It’s a proud parent kind of moment. Plus, you know, rock and roll.

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Cole has loved music since his earliest days. I remember him singing along with this song in his car seat when he was two year old. He’s gone through a lot of different musical phases. They range from Freddie Mercury, Green Day and Stevie Ray Vaughn to more recently Nirvana, Weezer and Tyler the Creator. The boy has some real breadth in his musical tastes.

And he isn’t just a listener. He plays it as well.

Cole took up playing drums and bass about three years ago in earnest. He’s never wanted a lesson. I think he felt it wasn’t very punk rock to have a lesson. I’m not here to argue what I think is best. I just let him play.

He’s in a few bands and one of them, Sound Morpher, recently had the opportunity to record a few original tracks in a Minneapolis studio thanks to the lead singer’s Dad’s connections in the video/film/recording scene. (Said Dad also also shot the video I’m going to share today. Said Dad is also the Dad of Aidan’s boyfriend, but now it’s just getting complicated.)

One of the resulting tracks was played on our amazing, local public radio station, 89.3 The Current, on a show featuring teen-aged Minnesota musicians and bands.

This is that song, Post Modern Radio. I wake up with this song in my head.

I know that sharing this video with a community of crafters who range, on average, from about age 30 to age 65, may not be the most punk rock move ever, but what the hell, right?

Maybe it’s the MOST punk rock move of all time.

As Cole said to me the other day, “Fans are fans.”


Follow Sound Morpher on Twitter.

Thanks to Dave Clements for booking the studio time and shooting the video and thanks to Colleen Clements for the photo shoot assistance and location. And thanks to Sound Morpher, for asking me to take photos of the band. We parents of teen-aged boys know if they ask, after you compose yourself from the “Whaaaat? For reals?”, you grab your camera and go.

Cathy ZielskeIt’s a proud parent kind of moment. Plus, you know, rock and roll.

126 Comments on “It’s a proud parent kind of moment. Plus, you know, rock and roll.”

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    Theresa Grdina

    Way cool. Actually the music wasn’t bad!! I kinda liked it!! And what a great experience!

  2. #6

    Not going even pretend I know much about punk music. That said, great video! Looks like a talented bunch of kids! Be proud, Mama!

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    Jill Broyles

    Ok, just let me say I could become a real groupie. They are terrific and gorgeous to boot. I am sending my 16 yr old son the video now. He is going to be a fan as well. Have they cut an album somewhere for me to purchase and download? Sincerely they are wonderful. Way to go momma.

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    Way to go Cole, so awesome. The band can officially say the vid has been viewed down under in Aus!!

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    My sons were always in bands and it gives great satisfaction to see them play. Not being sports kids, I believe music still teaches teamwork, not to mention a great channel for all that energy. So great you’re encouraging them.

  6. #17

    They are quite good! Thanks for letting your Mom share your mad skills with us un-punk crafters. It was rather epic. 🙂

    Great shots too Cathy.

  7. #20

    That was fantastic!!! I’m keeping this open til my son (only 8, and just starting to play guitar) gets home from school.

  8. #23
    Michelle t

    I’m an old rock and roll girl too. Great song. How cool is that? Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

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    Glenda Thorne

    Wow, such talent at a young age and they haven’t even reached their peak yet , way to go, loved the music, the song and you could even make out the words,lol. I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more of their music in the future. Congrats on your accomplishments, so far. I’m 61 and have been listening and singing and dancing to music since I was very young, all genders of music from classical to heavy metal and everything in between. Music has been a constant in my life and is always playing wherever I am.

    1. #24.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Glenda, as a girl who grew up on rock and roll, I too appreciate so many genres of music and hope it’s always a part of my life. We certainly raised our kids with a lot of music and see their passion for it every day.

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    Valerie W

    Cathy, this is wicked cool, I love music of all genres and can really appreciate this, awesome! My son is a classical percussionist, freelance right now & doing great things, I continue to encourage him to chase his dream as a musician, so far, so good! Go Cole, follow your passion and what is in your heart, you will go far.

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    Christine K.

    LOVED IT!! So cool to watch these young guys. There is some real talent here. It is obvious that you and Dan nurtured his musical interests. Well done.

  12. #28

    That is so stinkin cool! I can just hear him now when he is in his 50’s telling people about the day when he had a band and they recorded this. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

  13. #29

    What a huge moment for them. I’m sure that they’re acting all cool about it, but recording a song in a real studio is something they’ll never forget. The talent just oozes from your family Cathy!

