You m-m-m-make me happy

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I swear I’m not giving up.

A few days ago, it arrived in the mail. What’s it you may be asking? My brand new muumuu.

Yes, they call it a tank dress. It’s a house dress. A cover up. A maxi dress. A giant, flowy, gauze-y cotton contraption that drapes over your body like an oversized hippie night gown. Whatever you choose to call it, I call it effing awesome.

Is it sexy? Um, hello?
I know. As if there would be any other answer than “Hell yes!”

I owe this all to my girl Tara. Tara said I needed one. Tara is my best friend and has no cause to lie to me. She linked me up. I clicked Yes Please. Two days later, courtesy of Amazon Prime, this baby lands on my doorstep and the middle aged magic ensued.

I posted a question to my Facebook page: Do you muu muu?  Turns out, a lot of people do but some people wouldn’t be caught dead in one.

I’m not exactly sure what Dan thinks just yet. I tried to spice it up in my pitch. “You know, SOME women wear nothing at all under their muus,” or “There’s enough room for BOTH of us in here.” But he could tell I was all bark and no bite. I had nothing to back it up. In other words, I was wearing underwear.

Tara told me, “I wear mine to the store.”  And I’ll admit that I’m not quite that brazen or crunchy just yet.

But I did catch a glimpse of myself, years from now, as some awesomely hip grandma who smells good and is soft in all the right places, snagging some seriously snuggle time with those grand kids, who could conceivably get lost in the fabric.

But they don’t care. They just think I’m their cool gran who adores them. Giant house dress or not.

Here’s to you, muumuu. For the comfort you’re giving me today and the glimpse of a wise, warm, confident woman who I aspire to be.

You m-m-m-make me happy.

Cathy ZielskeYou m-m-m-make me happy

50 Comments on “You m-m-m-make me happy”

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    Is Omar the Tent Maker back in business?

    No, not you, Cathy. But that is what we called muumuus back in the day. 😉

    And Tank Dress makes me think it is a dress the size of a tank which is what I would need. 😛

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    In the 70’s there were also Kaftans. Had one. Loved it. I am currently into checkered seersucker pants. Another fashion find that never makes its way into public. For winter, my at home attire is plaid flannel pants. I love the comfy pants, but like a little more structure than sweats. I saw your post on facebook, but couldn’t respond there because my “friends” don’t need to know about my house pants. 🙂

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    So, I recently discovered the caftan (or kaftan, depending on who is writing), which is a cousin of the muumuu. I adore it. I want to live in it. My husband is not so warm and fuzzy about it. I say, go on with your muumuu self.

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    Mary J

    Kaftan…that’s what my mother called them. And she lived in them. Even though I’m 52, that is what keeps me from wearing them. lol

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    Marcie L

    Are the armholes fairly deep on that one? Do you wear a tank or cami under it? I happen to think it is adorable on you!

    1. #8.1
      Cathy Zielske

      They’re not TOO deep. Right now, I’m not wearing a tank or cami under it. Mind you, I won’t be keeping it on to go to Costco later today…

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    I had one or two of these gems a couple of years back… and yes, they might have made an appearance at the local safeway… however, I have now discovered exactly how fantastic yoga pants can be, and yep, wear them every day (of course i teach yoga, so there you have it), but even on my days “off”… yoga pants to the rescue!!

  7. #10

    Hey, if you’re comfortable, then why the heck not!? And, I loved the grandma sentiment. Enjoy!

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    Susan M

    Recently, I’ve been eyeing some maxi dresses from Athleta and then the ironic thought strikes that they aren’t really in my comfort zone. (My wfh attire tends toward shorts/jeans with the odd day of yoga pants on occasion. ) Seeing you rock this dress in such comfort may just be the nudge I need to give them a try.

  9. #14

    you and tara go way back..she’s one awesome friend cathy…and I truly believe every female deserves to gift themselves …drape that sucker over your neck and FEEL the freedom is good, wear your mumu

  10. #15

    I say: anything that doesn’t restrict the flow of chi, be it clothes-too-tight, or an asshole husband…I’m all in!

