to some but that time outdoors all by myself listening to what makes me feel good is what’s helping me get thru this damm menepause. I see the same people routinely on my run and we all give a glance and a smile . They motivate me…the man joggin with one arm paralyzed, the asian woman with her large hat taking her nature walk, the hispanic woman just finally starting to go from walk to jog. We don’t know each other…yet we do, all out there doing something for ourselves 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      I’m hoping to get back to jogging form. I really miss it, strange as that can sound.

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    Nancy LeB

    I remember someone saying they wanted to get down to the weight they never thought they would get up to – time to get moving 🙂

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    Yep, it’s odd how the things you say feel like they are coming directly out of my me! My weight has been on the rise lately.. And I just can’t seem to change clothes and get moving. There’s always an excuse! I’ve been in the midst of a kitchen remodel so eating healthy is nonexistent! It’s just easy to drive thru! It’s 115* or hotter almost daily and who wants to get out and walk in the humidity! But, right before I read your post, I very quirky had to put on a pair of shorts to open the door for the construction guys… And wth! My Jogging shorts barely went up and are way too snug on the waist! Crap! It’s on! This cannot be happening! Today is the day I begin again!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Just got back from a 55-minute walk myself. I clocked a blistering 20-minute mile, but hey, I got out there and did it. Today is the day!

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        Hi Cathy there is a weight watchers au saying that even the slowest walker is lapping those on the couch.

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    Aaaah Cathy I feel such a kinship with you. I am 47 and I swear you write what i think! Why at 47 do I still need to tell myself to grow up? Ugh.

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    Cathy, I’m on day 20 of Move More, Eat Well and I have to say you really got to me today. That video of the shrinking women poem; that was powerful. Wine in a measuring cup; yep been there so many times. Thanks for sharing this video and for encouraging some introspection that goes beyond counting steps and calories.

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    You go Cathy, you go!

    I called my trainer today to change Friday’s assessment appointment, because I am not going to see any changes after a few weeks of slacking off as senior year, 8th grade and 4th grade kick off. Well, the appointment also conflicts with the elementary school parade, but at least I was honest with him about my progress. Pushing it back only 2 weeks though, so here I go off to the gym!

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    Kathryn Benfiet

    I had total knee replacement surgery 9 days ago and went outside yesterday (with my walker) and did a walk around the block. Can’t tell you how good it felt to get out and stretch my legs and enjoy my new (pain-free except for the stitches and swelling) knee. I too have the big boobs, big…well you get the picture but I’m so thankful that modern technology has allowed me the opportunity to get a new knee and I can’t wait to buy a FitBit (how much does one of those cost and can I write it off as a medical expense?) and get moving more. Fortunately I have no appetite so maybe I can lose a few pounds! I will be 55 in less than a month and have big hopes and dreams for this new knee and the places I’ll be able to go and the things I’ll be able to do. Hoping and praying that dreams plus reality will (for once in my life) work well together. Thanks for the continued motivation Cathy…I know I can always come here for a dose of real life with a laugh or two thrown in…Kathryn from Portland, Oregon.

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    Angela Ezzell

    My family is pretty athletic – my boyfriend and I work out almost every day, the boys are involved in sports and play outside every chance they get. When we’re in the car, I’ve gotten in the habit of commenting on walkers/runners/movers when we see them around the neighborhood. I’ll say, “Look at her! That’s awesome!” The boys would reply, “But she’s walking.” And I would say, “Hey, at least she’s moving!” The boys also tease me because I can only do half of one pull-up. I reply, “Half is better than not trying!” Our family attitude has really changed to praising the effort and not the perfection. I made it through a whole workout! It wasn’t pretty, I took breaks, and my face is beet-red, but I got out there!

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    Kathleen S

    Gotta congratulate you on 17 Oreos! Gives you plenty of room to drop one a.) a day, b.) a week, c.) some mathematically clever combo of weeks that gets you past Christmas and into resolutions territory. You always have, find, create the best ideas, solutions, Monday pages, web sites! Love checking in!

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    I love your honesty. You make me feel a little more “normal”, like there is someone else out there in the world fighting the same battle as me. I’m a bit older than you (53), but every time I read your posts on moving more and the inner battle that goes along with that, I feel better – and interestingly, more motivated. Thanks so much. Hang in there – and if I’m ever in Minnesota, I hope we can go for a nice long walk together. 😉

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    So glad to hear you’re getting out there. Following an anothermotherrunner podcast (many thanks to you by the way for ‘introducing’ me to them via one of your blog posts – I believe it was you that they mentioned in their 2nd book?) in which they interviewed someone who’s been on a 5-year-long daily (at least 1 mile) running streak, I’ve started a daily walking streak. I’m not sure how long it will last, but I am so glad to get out each day for at least 20-25 minutes. They have a great another mother runner group on Strava – I’d love to see you (and any of your reeaders) join that community where you can record your activities and get lots of support and encouragement from others.

    1. #24.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I remember them talking about Strava. I think I have an account! Maybe if I get the walking really going!

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    Stop copying meeee! (Said in a whiny voice and a cheeky grin). 😉
    I pulled out my JumpStart album yesterday to restart my journey after falling off the wagon. Bought myself an upgrade to iPod touch with c25k app and I’m out doing the hard yard. I too, need smaller boobies!
    You are not alone in the battle of mind over (excess) matter! Here’s to another k! (Km not mile). 😉

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    If you feel like a challenge, you may want to consider a Diet Bet. I’m just finished my second one and I am hooked. It’s a website that you privately submit your current weight, pay a bet (the one I’ve just joined is $25) and have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. If you “win” by losing all 4% you get back your money, put a cut of those that didn’t win. If you don’t win, you’ve probably still lost some! This is the bet I’ve joined that started today You can also snoop around and find others. I really like it.

