The Present Participle List for October

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Eating lots of chili. (This is the recipe I used most often, but I double the meat because I’m looking for more protein in my chili. Plus, I ditch the cocoa powder and add more chili powder plus extra cumin.)

Looking forward to spending time with this cutie as she’ll be home for the weekend.

Thinking of ways to creatively recharge next week. On my list so far: go to a matinee by myself, hang out one afternoon in a local coffee shop, read books I’ve been wanting to catch up on and basically get away from my computer for organized chunks of time.

Listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album, because my daughter told me to. And liking it.

Trying to decide where to go to celebrate me and Dan’s 23rd wedding anniversary. Knowing wherever we choose, good wine is a must. Steak wouldn’t hurt either.

Working on a new blog post about that very topic, marriage and how stuff’s going in the present day.

Loving Key and Peele on Comedy Central, but especially this skit. Probably because we say ‘nooice’ way too much in this house.

Watching Transparent on Amazon Instant Video. It was recommended by a friend and I love it. A stellar cast and a compelling story make for great treadmill TV.

Going to Ultimate games every Sunday in Minneapolis to watch Cole play in a Fall league. Dude has got some mad skills.
Feeling grateful for the response to my 30 Days of Thankful project. Our closed Facebook group has almost 500 people. Plus free stuff. (And yes, it’s free to join in!)

Using Apple’s new OS, Yosemite. I decided to be an early adopter. So far, so good. And man, it’s pretty. Also? Answering phone calls on the computer? Winning.

Workshopping some ideas for the 2014 Bee Dance. The clock is ticking. Man, I hope I pull it off.


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Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for October

19 Comments on “The Present Participle List for October”

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    For the love of all that’s holy (maybe an exaggeration) add the cocoa powder back in. Seems weird, but it really does add something.

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    Ok, I watched your two videos on digital scrapbooking and want to give it another try, as everytime I watch your videos I believe I can do it. Then I open up my PSE and try and feel completely lost, but will venture to try again. Now that I feel overwhelmed with information on that I don’t know what digital package to purchase for doing the 30 days of Thankful. Does the one package with the PDF and PNG have everything I need? or do I need to get the digital stamp and the other digi package of cards too or are the same cards in the first package! I realize the digi stamps are optional but am confused about the cards? Thanks Cathy!

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yay Cindy!

      Okay, yes the main album package (with PDF, PNG and PSD) is the one you want. You do not need the digital stamps unless you want extra stuff.

      That said, you can use the digital stamps to add the numbers to the journal cards. : ) I show how to do that in a video tutorial (links to the tutorials are in the handouts!) I think I will do an update post here next week, with all the links to the tutorials.

      Watch this video before ordering, just to get feel for the digital aspect:

      🙂 Unless that’s the one you already watched!

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    Dawn McF

    I truly love reading your blog, and these lists are so fun and interesting. Isn’t it funny how we tend to do some of the things our daughters tell us to do. Try this, check this out, listen to that, and so on. I love learning new things from my daughter. I loved her as a child and as we all tend to do, didn’t want her to grow up, but the grown up years are just so different and wildly, joyously, fun and a totally new experience. I am about a decade ahead of you and your daughter, but it is all amazing, still.

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    As you are contemplating where to celebrate your anniversary, I just wanted to throw in my two cents. Have you ever eaten at The Melting Pot? It is downtown Minneapolis, next to Hell’s Kitchen. It is a fondue restaurant and IT IS AMAZING! I kid you not. It is probably the best food I have ever had! We ate there a couple of years ago for our anniversary and it was wonderful. If you do go, please share how you liked it because it’s always fun to hear other people’s opinions!

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      Cathy Zielske

      I actually have a gift card to that place! Totally want to go. We decided today on the Strip Club in St. Paul. Been there a few times. Yum.

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    Sue Treiber

    Good list. Happy list.
    My daughter and I have been inhaling the Ed Sheeran album for 2 weeks. We just missed him in concert here. Love this dude!

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    Kim Smith

    If you don’t like the cocoa powder, try the same amount of instant coffee. Add a dash or 2 of cinnamon. Yummy, deep flavors.

    Aidan looks good and so does Cole. You and Dan have really cool kids.

    Aidan and Cole are lucky to have really cool parents.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Dan and here’s to 23 more!

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    detta owens

    The cocoa and the cinnamon are good adds. However, good chili just does not have beans! Haha says the girl from Texas.

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    I see that the matinee of choice is Gone Girl. Great choice. Had the good fortunate to attend a preview before the movie was officially released. So entertaining and diabolical. Enjoy!

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    I have a new App for you to check out. It is the Happier App. My niece told me about it. Just because everyone needs more apps!!!!

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