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    This probably isn’t the song that inspired your title but back in the early 70’s we loved a family singing group called the Cowsills. They had a song called ‘I Love the Flower Girl’ that had a line like this. The song popped in my head as soon as I saw it! Oh well – even if it isn’t the one you had in mind, same time period as the kaftan, right? 😉

  12. #17
    Emily Irwin

    On you, let’s call it a Craftan (or kraftan). To be worn while creating PL pages or CZ Design additions.

  13. #18

    If you makes you happy – then no worries. Because I’m short, the length of those (typically 50-55″) always hits me awkwardly, so I’d pick a cute salwar kameez over a muumuu.

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    Kim Smith

    Welcome to the dark side, Cathy!! Your mumuuu, kaftan, dress or whatever you want to call it looks great! I call it FREEDOM!! Enjoy!

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    This dress is the bomb. If I’m going nowhere on any given day (I work from home too) I wear my WAH uniform: yoga Capri pants from Lands End; ratty “blouse” that’s flowy in all the right spots and my Crocs. Socks and bra optional. (On no bra days I pretend I’m not home when the doorbell rings)
    I might have to invest in a classy WAH outfit like yours tho. 😉

  16. #22

    I think you are rockin’ it. I have a tank style long nightgown…haven’t thought about the ole muu. But I might have to give it a try. LOVE your couch and pillows btw.

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    I was actually shocked, when I read the Word muumuu on your page this morning. What is Cathy up to talking about her female private parts and what might this have to do with scrapbooking?, I was chuckling to myself. You might not have known this before, but now you now: in Germany many, many women refer to their muumuu, when talking about, well the nether regions. You know what, I mean? you just made my day!

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    I was dying to see a full-on sexy model shot! 🙂 I see a new column in the making…. similar to Lisa Dickinson’s Wardrobe Wednesdays. Maybe MuuMuu Mondays!

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    Deborah P

    Twenty years ago, on a trip to Sydney, Australia, we had a couple of nights in Honolulu. My cousins were dying to buy a muumuu and I reluctantly went with them and ended up buying one myself. Sky blue and white, full length with short sleeves. I LOVE it!! I laugh now when I think of my initial disdain because it’s the most comfortable thing I own. I’ve worn it so much that it is faded and parts are getting a bit threadbare, but until an actual hole appears, I’m wearing it. Go muumuu!

  20. #26

    The last time I wore my muu muu (an “authentic” one I bought in Hawaii!) it was to a Hawaiian-themed party where the invitation said “wear your Hawaiian-themed stuff.” So I showed up in my muu muu to this party where I don’t know very mean people at all (stuff of nightmares anyway as my introverted self just doesn’t like that kind of thing) and every other woman there was in a teeny coconut-bra-grass-skirt sexy outfit.

    And I was in my muu muu.

    Now that I think about it, it’s also the last time I went to a party where I hardly knew anyone!

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    I love your new look! I have a couple that I wear around the house and they’re great. I’m short, so mine can’t be too long. If you decide to wear it to the store, you can strap on a cute belt and pair of cute sandals; it changes the look completely.

  22. #28

    Your post reminded me of my husband’s late Grandma who used to wear dresses around the house but hers weren’t as flowy and had big Hawaiian flowers on them. Yours looks much better. She pronounced the name moo-oo moo-oo which is the only way I can read the word now in her voice with the 4 syllables. I miss her. My house uniform is shorts and old t-shirts, I bet a muu muu would be more attractive… hmmm I might need to go shopping.

  23. #29

    My go to comfort clothing is cuffed pants with a drawstring waist made of cotton, knit fabric. Love those things and as we live in a small, mining town in the middle of nowhere and everyone knows everyone else’s business anyway ( 🙁 ) I wear them out and about if I am too lazy to change. Recently I was walking the dog while wearing a pair of pink camo print (yup all class here!) and a top I thought co-ordinated particularly well a work colleague who was on shift saw me and yelled out ` walking in your pajamas huh?’ Shows how much blokes know about fashion ….. and made me think maybe I should strive for a little less colour matching!

  24. #30

    YOU crack me up. I seriously like everything about you. Always have. Always will.
    Kristi from Cropper Hopper

    1. #30.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Kristi, I love how you still sign your posts with Kristi from Cropper Hopper. You have no idea how much that makes me smile!