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    Kerri Bradford

    That is completely awesome! They did a fantastic job! And I don’t think they sound all *that* punk. Usually you can’t tell what they are saying and they scream more. lol The kid has a good voice and I could understand him. 🙂 I think it’s sounds more on the rock side. But maybe they don’t want to hear that. lol

    However you classify it….they done good!

    1. #32.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Oh you… I’m being cheeky. It’s so not punk rock, but… the mentality. The DIY. Now THAT is the punk ethos at work. This band has a more prog rock leaning, totally.

  15. #33
    Ellie Augustin

    Sigh… SO AWESOME… today my oldest turns 16 and man these kids nowadays are AMAZING… I still was the dorkiest of dorks at that age. NO Way I would have the swag the kids have now…(hmm yeah stole that word from my son cause I’m still kind of dorkie Ha)

  16. #41
    Stacey Harrington

    W.O.W.! They are really good. I’m very impressed! I’m a 46 year old Mom and my head was bobbing along quite happily. Good luck to the boys. Rock on! There must be a Sound Morpher logo formulating in your head as we speak …

  17. #44

    They sound awesome! As a fellow mother of a teenage musical son, I’m so impressed and know how proud you are of Cole! My son can pick up just about any instrument and learn it by ear too. He also resists lessons 🙂 We just let him be. He and some friends tried to put together a band a couple years back, but only two of them were actually musical, so it didn’t work out. Now, he’s totally involved in choir and theater at school.

    I’m definitely going to have him watch Cole’s video. I’m sure he’ll be impressed!

  18. #47

    Awesommme! I also love all different kinds of music, and this was great! For reals! I’m 47, by the way, and loved it! I am also in awe of teens developing and sticking with their passions like that. Saving this for my son to hear when he gets home from school. Sound Morpher, keep it up! You are going places!! And totally awesome pics, Cathy!

    On a side note, I seem to have an exclamation point problem!!!

  19. #51

    What a talented bunch of kids. I really enjoyed it – reminded me a bit of Collective Soul. Congrats to you and all. I hope to be hearing more in the future! Awesome cover art too 🙂

  20. #54
    kerri macdonald

    They rock and I am 45! Very impressive to learn to play themselves! Rock On guys! And please let us know when it hits Itunes, this would be a good workout tune!

  21. #55

    As a former “metal head” I’m impressed!

    Of course now I have grandkids and don’t listen to the same kind of music (well, to be honest, I do sometimes still listen to it while driving!), but I still have an appreciation for talented musicians (even the punk kind ;)).

    Congrats to the kids for their accomplishments and kudos to you mom for being such a supporter of Cole’s pursuits.

    Rock on Mama!


  22. #56

    Its very prog-ish….LOVE the dirty on that bass. Made my living as a musician once upon a time and just this simply rocks! That he learned to play himself…its very Dave Grohl, right? Didn’t he say that aspiring musicians should go to a garage sale, buy some crappy instruments and then get in a garage and just suck together? They just all get together and they suck together and then they start to really play and have a great time and then suddenly they “Nirvana.”

  23. #59

    Great song!! My three year old music lover and I rocked out. 🙂 When it was over I asked him what he though. Two thumbs up and a huge grin. I have a feeling we will be rocking out to this a lot in the near future! Thanks for sharing!

  24. #60

    So cool! But if I’m 61, does that mean I’m almost out of your target demographic?! I do have a 17 year old and a 19 year old so maybe I can sneak under the wire for a few more years…

    1. #64.2

      That’s what came to my mind, too! Man, I LOVED Silverchair and remember standing first row at a gig they played here in Germany together with my best friend when we were 16 😉 Awesome. Also, the bass is always the best.

  25. #66

    I love it!!

    I can imagine when I was a teenager this would have been exactly the type of thing I would have loved.

    p.s. no lessons? He’s pretty good!

  26. #68

    Cole looks slightly less like a Dan-clone in this picture. Also, he looks very grown up and totally handsome.

  27. #70

    Totally Rad! Love the “fans are fans” (and phew (!) … because I actually sometimes forget my age!)

  28. #71

    Wow that was fantastic.
    You have every reason to be a proud Momma, and Cole should be even more proud.
    My 15 year old daughter is very impressed!

  29. #72

    Can’t wait to show my almost 14 year old daughter this video. She already thinks that Cole is a babe. She even follows you and Aiden (so?) on IG. She thinks Aiden is pretty dang cool. I kinda think their Mom is pretty awesome. Here’s to proud mommas everywhere.

