No it’s not, Facebook.

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Really Facebook? Significantly? I don’t that that word means what you think it means.

I know. This isn’t my usual scrapbook-related, chub-related, type of blog post. I just woke up to this message and thought it was funny. Don’t get me wrong, I really do appreciate Facebook. It’s free. I can’t complain.

So a head’s up people: in 14 days my Facebook page will change from Cathy Zielske to Cathy Zielske Design.

I just want you to know if you see that change in your feed, IT IS STILL ME. It is not some other faux Cathy Zielske who will be peddling crap-laden memory keeping.

Also, if you don’t already, please come and like my Facebook page. It’s fun. Sometimes I share fun things. Sometimes I give stuff away. A lot of times I pimp out my wares. It’s a cornucopia of CATHY ZIELSKE DESIGN, CZ Design for short.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Make a Page Monday, the Love List edition, a holiday card extravaganza… and, well, that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

p.s. So glad my page name represents “other” in the memory keeping world. I have no idea what that means, but hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Cathy ZielskeNo it’s not, Facebook.

41 Comments on “No it’s not, Facebook.”

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    I have a mental picture of “Marcus” of “Page Operations” now…
    So happy for the heads up for the “significant” change! Good luck!

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    Cerise Wade

    Phew! Thanks for letting me know! Facebook is right, I would never have known it was you if you hadn’t said something. ;o)

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    “I just want you to know if you see that change in your feed, IT IS STILL ME. It is not some other faux Cathy Zielske who will be peddling crap-laden memory keeping”

    THAT made me hoot out loud – some OTHER faux Cathy Zielske? Peddling? Crap-laden.


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    Oh Cathy!!! I had similar troubles when I got married. My maiden name was Fox and my married name is Space. I guess both were too simple and seemed like they could be aliases or something. I had to upload a copy of my marriage certificate and then wait for them to approve my name change!!

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    Fourteen days? I’m shocked Facebook would take so long. They seem so cool and hip and happening. Usually before we know we need it, Facebook has it.

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    Whoa, CZ! Easy there!! Next time you’re going to do a complete 360 on us, give us a little warning, maybe. ;O)

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    Thank you for the warning. I think that the 14 days that you need to wait is because of your followers on your facebook page, every time a person change a name page ( personal or business) on facebook they send to the followers a email warning us that the page you follow is changing the name. But I think they were more fast in this little task 😉

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    Stacey Harrington

    I think Marcus may be on to something! I’m so glad you gave me the heads up, because we simple scrapbookers may not have been able to figure out that CZ Designs, or Cathy Zielske Designs was somehow related to our favorite Cathy Zielske. On that note, you may want to have Marcus draft a memorandum to your family members, particularly Aidan, …poor thing may not know who you are when she comes home for Thanksgiving break.

    If Marcus needs some help getting started it may go something like this…

    Dear Aidan,
    We are pleased to inform you that the artist formerly known as Cathy Zielske, aka Mom, will now be known as Cathy Zielske designs, you may also want to prepare yourself as she has a known alias as well of CZ Designs. While we feel these ‘significant’ changes may have been made in error we feel it’s our duty to protect the public from a possible panderer of memory keeping laden awesomeness on the internet. If you find that CZ Designs is not indeed the same mother you left when skipping off to college, please notify the Facebook and Scrapbooking Police immediately. You may also want to download the app that plays the annoying Minions Be-Do-Be-Do alarm while running through her office.

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    Good thing you didn’t try and go straight to CZ Design for your Page name– they’d never have have figured it out- 90 day waiting period anyone?

    Clearly they’ve underestimated the loyal following of our favorite clean and simple scrap girl. 🙂

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    Too funny! Are you planning any other big changes to go along with this one? Maybe dye your hair red, go Vegan, or start posting in Swahili?

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    I woke up today to Big Pictures announcement. It is crazy how many classes I’ve taken. Trying not to be too upset.

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    ” It is not some other faux Cathy Zielske who will be peddling crap-laden memory keeping.”


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    Michelle t

    I’m a quiet FB observer. I “liked” the page, is that the same as follow? Anyway, hilarious. Ridiculous, too. Michelle t

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    What Big Picture announcement? I too have taken tons of classes. Some of which I have yet to complete but hope to some day. I usually get their emails & was just on the website yesterday how did I miss “an big announcement”?

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    Teresa Mucha

    This is why I love your site. I am probably one of the only people still not on Facebook. GASP! So I will just have to keep following you here, where I believe you did have a sort of name change already and guess what? It didn’t take 14 days for approval, I approved immediately and I had no problem distinguishing which Cathy Zielske I was following here. By the way will you be changing your Instagram account as well? If so, better let us know now so we can all get ready for that change. By the way, cannot wait for the Bee Dance. Excited to see it and loved your pose on the wall today.

    1. #25.2
      Ali Smith

      Teresa, you are not the only non-Facebook user. I am in Facebook User Anonymous (otherwise known as FUA) and am staying sober…
      Cathy, I just discovered you today, thanks to Jennifer Maguire, and I am rolling on the floor laughing! I am an introvert as well and NEVER could I dress in a bee costume, or any other costume for that matter! Even if I was just dancing in the woods. 🙂 Good job!

      1. #25.2.2
        Cathy Zielske

        Any friend of JM is a friend of mine! 🙂 And yes, I push very hard on the introvert shell. People are often fooled by it.

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    Good grief Cathy! Please don’t do this too often I really can’t handle so much change!

    Now if you excuse me I need an extra espresso and find my white chocolate truffles to get over this excitement!

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