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    love reading all of this…it’s those constant reminders to ourselves to ‘show up’ (as others have said, Kathy in MN said it all) I found this article a while back and keep it handy to remind myself to at least show up…it’s not about the miles walk today, it’s did you walk today. Twyla Tharp’s quote

    “I begin each day of my life with a ritual: I wake up at 5:30 a.m., put on workout clothes, my leg warmers, my sweatshirt, and my hat. I walk outside my Manhattan home, hail a taxi, and tell the driver to take me to the Pumping Iron gym at 91st street and First Avenue, where I work out for two hours. The ritual is not stretching and weight training I put my body through each morning at the gym; the ritual is the cab. The moment I tell the driver where to go I have completed the ritual.” It’s about showing up!

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    Madeline St Onge

    Miss Cathy, I am almost 20 years older than you, minus a couple of years, and I ‘Move more’ every day because you said I need to, I have maintained my WW goal weight for 2 years because of you, I feel guilty if I do not move this body and eat better every day, because you are sitting on my shoulder girl. You can do this and you know you can Love you to the moon and back

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    Valerie W

    Good for you Cathy, you go! Can you please just continue to eat a few Oreos on occasion to support my career? Thanks 😉

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    I luv the honesty of this post and especially, the second photo! And hooray for being able to laugh at ourselves. Even if it is to keep from crying ;-)).
    Seriously, we can all use a bit of this wholesome wisdom and honesty as we each pull & push ourselves “to be…or not…”
    Ah, that is the question…
    Carry on! And

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    I’m a year older then you and struggling with an extra few pounds too. It’s so annoying because I do exercise almost daily and I enjoy it. My best advice for getting out there is to go first thing in the morning and if you can’t, then be dressed to go as soon as you can. There is something about having the cute workout clothes on – you have to get there because you are already dressed for it. 🙂

    Yay you for getting out there, do it again tomorrow – you are worth it!! 🙂

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    Butbutbut…turn that frown upside down! You’re out, you’re doing it! Why do you look so glum? (My running buddy says there is no smiling when racing. But I’m sorry, when I’ve done it, I don’t care how crummy I feel, I’m smiling I did it.)

    Go get ’em girl. I’ll be joining you.

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    I hear you……….jump on to Dr Libby’s website and read some of her books….I’m a total weight watchers points fan but as you know we lose 10kgs and we gain 10kgs and it gets harder and harder to do that over again. Maintaining is (excuse the swear word) bloody hard!!! Her books are incredible and inspiring about nourishing the body, mind and soul. In fact she never ever ever weighs her clients ever. Some of her clients weigh themselves but she never weighs her clients because she said the number messes with your head. She also says “you have to be healthy to lose weight not the other way around of you have to lose weight to be healthy”. I just can’t go and lose 10kgs and put it back on again, it’s just too hard but her books are a great read. Trust me and this is someone who has worked on her weight for many years it’s time for my thinking to be something different. She’s got an 18 min ted x talk too.

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    Kim Woods

    Hey Cathy-

    I’ve followed your Move More, Eat Well workshop and like you I bounce up and down between the same 10 lbs and try to crack that lower 10 lb range but it is hard to do in our 40s. I’m on Janet Hopkins Plexus team. I saw her posts and thought I’d try it because I was having the fog, allergies, anxiety etc etc. I’m not trying to pimp a product just to pimp a product but you seriously might try it. I was so puffy and would get so bloated, had IBS issues, the lists go on and on. I’ve talked to a lot of my friends who have the same issues and are in the same age bracket so I know we are all in the same boat. It’s pretty easy, you just drink a fruity drink in the morning and take a probiotic, energy booster and you are off for the day. I literally have no cravings and have to kind of make myself eat which is great because I can choose healthy stuff and don’t crave the 17 oreos and potato chips. It is worth a shot and helps support your MOVE MORE efforts big time!
    Cheers and keep moving lady!

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    I have a quote on my fridge – be kind to yourself, it’s hard to be happy when someone’s mean to you all the time. Not exercising and eating poorly is being mean to myself. I feel, work and sleep better when I walk and eat well. That’s being kind to myself. I also believe you can’t outrun your fork so my exercise is as much, or more, for my mental health as my physical. Food is what controls my weight but my mind is what controls the food decisions. Hence the importance of having my mind in the right space which is where exercise comes in …. It’s virtuous or vicious cycle depending on my mindset.

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    I had a major jolt this morning when I stepped on the scale. I knew it would be bad but REALLY? Wow. It’s gotten bad. Cathy, I thought of how encouraging you are to so many of us with this weight struggle, so I thought, “Don’t panic. Check Cathy’s blog and see if she’s checked in with an encouraging Move More and Eat Well (or at least better) -type post.” And here it is. Just when I need the motivation. Thank you!!

    Did you ever see the updated Freaky Friday movie? One of my favorite lines from the movie was when Jamie Lee Curtis called to her daughter, “Make good choices!” as she headed off to school. That is what I am going to do today. I have to.

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    Hey Cathy!

    I swear your blog could be written about me on any given day. Just insert my pic and all the facts remain (except the wine, that would be replaced with kettle chips). I am a year older than you and while I never struggled with my weight in younger years, the past 10 have been one trial after another. And the sad thing? I know what needs to be done. Hell, I’ve done it several times now. I’ve even taken your class, TWICE! But most days I just choose not to do the right thing. So now that I am done whining, I want to say thank you for always putting it out there. Some days it is just the kick in the ass I need.

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