  30. #74
    Lisa Cole

    Goddamn I love kids with passion… and if it’s music in their soul that moves them this deeply, then hell to the yeah! They’re awesome.

  31. #76
    Barb in AK

    I enjoyed it and I’m getting pretty near medicare age 😉
    My husband heard it in the other room, and wanted to know what I was listening to. He said it had a Jimi Hendrix vibe 🙂

  32. #77

    hi Cathy:

    Awesome! There are tons of opportunities out there for them. My 13 year old has played in a band for several years. We live in Bothell WA and the have played 2 times at the Seattle Storm kids day, once at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, and the PTA’s at several elementary school have the come every year, among other venues. The need to put a package together and start sending it out!

    1. #77.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Good advice! Yes, they are in the process of writing more songs, too. 🙂 That’ll help to give them a set list.

  33. #80

    Ok, I’m 70 and loved it! If it were not before 8am and my husband’s office door was not still open, I’d have cranked it up. You know, “if it’s too loud, you’re too effin old” and he is. LOL

    This takes me back to my young rocker son who ended up going to Berklee but is now a chef. Same skills set. One of his friends manages gigs in the Middle East, another is in film production in Sweden.

    And then there’s that local kid Dave Grohl who ended up doing something or other… 🙂

  34. #81
    Holly Corbett

    I loved it! I think the lead singer sounds similar to the lead of Rush. I heard a little of Rush in there, but definitely 90’s music influence. Totally awesome! I’ll share it with my three boys!

  35. #83

    I love all kinds of music since a very young age. Love them, they rock! They have a cool 90´s rock vibe in there music. Such a young talent group with a brillant future ahead. 🙂

  36. #88
    Liz Eaton

    I LOVE this!! so so cool!! I am a huge music fan. so so cool!!! Love when kids find there “thing” It makes parenting seem so worth it!! Thanks for sharing!!

  37. #91

    wow….. these guys are great, outstanding! My husband is a big Rush fan, this is a little reminiscent of that sound( yes I have attended a Rush concert). How proud you must be! Tena

    1. #91.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Tena, you should know, I have attended a Rush concert as well, a few years back. And it was kind of awesome.

  38. #92

    They have got some serious talent! I’ve heard some pretty awful teenage bands but Sound Morpher is not one of them. I agree with another commenter that the lead singer sounds like the lead singer of Rush. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing. I am going to show it to my husband tonight

    And how awesome is your picture of them…I have been a fan and reader of yours since SS/CK days and I hardly recognized Cole in that picture! When did he grow up? He is a Dan clone for sure, but especially now 🙂 And that’s not a bad thing lol

    1. #92.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Great compliment! I will tell them. And yeah, Cole doesn’t let me share a ton of photos of him, so… I’m guessing he does look much more grown up now. 🙂

  39. #95
    Kim Smith

    Oh they are awesome! Great sound and really great musicianship! Had this 53yo rockin’ out with them! 🙂

  40. #96

    How awesome is this? They sound really great – I have a nephew who is in various punk bands and he screams, LOL. Sound Morpher is rockin’ – thank you for sharing.

  41. #97

    Oh Cathy, what a treasure. Soak this up. Whether they make it big or stay in the garage, it is a most treasured memory for all involved. My oldest son did this, a member of various bands, toured with Stick to your Guns (STYG), and is now 27. The best memories and opportunities. Life is short. And you are the best mama rocker. Lucky Cole. Soak. It. Up.

  42. #98

    Love it! I am a 37 year punk rock girl and pocket scrapper so I say your never too old for creativity of any kind. I hope my kids are as cool as your kids are when they are teenagers, would love to have punk rock teens. We have punk dance parties everyday in our house 🙂

  43. #99

    Love, love, love this. My first concert in the 76 was Thin Lizzy. Then saw Cheap Trick, Journey, Heart and Ted Nugent at one concert in Milwaukee. Rock is always a fav in my book. ALL of the artists started just like this. WTG!!! I will share with my teens.

  44. #100

    I’m a little late to the concert, but I’m cheering and smiling from the back row!! This totally brought sappy tears to my eyes. I remember the photos of Cole rocking out through the years. I love that you have given him the space to explore his passions. Loved, loved, loved this. Now I’m going to go find my little rocker dude and share this with him 🙂

  45. #102

    My 10 year old son and I share a bond over a love of music and we just watched this together. He takes guitar lessons so this was very inspirational for him. 🙂 Love it! Talented group of kids!

  46. #105

    You might just have one of the next “Crowded house” members living in your house Cathy! 😉 Great video and good music, l found myself bopping along with the beat!

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