Make a Page Monday: Scrapbook a number that tells a story in your life

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STORY OF THE PAGE: I’m a huge fan of the Find My Friends app and when Aidan was all settled into her dorm, I realized she was exactly 228 miles from home. Every time I see that number I know she is where she’s wanted to be her whole life, in college, doing her thing. Man, I am so proud of that girl. For reals.
JOURNALING READS: I know. You call it the Stalk My Friends app. But I find a lot of reassurance in knowing where you are, safely ensconced in your new life at [dorm name privacy]. And it’s exactly 228 miles as the crow flies. Your first week and a half was rough. A lot of emotion and homesickness. We just rolled with whatever you needed and it seems like you’re turning the corner. True, a visit home to gather a few more things isn’t hurting, but I think the fact that you’ve started playing Ultimate now, and your talk of how much fun Delta Cash is, well, that’s a good sign that you’re going to make it in Madison. Plus, you love your classes and that’s ultimately why you’re there. We’re so proud of what you are doing. Hang in there freshman girl. You got this.

DESIGN BREAKDOWN: This page features an asymmetrical balance. Remember asymmetry? What you have on the left does not equally match what you have on the right. Here, the balance is shifted to the left of the page. We also have repetition. My favorite kind of repetition is to create a visual triangle, three matching points that would form a triangle if you drew a line to connect them. You see it, right? The dull teel color in the card stock on the title and the hearts. I also repeat a strip of patterned paper. We repeat things to solidify the purpose of a design and to create unity. These things go together, is what repetition helps you to communicate through design.

The other thing that is happening is the use of framing space. Notice there is about an inch or so of space surrounding three sides of the core design. This adds some purpose and stability to an otherwise off-centered layout.
TECHNICAL SHIT: I used my Silhouette Cameo for this page. I cut my title out from a base template. How? I typed in the numbers, created a new document in Photoshop that was 6 x 4 in size, and then dragged the number title to the new doc and changed its color to black. Next I turned off the background layer,  did a File > Save As… and chose the PNG format. The reason for the PNG format? Because you can open PNGs in the Silhouette software, trace them and cut them out. Once in the Silhouettte Software, I typed up a few heart dingbats as well and cut those out on the same sheet of cardstock. Whenever I use my Silhouette, I won’t lie, I feel like I’m witnessing some kind of crafting miracle. That thing is the shizz, people. Worth every penny I paid. (And yep, I paid for it. Try as I did to score a free one, it wasn’t happening. In other words, I have no tie in to Silhouette. I just think it’s an awesome piece of machinery.)

I have a video tutorial on tracing PNG files for the Silhouette here.

Note: The fonts in this template are all editable and free.
And yes, white card stock still rules my world.

You know how they say every woman should own a little black dress? Well I say every woman should keep an ample stash of white card stock.

Yes. You can quote me.

How can you scrapbook a number that tells a story in your life?


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Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday: Scrapbook a number that tells a story in your life

18 Comments on “Make a Page Monday: Scrapbook a number that tells a story in your life”

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    Love this page! I recall learning about asymmetry from you (Design Your Life??). Thanks for the Cameo tutorial. I haven’t completed all of my classes with Kerri but a new lesson never hurts.

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    Scrapping a special number? I cannot believe how many options for a scrapbook page this idea just opened up for me! And … one could even use this idea for the letter N (Numbers) if one was waiting to begin your Me – The Abridged Version class … which I am.

  3. #3

    Love this page. So beautiful! The pop of color is just the right accent.

    ((cough…it’s teal. sorry. I can’t help myself….))

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    Michelle t

    Thanks for a great prompt. I have an affinity for numbers, I’ve used them in layouts (in 3’s, I love things in 3’s), to illustrate ages or whatever, but I’ve not taken it as far as to have it as the prompt or theme. That’s awesome! Also, thanks for the silhouette tutorial. You’re such a generous teacher, so willing to share your knowledge. That’s so kind, thank you. Michelle t

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    Liz Eaton

    I can see how technology will be making me feel so much better as my kids grow up. It is a complicated learning curve, but all in all. I think it is making things like being far away a much easier thing to cope with! LOVE your posts. Thanks for sharing!!

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    I love this page and use of numbers……I think this use of numbers. Whats your stalking app find my iphone?

    1. #6.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Kris, it’s called Find My Friends. Click on the blue link in the first graph of this post! 🙂

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    Audrey V

    Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for sharing another awesome page. Just a quick question. To cut your numbers for the title on the Silhouette, why did you make them as a png and trace that, rather than just use the text tool in Silhouette? I just want to make sure I am not missing something here. Thanks a million!

    1. #7.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Audrey, you know, that’s a great question… I guess because I’m so used to elements in templates NOT being editable, that I just went though the steps. Doh.

      Yes, you could have just gotten the type size from the template, recreated the number (making sure the font size was the same) and used the text tool to make the number.

      Ha! I think sometimes I make things harder.

      That said, if you ever are using a template with a custom created title that has been turned into pixels (I do this a lot on my templates) at least now you know how to get it out of a template, make a PNG and trace. 😉

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    Kim Hacking

    I absolutely love Find My Friends for my college boy! I don’t know why it makes me feel better to see him on there, but it does. 🙂

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    A&M Momma

    I really enjoy your Make a Page Monday projects especially when they include Aidan. My daughter is a sophomore in college and 100 miles away. And like you, it helps immensely to use all the technology at our disposal to feel connected. It also helps me to read about your experiences coping with such a big milestone. We would never hold them back but we miss them more than words can say. Thanks for the great page idea!

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    I love *everything* about this page! especially Aiden’s w-i-d-e smile!
    This LO is definitely worthy of a scraplift and an incentive to learn how to and use my Silhouette.
    And thank you ever so much for all the virtual and practical help and encouragement you give us! You rock, CZ!

    1. #12.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Marilyn, ME TOO! 😉 It is one of those page where I was all, “Damn gurl!” Kept it out on my dining room table for the whole weekend!

  11. #14
    Audrey V

    Thanks for answering my question, I totally see your logic now! I had never thought about editing and cutting something from a digi template, good to know!

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