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STORY OF THE PAGE: The day we left for Madison, we decided to try and re-create a photo from Aidan’s first day of Preschool. She was totally game for it. We realized, however, that she’s a lot taller than she was at four and it changed the way the shot was framed. But still, it was kind of cool to do this, if not a little bittersweet.
DESIGN BREAKDOWN: I’m just going to say it: I am in love with this design? Why? Because when I truly strip it down and don’t try to force things, man am I happy with the results. Also, the entire page was inspired with the Here sticker. (see a similar style here.) I loved the color and matched it up with a paper and started from there. The resulting page features a simple asymmetrical balance. The photos and patterned paper offset the journaling block nicely, but not symmetrically. There is repetition of photo size and repetition both of the patterned paper and the mustard color. I punched a half circle out of the lower paper and glued down a simple wooden “A” for a touch of visual interest. The journaling block is not too long and not too short. In the words of Goldilocks, it’s just right.
TECHNICAL SHIT: I scanned the sticker into Photoshop so I could place my title and journal block precisely. I know. That might seem like overkill. I could have also measured it and just created a simple rectangle shape to serve as a placeholder, but I have a scanner, so what the hell, right? Plus, knowing the exact size let me build everything else around it. Then when it came time to print, I just turned off that layer. I dragged my photos a 6 x 4 document, and printed those out on my PictureMate.

SENTIMENTAL SHIT: Don’t get me started. But if you would like to read what I personally feel is the best thing I’ve read about sending your child off to college (I think it’s even better than that wonderful Rob Lowe piece) please read this blog post from my friend Jason. Have a tissue handy because seeing a Daddy’s heart and humor is something to behold.


Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday: You are here

25 Comments on “Make a Page Monday: You are here”

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    I love this. It feels minimalist, but not sparse. And I love the way the paper repeats at the top and bottom.

    Quick question on the template. Is the AWESOME the text on the flag part of the shape or a separate text layer?

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      Cathy Zielske

      The one on the Designer Digitals template is an editable text layer so you can make it say whatever you like.

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    Michelle t

    Beautiful layout, very touching. I don’t understand the technical shit (yet), but the layout is so awesome. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

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    mary e. from chicago


    wow. you were right – jason’s posting about his daughter was amazing. another morning at work trying to wipe away tears…

    was hit with another wave of missing my son last night. comes and goes like the tides…

    how are you holdin’ up?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Mary, I’m doing very well! I’m in Aidan Support Team Mode, which apparently is something I’m very good at! 😉 Just supporting my girl as she adjusts to this new life, which is very different from the one she is used to!

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    Glenda Thorne

    You are so creative, love the layout and the idea. Wish I had taken more pictures of our our children on their first days of school but alas, it just want the thing to do way back then. Your thoughts and sentiments are perfect. You ROCK!

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    Kim Hacking

    Hope you are doing well! I wondered if the Jason who wrote the article, was the one who made the delicious chili recipe you recreated years ago!! I need to go dig that out. Fall is calling! Have a beautiful Monday!

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    Jaime Benavides

    I love this page! So clean and simple, yet eye catching. My oldest is a freshman in high school and I know the next four years are going to fly by! Sigh.

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    I have “requested” (politely demanded) a first-day-of class selfie from my daughter since she started college. Freshman year she was mortified till she found out her roommate’s mom made the same request. I have one from all of her first days and treasure them.

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    I do so love your hybrid scrapping:) I’m sure I let out a little happy sigh every time you post one.

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    I clicked on the blog post by your friend Jason and couldn’t even get past the first paragraph. My eyes stung with tears at them waking up at 4:30am, stopping off at their daughter’s dorm to look at her window before heading back home. Had to close the post. My son is only 14. My heart is already breaking.

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    Christine K.

    A sweet and ” simply beautiful” l layout. Thanks so much for sharing Jason’s post. Love his writing style.

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    Veronica Zwiers

    Just an organization question….when you make these pages do you put them in your project life albums in the right place? or do you have an album you are keeping all the “traditional” scrapbook pages?

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      Cathy Zielske

      This will go into Aidan’s album, Volume 2 or 3. Both kids have albums that are just pages about them. Dan and I each have albums. And then we have Family Albums that focus on Things We Do, Places We Go, People We Love.

      For me, Project life is always a separate album.

      I use Stacy Julian’s approach that is outlined in her Photo Freedom books and classes!

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    Aidan is so cute. Have a good year at school! Cathy, this is well done as always. Thanks for the inspiration!

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