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(Photo from 1984. Michael J. was out. Prince was in.)

Yesterday I did something I’d been planning for the past few weeks. I left the house—my office, specifically— and headed out to the Rosedale Mall (in Rosedale, mind you) to see a high noon showing of Gone Girl.  I went all by myself, something I have not done since 1984 when I took my little new wave 18-year-old self to see Prince in Purple Rain and I looked like the photo you see above.

It felt so decadent. It felt like I was cheating on something. It was like I was dating myself.

Me to myself: Popcorn?

Myself to me: Sure.

Me to Myself: Should we get the super large Blue ICEE?

Myself to me: Gurrrrl. You KNOW it.

I snuck in some Halloween candy (because yes, today was decidedly not on the Whole Life Challenge plan) and took my seat.

I was all settled in (sans bra, thank you very much) and kicked back to enjoy the show.

And it was so freaking great.

When you work for yourself, one of two things tends to happen. One, you work too much. Or two, you don’t work enough. Lately, I’ve been in the former group and this break was supremely welcome.

I worked in corporate America from 1989 to 1999 and the one thing I miss, aside from decent health care plans and office baby showers, are paid vacations.

Sometimes I like to think of my self-employment as integrating a little vacation into every day. After all, if I need to hit Target at 10:30 a.m. on a Tuesday, it’s usually not going to be a problem for anyone. I take my breaks where and how I can.

But sometimes, consciously moving away from the gravitational pull of my desktop computer is the best thing I can do, deadlines be damned.

I think I will definitely have a second date with me. And soon.



Cathy ZielskeMaking a date with me

28 Comments on “Making a date with me”

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    Stacey Harrington

    Amen sister! Good for you for taking some time to yourself and for being wise enough to recognize that you need it. Bravo. And, some kudos to you, when I need a little pick me up myself, I make a cup o’ joe, and sit and read my MeTAV book from 2010? and say, hey I remember her – I’d like to hang out with her sometime!

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    one of my targets this birthday year is to have more self dates! :-). Wine, long hot shower and loud music is generally how the nights go!

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    Every year for my birthday I take myself to the movies. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and it is totally and completely fantastic.

    There is nothing more serene for me than an empty theater on a random weekday with a few other people enjoying a movie. I typically then do a bit of shopping and my husband takes me to dinner later in the day.

    This year will be a little different. . .my birthday is on Thanksgiving this year (best month ever for the 30 Days of Thankful–thanks Cathy), so I’ll have to take the Monday after the Black Friday madness to continue my tradition. . .

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    Christine K.

    My house went from being just the 3 of to 6. My 2 adult children plus SIL moved in with us temporarily. I dearly love them but I needed an escape. I decided to see a movie alone. Something I rarely do. I had read the book Gone Girl over the summer so I was looking forward to the movie. The movie is playing just 5 minutes away from my job. I called home and said I’ll be home late and dashed off to make the mid-day showing. Loved it! My family was a bit perplexed that I strayed from my usual pattern. I love how the theater is mostly empty that time of day so it feels like a private showing.

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    Margie S

    Movies alone are the best! And you are not the only who I’ve heard has gone to Gone Girl alone. Something about the title/plot maybe?? 🙂

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    You know what, Cathy? You’ve inspired me to go see Gone Girl today, by myself, on my day off of work. I finished the book a week ago and I know my husband isn’t as psyched to see it as I am… so here I go to look up movie times. Glad you took the time for yourself yesterday!

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    Debbie McIntyre

    The afternoon movie is such a special treat and I try to do it once a month. Sitting in a theater with two or three other people with a large popcorn in your lap is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Every time I buy my ticket, I’m afraid someone is going to catch me and send me home. It does feel like a dirty little secret, except that it doesn’t require sexy lingerie or waxing. lol

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    This sounds incredible! My boyfriend used to say it was weird when I go to the movies by myself… I asked him if he wanted me to drag him to every movie I wanted to see, and he stopped mentioning it 🙂

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    Gone Girl? no, you rock girl for having what Julia Cameron calls an Artist’s Date. A date with you. I forget I need them too so thanks for the reminder.

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    Wonderful! 🙂 My “dates with myself” are often trips to the library — although they used to also involve a stop at the local coffeehouse before the coffeehouse shut down. I look forward to living in a city with a movie theatre again; in the mean time, maybe I should try taking the time to watch a movie alone on Netflix. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your break — they are definitely re-invigorating!

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    You go girl!! Popcorn and a large icee, LOVE IT!! I’ve been considering going to watch that same movie, but I already read the book and was so mad he didn’t kill the B**** at the end like she deserved that I’m not sure I could take it if it ends the same.. But popcorn and and icee are calling me now… :O)

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    Mel in NZ

    OMG – yesterday – all the way across the world in New Zealand – I went to see Gone Girl BY MYSELF too! So empowering!

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    ha ha – I was just thinking today that I wished I had my own business as I drove to my job of 23 years (working at the computer everyday). Grass is always greener on the other side.

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    you go girl!!! going to the movie, by myself, is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. it’s so simple yet satisfying. take care of yourself. it’s important.

  15. #20

    What, no review of the movie???? Well the classic photo above was worth opening the post 🙂 I am going to see it today.

    1. #24.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yes, and I read the book. I always hesitate to say yeah or nay on a movie. I hate to influence someone else’s movie experience. 🙂

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    I love going to the movies by myself but haven’t in the longest time. If I go with someone else I am always wondering if they are enjoying it too and that takes away some of the enjoyment for me. Wow, that really tells you (and me) something about my personality doesn’t it? Did you enjoy the movie? Had you read the book?

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    You know, I have never gone to the movies by myself. My husband goes all the time. I just can’t do it.

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