  25. #31

    I haven’t caved to the muumuu yet, but I have a couple maxi dresses that near it. My summer staple (for out and about) are maxi skirts though. Always purchased a size too large for extra comfort. Worn with a fun t-shirt or tank top. At home? Pj’s. Oversized silky polyester blend cheap as hell Target pj pants. And a Target tank to go with ’em.

  26. #33

    Stacy and Clinton would have a field day with you. There is dressing for the size you are and there is wearing something that has enough fabric in it to make clothing for your entire block. Stacy and Clinton also called it the ‘I give up’ dress. Its very pretty material, it really is, but it also makes you look super fat. You look like you are 300 pounds-and you’re not!! And this dress would make Kate Moss look fat! There is dressing for the size you are and then there is this. Come on Cathy-surely there is something that is more flattering to your current shape than this dress. Being comfortable is one thing, wearing something so huge is another. And you won’t wear it out of the house so…cough cough.

    I wish you could go on What Not To Wear so Stacy and Clinton could go over all the wonderful assets of your current body and tell you how to dress more flattering and still feel comfortable.

    1. #33.1

      I mean, what a terrible thing to say! It’s awesome that she has one, wears one, and took super awesome photos in her muumuu! This is not a post about how she is swearing off all forms of clothing except muumuus, it isn’t her ditching all other ways of dressing. It’s her trying something new(good for her) and totally rocking it! It’s a post about sharing where she is in her life right now,documenting through words and photos. It’s not a submission for WNTW. And of we’re really concerned about what people shouldn’t wear, it’s things like attitudes and comments that tear each other down rather than build each other up. And does it really matter how huge or tiny a person looks? In my eyes no. It’s about the person of the heart, not the person of the muumuu. And yes I own a calftan and a muumuu, and am inspired to take my own awesome pics!

  27. #34

    I love it…Stacy and Clinton be damned…I started wearing a caftan at the house…my son would always have friends over and I did not want my robe to open up…So I got a caftan…I wear them inside…or to do laundry…it is a comfort thing and I am not hurting anyone…boy is it great during a hot flash! And I am covered basically head to toe…no modesty issues to worry about!

    1. #34.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah, I’ve never watched that show, so I’m guessing they would have more problems with me than just a muu muu. 🙂 Besides, i wasn’t planning to wear it grocery shopping. LOL!

      1. #34.1.1

        You should watch a few episodes of it, just the way they talk of finding a ‘comfortable’ clothing style while still showing off your own great assets. And they do it in a very positive way, for people of all body types, from all walks of life. Tim Gunn’s show Guide to Style was done very similarly, again with the outcome to make people feel better about their clothes and own style. And if you would only watch one episode, the show they did with Myiam Bialik is fantastic and she is really honest about why she dressed like she did (in huge clothing). She has a very normal body type, she is not Hollywood thin and they help her pick out clothes that are still her but complement her shape. Those shows were never about being mean, they were meant to help.

        I get that I’m probably the only person in this thread who isn’t gaga all over this, and I’ll say again that it is super pretty fabric but its not at all appealing on you, its to huge to be appealing on anyone.

        And I’ll close with this-why is it ok to not wear something around strangers, but for family no problem? Shouldn’t they be the ones we care the most about and try to be our best for?

  28. #35
    Tara Whitney


    PS – Not all clothes have to “show off your pretty little figure”. Would we be telling a man this same thing? My figure is for me, I’ll show it when I want.

    Fashion is FUN. Wear what you want.

  29. #36

    I don’t muumuu…yet. But I do have 2 nightgowns…plaid, long-sleeved, high neck, ginormous, cozy ….perfect for the long New England winters and especially when THAT time is upon me and I feel like I will die if any article of clothing is near my waist and tummy….I call them The Man Repellers 🙂

  30. #37
    Carol Anne

    Your dress is fabulous.
    I recently purchased a top that is similarly flowing and makes me feel wonderful. Plus it has tasteful sequins. I love how it doesn’t hang on to my less than flattering middle.
    Enjoy your dress.

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